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Reads like Anaconda (Sneky Snek) but with less hate and communist zeal.

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Mercury doesn't cause cancer; it causes mercury poison, which causes death, which then cause cancer in puppies and kittens...but only in California.

Pubic schools taught me this. I mean public....

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OP stood his ground and showed he's his own man, not a dickhead.

Truth should never place anyone in an inferior position.

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They're booksmart, but not at all bright.

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Jan 6 scared them to the point of barricading themselves away from the People and placing the military to protect them from losing control.

That alone tells me that another little push in their direction will finally break their grip around our necks.

They have nothing but their hilarious lies and an elitist and complicit "press" to keep us all at bay for short while

This next time we all know the score but we won't sing along.

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He words things so softly.

Why not just spell out the truth that the DOJ is a communist arm of the the communist DNC?

They are a modern-day Stasi for an Amerikan modern-day communist regime.

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I hear you, Pede, but I voted for Drumpft, so that crazy-eyed twat will never listen to me.

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I dunno. I don't have tits or a victim complex ingrained into my soul since birth.

My wife, on the otherhand, is rather normal and predictable, which has me all fucked up....

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SIL is always preaching to the rest of her family that we have too much white privilage.

Bitch lives in one of the whitest cities in the State; went to a majority white uni; lives a very white, upscale neighborhood; and recently told us they are possibly quiting their jobs so they can open a B&B in an ultra-white country in Europe.

Liberal commies: Hypocrites with zero self-reflection.

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He is the real deal, but he really needs to kick his campaign into high gear because he has virtually no name recognition.

I stopped watching tv a few years ago, so I don't onow if he is flooding the airwaves with ads. I do know that hos online presence is prety much nill.

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Catherine Herridge (was with FOX, now with CBS) holds no punches.

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So he's a youthful 73.

Copy that.

I will add that my 85 yr old (at the time) and invalid mother survived the c0oF on a Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pack, Vit D and Zinc regimen.

This was mid 2020.

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The Witcher is an amazing story and game.

I remind myself to ignore those interesting altered-physics with each subsequent playthrough.

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Thanks, Pede, for correcting the record. I have no excuse.

I could have sworn, but for that patriotic act alone, I won't shit on Ted Cruz again.

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I twide to punt'h my wipfe in da twote once, vhitch is hwhy I dwink twew a stwaw now.

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