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The CCP is the modern day Nazis. They're racial supremacists (Han Chinese supremacy), they're Socialists (Xi is pushing "returning to Socialism" hardcore), they're committing genocide against the Uighur Muslims - oh, and our companies love them just like so many of them loved Nazi Germany (different reasons, but same love of authoritarian governments).

This is about two months old, but I highly suggest you give it a watch - the parallels between CCP China and Nazi Germany are hard to deny.


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Just your casual reminder to follow @conceptualJames on Twitter.

And subscribe to his podcast, New Discourses on Youtube. All the CRT stuff you now know about? Like 90% of it comes from his work over the last 5 years.

He did the academic equivalent of Libs of Tiktok - the man at least deserves a follow for the mind destroying Leftist ideological drivel he's had to read to make this stuff understandable to the lay person.

You may also know him as the "dog park" paper guy.

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This shit has nothing to do with race. The only reason they try to make it about race is we're steeped in a CRT culture.

All CRT does is go "If we look at this race and that race and they're not 100% equal, it's racist. If it's racist, you have to do what we say or else you're a racist too."

That's all that's going on at the "race" level - "I want to control this, I will call it, and you, and anyone who defends it, and everything connected to it, RACIST. If you don't do what I say, we'll come after you for being racist. RACIST RACIST RACIST GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE."

Don't accept it one time. Actual racism from non-lefties is super freaking rare.

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This isn't accurate but it's not inaccurate either. Rather, it's in the process.

BLM are Useful Idiots.

That said, some of those Useful Idiots will be hired by the corrupt police and the corrupt FBI and so on: they need to replace all those who are quitting and being purged. Entryism along the lines of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They don't want to replace those that have been purged with more people who will quit or be purged.

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In fairness, for sure some aren't "anxious" - they're just radicals and activists. Some though for SURE are anxious. They believe their indoctrination, which for them translates to this guy being a LITERAL white supremacist evil white Nazi man - they're probably wondering "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? THIS IS INSANE".

Put it this way: some of them are so stupid that their indoctrination basically broke their brains and finding out a fellow teacher in their school is against CRT equates to them breaking down. Cult members aren't known for mental stability.

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This is a bit more whoa to me - I saw a video of his a couple weeks back. Him and another teacher, both in the same week. I thought "Nice, more teachers pushing back - that's rare."

I didn't realize from the small size of the picture I was seeing that it was the same guy who was doing videos about it. Fucking awesome, what a great guy. His Twitter shows he's taking it VERY well. This is how terrified they are of normal, sane, rational people:

'I've been required to work from home the last two weeks, as staff reportedly have 'clinical anxiety' over working with me,' Kinnett added. 'When I came to get books from my office, phone calls were made to each team member so they'd be clear of the building.'

Can you imagine that? The teachers are so fucking indoctrinated that they feel fear, they get sincere anxiety over a NORMAL person disagreeing with their RACIST LUNACY. Just have 1-2 teachers do this at every grade school and high school - all the crazy teachers will take off a year for psychiatric help LOL. Ironically they're SO STUPID they got indoctrinated into a cult that convinced them everyone else is in a cult of "white supremacy" - so many teachers, so many, are just STUPID. We've all been in school, and you know the majority are NOT that smart.

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Yeah lol. One tiny step. It's going to take years to de-radicalize these people but they all have breaking points. And they're well secured within their bubbles protecting them from any outside information and they're well trained in not thinking for themselves.

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Give her some time. She got one thing correct at least, today, which is shocking.

Going from Waukesha to "Holy shit Alex Jones is telling the truth" is a big step.

Need to get EVERYONE there. It'll be a process.

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Yeah she's evil.

So is Angela Davis, who is similar to her but even worse - she's Herbert Marcuse's student, and we're all living in his clown world. That woman is as vile as the worst Nazi you can imagine.

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Critical Race Theory: An Introduction.

Page 1.

"The critical race theory (CRT) movement is a collection of activists and scholars interested in studying and transforming the relationship among race, racism and power."

Ibram X. Kendi, "How To Be An Anti-Racist" (Pg.9, I believe):

"The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination."

OP is correct.

"Transforming" the relationship among race, racism and power = "Discriminate based on race to even out discrimination from the past. And we're going to laugh in your face as we do it, because we're racists."

Their ideology is essentially Nazi-like. The roots of the ideology, the core thinking and beliefs is the volkisch logic of the Nazi mixed with the Marxist Critical Theory.

It not simply "poisonous". It's caustic. It's the ideological equivalent of a caustic solvent. It's like a more potent form of the acid that drips out of the xenomorph's mouth in Aliens. If you act in accordance with it it breaks down everything.

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Until he starts arresting people for election fraud which he has mountains of evidence for - there's not much point to this guy. Just theatre. Lots and lots of theatre.

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I really don't think people realize how corrupt everything is.

  1. The elites stole an election. This is the worst crime in American history and it was aided and abetted by a huge number of people in a variety of ways.

