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Does she get to serve only the time not already served in Custody?

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Ye olde Oswald photo-doctoring team still can't get it right even with Photoshop.

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Americans and Canadians are hoping that a lightening bolt will do its duty.

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I think they really believe this. We are all doomed.

I think they really believe planned and supported this. We are all doomed.

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DeSantis best mandate Vulnerable Sector Background Checks for all attendees coming into the KIDS PARK.

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Atheists don't mind if you kill them.

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WHY do you do this you fucking faggot Trump Troll

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Thank-you. So many don't understand how important the global gun control issues are; it shows the sudden trend and probability of motive when we show them what has happened to gun-banned areas in the past.

For example....Australia. Fucking covid CAMPS were just a trial run...and nobody stopped them.

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LOL that was the firs thing that came to mind, actually. lol

I thought I was just trippin'. lol

Thanks for your reply. Have a great day, Pede.

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No, but I did train police officers in 5 different major departments in the mid 90's (on the use of a particular piece of equipment). I was surprised to learn that one of them did recruiting in jail and that about 1/3 of the force had active criminal records for crimes ranging from domestic violence, rape, aggravated assault from BEFORE they became sworn members. (Edmonton, Alberta Canada is a rough town. lol)

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modern reactors are incapable of meltdowns.

LOL Do you know what forum you're on?
Check UnsinkableTitanic.hah

But there are problems other than meltdowns which affect nuclear energy. Waste seep, broken water pipes (one just this past week, actually ... spilled hundreds of thousands of gallons of water with radioactive particles and will affect well water for thousands of miles....people, livestock, )

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Gas is still cheaper than nuclear power
when considering the infrastructure and maintenance and the cost of disasters which strike every nuke plant in the long run

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EVERY police academy LITERALLY teaches cadets to lie about various things; examples:

"You need to come into the station for an interview." (No, if there was need (probable cause), there would be an arrest, no choice given.)

None have any problem with telling that lie
and most places even have special provisions in law
which allow police to lie and intentionally mislead suspects
using trickery and deception to obtain information
to produce charges and get convictions,

so riddle me this
and all this nonsense stops;

do all cops become lying pigs or do only liars become cops?

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that went way over my head.

explain? or ... sarcastic silly comment?

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Her "brilliant straight A student" she raised is only 12.
But it seems the kid's father did the raising.

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Looks like a paraphrase from Shakespeare, only it was lawyers, wasn't it?

Yes, and for this observation, you shall receive this gift of enlightenment:

“The first thing we do is, let’s kill all the lawyers.” is said by a character named :Dick the Butcher in Act IV, Scene II of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part .

He was not a "butcher" of meat, but rather of men. He was a tyrannical maniac.

While many gripe about lawyers being ball-washing bastards who over-charge and cause problems where there are no problems and make jokes like:

"It was so cold out today, I saw my lawyer walking with his hands in his own pockets, for once:
"Some towns are not big enough for a lawyer to earn enough money, but no town is too small for TWO lawyers to earn enough money."
"Q:What do you call 100,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A: A good start."

But Dick the Butcher wanted to kill all the lawyers because some would

  • prosecute and stop him from carrying out his evil intentions
  • defend the people the tyrant sought to imprison or execute
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Sounds antisemitic

WHAAAAT? Are you suggesting, then, that Jews are ....usurers?

The Hell you say

(Notwithstanding the money changers Jesus booted from the temple were Jews and that Jews had been persecuted or exiled for usury in a dozen or so territories before that and that good coins were originally gold and were smithed by Jews and literally gold Jewellery gets its namesake from Jewish Jewellers )

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