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I don't agree. I mostly agree though.

If you're not on Twitter you're not seeing the pushback. Gays Against Groomers started on Twitter. Moms for Liberty started on Twitter. Moms for Liberty is 100k+ membership and holding conferences and getting involved at their local levels. Both of those are supported by numerous well known accounts and lower follower count accounts. They gain traction. Libs of Tiktok started on Twitter.

Twitter is a battlefield controlled by the opposition and that's true. But that means there is a ton of energy and all the normies. Gettr, Truth, etc. are good but they're also clearly partisan. It's not the same kind of energy.

There is a good argument to be made for mass abandonment of Twitter though: deprive them of that energy as well. It'll bore normal users and basically become the Reddit of the Twitter-like Social Media platforms - but we also lose access to normies, less groups and prominent accounts form.

It's still very much possible to red pill and wake people up on Twitter. There are other arguments as well, but for the time being Twitter is still important. Make them kick you off.

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Nobody knows how I ordered the candidates but me. But they DO know that, for example, libertarians get 20% of the vote instead of ~0%.

The people counting the vote do. And they do know "Ah, that's 20% of the vote I can manipulate via this method - while they think their voice is being heard."

Do you even know how the system works? Seems like you don't. You get to put your boy Trump as #1. And I get to put him as #2 to ensure my vote isn't just thrown in the trash. And if Trump wins, he can SEE that those 20% of libertarians pushed him over the finish line. So he HAS to care about us.

When you lose, your vote isn't thrown in the trash - that's actually your voice being heard. Your second choice is your REAL choice, which in this case is a choice to reinforce the two party system. You weaken your voice with ranked choice voting. You don't get out of a two party system by by weakening your voice - you get out of it by electing the candidate of your party.

I don't know how much dumber a person could be... it works the way you want AND THERE ARE ONLY 2 VIABLE PARTIES. You're literally arguing against change because it might lead to the results WE ALREADY HAVE.

You're the one who wants to change the system and wants ranked choice voting to enshrine it forever. You're too myopically obsessed with "having your voice heard" by a candidate you don't want instead of building your own party's candidate into a position to win. You get to a third party system by building a movement, a party, a candidate - not by tossing your vote to someone who isn't your first choice. It'd be like putting a moderate Democrat who hates AOC putting AOC as their second choice. Keep on big braining it.

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Your "voice" doesn't get heard though - it gets appropriated. The candidate you put as your second choice doesn't care about you. They don't even represent their own voters and you're thinking your SECOND choice is going to make YOUR voice heard by someone who doesn't care about the people who vote for them FIRST?

Ranked choice voting steals your voice by insuring your candidate NEVER gets elected but "our voice is heard"? Yeah, heard loud and clear by people like Murkowski who's only concern about your vote is "How can I trick these people?" You're not a libertarian voter, you're voting to ENSHRINE the two party system forever.

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Before damning the two party system to eternal damnation, just going to point out to you that Trudeau won in Canada with slightly over 30% of the vote.

It's very much worth considering sticking with the devil you know.

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Obama’s race guy.

By which I mean racist and race grifter extraordinaire. Dude is mega fucking racist.

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MSNBC doesn't have the self-awareness to realize that it's the modern day version of Der Sturmer-lite.

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I'd be surprised if he doesn't do it tomorrow. He wasn't at Mar-a-Lago when they raided. But that's the place.

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Downside: Yet another rubicon passed. They've fully embraced being the bad guys - they're just going to keep being the bad guys, replicating the worst of the 20th century. They've got huge chunks of Stalnism, Maoism and Nazi ideology loaded up in their own progressive liberal ideology. You can expect the worst of all three if they continue doing this.

Upside: If you're looking to get drunk tonight, watch Timcast IRL and take a shot every time he says "civil war"

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If you debate a leftist and the humanity still inside of them realises you're arguing your points better it makes them upset, this enrages the NPC parasite ego disease that's taken over them and they mass report you, in this case.

It's the backfire effect: Facts become radicalizers in the same direction they've already gone. They are so invested in protecting their identity as a "good person" that if you show them reality and it proves them to at the very least be "not such a good person" they will not accept it and become even more radicalized in the direction they already are radicalized in - because that's the core of their identity.

Happened many times in history.


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Mitch McConnel did not get played.

I cannot make this more clear: The GOPe (GOP establishment) has one job: to function as the defeat mechanism for the Democrats. That is their role: to hand victories and wins to the Democrats when they have a mandate from their voters to do the opposite.

