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The DOJ is a terrorist organization. We no longer recognize its authority in MAGA country.

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I thought China was just being retards when they said it was the USA the started the pandemic. Turns out those commies aren’t lying about that one thing. They still fucked up and let it leak though.

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So based. Don’t forget that the warden of the DC jail is a TDS psychotic who is torturing our brothers.

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Any cop who helps enforce this; is a good target. The only way cops realize we’re not fucking around anymore is if they get popped enforcing this horseshit. Then they will tell their unions it’s too dangerous and will not enforce.

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Ok. And? If I told you there was a lot of black nfl players would you think there was a conspiracy theory there or would it be happenstance of their competency in athletics? You’ve discovered Jews are successful and liberal. Not a global conspiracy. Our enemies are the communist.

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You guys are missing the real fun we could be having with this. Once we start stuffing mail in voting drop boxes and there ends up being more votes than people they'll finally have to admit we we're right all along.

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LOL people here still fall for this shit? They are untouchable. How can you guys not see this? The judge straight up sealed all the case records. And the prosecutor in this case was James Comeys daughter. Wake the fuck up.

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I literally could not care less about this situation. In fact I’m actively rooting for war as I own oil futures options that expire in March so if my boy Putin could stir the shit a bit I’d actually be stoked.

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You're exactly right. If and when he runs again suddenly they'll turn on the vaccine and claim that 'Trumps rushed vaccine' killed millions.

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One day some patriot is going to decide they’ve had enough of this shit and I’m going just watch the news and smirk. Just make sure you get the right people!

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Yeah I’m so mixed in what to do in these situations. Why risk being labeled a racist by our lying media just to protect some Marxist companies merchandise. Let these companies deal with the beef they’ve made.

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Cope. Fuck Catholicism. It’s literally going to be the church of the anti Christ. Read your Bible. Specifically Revelation.

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We have no one to blame but ourselves. We don’t stick together like black peoples do.

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