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Oh yeah no politician would ever lie in a speech. Gee you’re so wise. Please tell me more.

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Hitler was literally planning to exterminate Christians after the Jews because he felt that it wasn’t Germanic and that it was primarily a Jewish religion.

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Exactly. This morons all act like they have the secret esoteric knowledge of WWII yet almost NONE of them are aware hitler was a gay pagan who blamed to exterminate Christianity and Christian’s post the war.

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Or because hitler was pagan, homosexual agent of Satan per their own diaries

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I know you’re probably making some ghey “the Nazis were actually the good guys” argument but you’re only half wrong. There we’re no good guys in WWII and Prescott bush is basically responsible for the deaths of 250 million people.

FYI: Hitler was a gay pagan literally! Planned to exterminate Christianity as well


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China Joe allowed China to steal one and reverse engineer it. This is the 'cover story'.

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Yup. To me this seems like more bait to enrage the right wing community into violence. Instead it should be a motivator for all conservatives to start a recall movement immediately.

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Pretty much everyone has been asked to lie about Trump by the Fed’s so definitely not a “surprise” at this point. The did it to Michael cohen in the first year of trumps presidency.

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Their not “predicting” anything. This is how many they plan to starve with “climate mitigation measures”

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The ADL is essentially a “Jewish Mafia”

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Why make a third and split the vote when we can just take over the GOP. Have you looked up how to be a precinct chair? You should be one.

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This is the real problem with organizing on this site; over run with stormfaggots / federal agents screaming autistically about “the joooos!”

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I think McCarthy is doing ok. I think impeachment is a waste of time and would give democrats a chance to remove Biden, whom they are desperate to boot anyways.

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Ooooorr maybe you guys are just storm faggots?

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The bill was about throwing Nazi agitprop on people’s PRIVATE property. Because some dumb stormfaggot, who probably posts here, printed out antisemitic propaganda fliers and threw them in peoples lawns.

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