Yep by Vsid
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There are certain limits though? What about Satan? Are we supposed to love him? A person like Hitler that killed millions of people? Where do you draw the line?

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That describes my childhood exactly! And my best memories as a child were spending lots of time with my stay at home mom. We cooked together, baked together and shopped together. Lots of quality time.

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I don’t see him as a plant, but I do see him trying to sabotage Trump. Ye wants to run for President...he said so himself. He needs to get Trump out of the way.

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She doesn’t have to read her comments, but she said she reads every one and then she has to go to her therapist over Twitter and social media 😂🤣😂

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Me too! Most of the time I fall asleep while on my iPad 🤣

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Thanks! I spend way too much time on here! 😂

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The fact that they thought it wouldn’t get vandalized is truly amazing and delusional. Also, why do they get these products for free? Women have to pay in their bathrooms!

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I thought they said before that a private company can do whatever they want?

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People talk about the company, but what parent would allow their child to be photographed in that ad! They should be arrested.

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I really think if Hillary had won, they could have continued to lead everyone off the cliff with their slow hidden agenda. When Trump got in there, it started waking everyone up about what was going on. They then had to accelerate everything because their plan was starting to fall apart. It is now or never.

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Any company that didn’t know it was wrong in the first place is garbage. What is there to apologize for? They crossed a line that never should have been crossed. There is no going back.

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What exactly is their end game? Are they really trying to contain Covid? If not, why do they want to lock everyone down? They already control the people and Xi has total control?

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Also an eye lift. His lids are saggy in the earlier photos. Now he has clear eye lids. The bags were also removed under his eyes.

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Source? Where is this from?

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