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Mick Tucker was a really good rock drummer,

He may have been "the first" one who really hit the drums hard. And the stick tricks.

The Sweet as a band were very advanced for their time, as far as their arrangements and production.

That was mostly due to the key songwriters and producers (Nicky Chen and another guy - thet wrote most of the songs and had nearly 100% control over everything ) I'm not sure that Sweet members were totally happy with everything. Andy the guitarist ended up writing (and singing) most of the songs that I liked most.

Bands like Motley Crue, KISS and their imitators were definitely inspired by The Sweet's costumes and hairstyles (and unfortunately, their "lifestyles" more than their musical skill.)

Gene Simmons of KISS claims that he never drank alcohol or did drugs (he was too self-important to do that to his body. He did however love junk food.) except one time when Ace dropped LSD into his drink. He walked around thinking that his head was really tiny and that people were looking at him because of his small head. I thought that was ironic and hilarious. And a shitty thing for Ace to have done. Ace was such a hero of mine when I was a kid. He had some problems, for sure.

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OK Great but eventually they will have to release them.

Remember, they still have the Right to a "speedy trial". :)
Maybe they'll fast-track them.

Criminal Charge = Fingerprints
Criminal Record = