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I read it after reading The Green Mile series, which were very good reads.

Last SK book I have ever read because it sucked so incredibly bad.

It was like two different people wrote those stories. I mean like the difference between a seasoned writer vs a washed up drug addict hobo faggot.

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Wasn't me who downvoted you. I generally only downvote obvious shills and asshats.

Your response was worth a reply, so dunno...but your weak assumptions and calling me foolish... 👎

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Pedes don't need the numbers because we all know the truth.

Only those vax fags need them so they can fudge them and lie more to the sheep.

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I bought a 5D Tactical jig set a while back.

Would like to see them join the fight.

In fact, I will press them to see if they will.

spez: ATF/FBI faggots will be smart to stay the fuck away from my farm.

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No shit?!?

What a smarmy little cunt.

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I used to worship that guy a decade ago.

Thankfully I have grown -- along with 100 million other Pedes.

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New, from RONCO®... It's FunkyPox!

Just shove it up your ass, and you will be the talk of the neighborhood.

FunkyPox, by RONCO®

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My dad would eat monkeypox for breakfast on Sunday, and shit stupid fucking monkeys just for fun the rest of the week.

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When these faggots decide to have any meeting in the U.S., we must rise up and take them and their "security" teams down.

All this stupid globohomo bullshit will end the second these elitists are erased from society.

They are the real plague. Not any pox, or virus. They all are, and it's up to us to remove them all.

A few thousand brave and armed Americans are all it will take to destroy their evil vision to enslave this planet.

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I will vote for anyone who is not Cruz. These last two elections I questioned, but still wasted my votes. Yet, this globohomo faggot, without hesitstion, is still grifting.

RINOs want to play games, then we will remove them by allowing shithead communists to take their places.

At least, then, everyone will know exactly who is destroying our founding fathers' intentions vs. second guessing and playing cat and mouse....

Fuck these Anti-American RINOs.

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I said please, therefore, I am not a nazi, heil!

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Pulling my youngest out of these govt indoctrination centers -- after the locals decided to mask-up again -- was the best decision I've ever made in nearly 60 years.

Church academies, etc., offer far, far better general education, while also teaching our next-greatest generation that God does not abide with fools.

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Fauchi is a sneky snek, which is why he's remained and thrived in the swamp for nearly 40 years.

President Trump knows real estate like nobody's business, but like anyone else, he had to depend on outside help to build and maintain a team beyond his main scope of expertise.

10/10 he'll look to put Fauchi in federal prison come 2024.

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