This is how they maintain their position. "Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." isn't because they're dumb. It's because that is LITERALLY their job. They hate the voters. They like money, power, insider trading, etc. They hate their voters. They like the NYT, WaPo, 500$ a plate fundraising dinners and to mock and shit on their voters. They're happy to hand wins to the left.

This is their JOB. It is LITERALLY their job. Supposedly they have their own political agenda - but it's minimal at best, they're basically stuck with protecting 1A, 2A, pro-life. But they cede ground on those all the time, and only protect the major instances (which is in part what keeps them in power)

Their biggest fear is America First. If voters remove them and put in America First candidates, they lose their money, their power, etc. They get jobs in the MSM, or go enjoy their tens of millions of dollars. They fucking HATE their job, even showing up to Congress is something they hate.

Understand that McConnel did not get played - he is playing his role no differently than he has for decades.

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They're the ones calling it a slur against LGBT people.

Literally, for 30+ years, the term "queer" as used by Queer Theorists and academics, that has infused all the forms of activism, why they're calling everything "queer", etc. has a definition: "Resistance to regimes of the normal."

Being against normalcy in any regard = queer. They even state that "queer" has become almost untethered from homosexual sex - that was just their "in" to getting some kind of authority and a shield to hide behind from criticism and to whack people over the head with.

To put it in perspective: they think pedophilia is only "not normal" because people have this special property called "normalcy" that they use to give themselves privileges over other people and the "normal" people use that special property of "normalcy" to oppress pedophilia. Many of their prominent authors and activists are on record defending "cross-generational relationships", NAMBLA and just pedophilia in general. They also think the nuclear family is oppressing all other types of families, and they promote like taking children away from parents and having a mix of the state/random people raise the child.

They are bat shit insane.

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It's not a slur against LGBT. It's the left that's saying it is so they can ban the word. Everyone else is like "?? groomer doesn't mean LGBT, wtf?"

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That's funny. Twitter Nazis have no sense of humor.

The truth is easier to swallow with a laugh. That said it's simply accurate: they are using Maoist thought reform methods on children along sexual dimensions. Groomers.

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Weird take about the guy who's done the most to combat Wokeness. CRT? James Lindsay. Queer Theory/OK, boomer? James Lindsay.

"Winning a word game" doesn't mean "Haha i owned you in a tweet" - it means controlling an actual word which is what the left has been winning on for decades. It's control of perception of reality.

So, you can post on PDW - meanwhile Lindsay created an organization, has given speeches everywhere, is being invited to speak to Republican politicians on a regular basis (see the past 2 years of him being invited to MAGA candidate events, pics of him with Boebert, MTG, DeSantis press secretary, etc).

Oh yeah, and he's kind of responsible for waking up a huge number of people with the Hoax papers, and has led to things like the group Moms for Liberty, etc, a few hundred podcast appearances, on OAN, etc.

But please, continue to be the crab in the bucket pulling everyone down. I'm sure it makes you feel good flexing your anger.

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Drove 80% of the traffic to his website, reached the most people.

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They started banning "groomer" so he swapped it to "child sexualization specialist" and like a day or two later as it was taking off they banned him.

They lost control in a word game, so they had to crack down even harder.

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Fun idea: Reparations.

No, no, not for something before you, or your parents or even grand parents were born.

From the Regime to the people.

There's obviously some very guilty parties out there right now. Bill Gates is certainly part of it, Soros, Blackrock, Vanguard, hedge fund managers, etc.

Food for thought.

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He'll be getting in line behind Trump regardless.

I do think it's a valid criticism. One of the biggest problems is that the old generation will not relinquish their grip on power. They refuse to.

Trump/DeSantis solves this issue. If there are any age-related issues with Trump, DeSantis is good to go. They're both on the same page in regards to most issues, but I prefer Trump in charge because he's going to rampage through the Federal government. Trump as the last of the old generation welcoming in the best of the new generation? Perfect.

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As a Canadian, I require border-equity with America. If Mexicans can come through your border willy nilly from the South, then the same should be true for Canadians! This is Snow Mexican discrimination! #FREETHENORTH

Y'all know how hard it is to immigrate from Canada to the US legally? :(

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The funny part is their lack of self-awareness.

"What would you think of a man cumming on his hand then smearing it on his neck as cologne? Wait, you find that disgusting? How do you think people view you a woman cumming on her hand and putting it on her neck like perfume? Do you think it's anything like the prior?"

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