  2. The healthcare system / big pharma is corrupt.

  3. Hollywood is basically sexual degenerate / pedo land.

  4. Your local schools are inserting racist ideology as bad as Nazism.

  5. Ditto for the University system.

  6. Policing is thoroughly corrupt. Are there decent officers? Sure. How many are bad? How many are bad and think they're good? How many will beat innocent people? How many will cover for others? Tons of corruption.

It's corrupt everywhere. It takes finding one decent person who's willing to fight back, then supporting them as they get attacked and smeared - no one wants the corruption to be clear as day because then EVERYONE is going to be looked at.

This either like corruption in Stalinist Russia, or maybe East Berlin in the 70s/80s. And your average citizen doesn't have a clue, they just think things are kinda bad now.

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I've never been on the Lin bandwagon even though quite a few people have been promoting him.

This is going to be a tough night for some of those people. Specifically, David Clements. I want to hear what he has to say about this.

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Dude knows his $$$ is coming to an end. He's milking it for everything it's worth. Scum.

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I'm one of those people who a decade ago would've thought "Wtf are these people talking about, evil?"

If you put it to me this way back then I probably would've said something like "Lol that's not evil. Government tries but it gets stuff wrong sometimes. They certainly wouldn't want to kill anyone on PURPOSE lol. Wtf is wrong with you."

Today? They're fucking evil. EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL. And I have enough knowledge of history, historical fact, ideology and more to explain it to people. Reasonable people ARE movable. Learn to speak with absolute confidence in things you know are true and you move 'em

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The Woke have two rulebooks.

Pedophile rapist screaming the N-word? THAT'S A HERO IF IT'S FOR THE LEFT.

Innocent man protecting himself in self-defense? That's a violent murdering racist if it's for the right.

This is not hyperbolic. This is literally how they do things, on purpose, knowingly. They don't have a single policy on their side, a single idea, a single anything - so they just go for narrative and try to make their narrative real through fear, intimidation and abuse of power if they hold it.

2020 needs to be fixed not only because it was stolen, but because the entire country needs to KNOW, UNDENIABLY, that the Democratic Party is evil. REAL evil.

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If you have a Clown World Perspective it makes perfect sense. The Clown World Perspective links the skin-head Neo-Nazi to babies being racist at several months old who then internalize the white supremacy through things like "rugged individuality" and "not supporting BLM".

The "other side" is maybe 3% of the country at best. Not even that probably. But a good 20-30% of lefties go along with it because they think it means something else. Completely brainwashed. But it's a good point to make for this reason: the average person will go "Wait. That's true. Why are people calling him a white supremacist?"

Every red pill you can drop any time you can drop it.

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  1. It's called Repressive Tolerance. Summed up quickly: Tolerate nothing from the right - lie, censor, whatever it takes to get people to attack them. Tolerate everything from the left: if a leftist is a pedophile and murderer, it's only because the right made him that way and he's not at fault type thing. Look up Herbert Marcuse - we live in the world he predicted.

  2. White Supremacist is not supposed to mean what it once meant. Transitory phase. Now White Supremacist means "normal, decent person." Give it ten years without intense fighting back on this and the 1980s skinhead white supremacist will not even really be understood by 99% of people, and white supremacy will be "people who show up to work on time" because "time is white" and other insane shit that 98% of people today think is too insane to be what crazy people believe.

Understand that to these people "fascism" means "healthy, functioning society where people are content"

I suggest checking out the New Discourses podcast on Youtube or NewDiscourses.com - James Lindsay breaks all of this down. Or if you're so inclined, just go read Herbert Marcuse's works: "Repressive Tolerance", "One Dimensional Man" and "Counter Revolution and Revolt" - he literally planned out clown world, referred to his revolution as taking a "clownish" form, etc.

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It'll be a wonderful day when he's no longer part of the American government.

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They see reality almost polar opposite to what it actually is. Just like they can't see the leftists going nuts everywhere, the death and carnage and all the rest. Stockholm syndrome mixed with being groomed into psychopathy.

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What happens when the citizens have 0 trust in the government or the media AFTER Covid-19 and they go "Oh! There's a NEW deadly disease!"

True or not, the response won't be well accepted. They'll have no problem going after the people then. "Shielding"

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Yet he's consistent on being right, over and over again. Very, very few things that don't match up.

He's basically one of the top enemies of the regime because of his accuracy and how well he wakes people up.

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Clear as day. Can't believe they're not already under arrest.

That said, I know people my age, older and younger who have no idea about any of this despise using traditional computers and mobile phones every day for decades.

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Sorry to hear that man :(

Do not forget our side offers forgiveness - the other side does not, not ever, not once. For the woman I was referring to who was brainwashed as a child through propaganda, then went through deNazification - it took a long time, but it did happen. And it happened through forgiveness, after a period of being forced to face some facts - the key factor was understanding at some level they had caused harm to others and others forgave them. Made her realize she had been complicit in evil.

Here's James Lindsay talking about a similar issue just a few months ago.


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