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It should be a requirement that all Presidents or nominees take it. For the Presidents, it should be a part of the yearly physical.

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He always just says the same thing over and over.

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Holy Crap...now that’s a Tick Tock

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Wait...is potato sauce really a thing? 😂

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So if I go to the main USPS page, there is no mention of the tests or any link.

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They’re doing this so that when Trump or anyone brings his name up, they can then say...look...he answered all our questions and said under oath he is not a Fed. Then they can keep playing the video over and over again on the fake news.

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Fox Nation streamed it. I guess I disagree with pooping on Fox. Yes, they definitely aren’t perfect, but the Libs hate them. Without Fox, all media would be Dem controlled. The only channel we have that gets a lot of the Republican message out is Fox. What is the option? Newsmax is not good.

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I really hate potentially misleading crap like this. 20 times. Wow it sounds so awful, but if you had a .001 chance of dying to begin with, then 20 times isn’t much ado about anything!

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This one is amazing. It looks like the final scene in Field of Dreams with all the cars going to the baseball field. If Trump speaks, they will come.

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Congratulations. That was probably the fastest rally statement to meme Ever!

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I don’t even know what that means. What is he trying to convey?

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You’re a terrible person. You should follow your username. Bye bye

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He lives in Florida on a ranch and has a dog named Smiles. He also has a cat and seems to love animals...so that probably leaves Trump out 😂

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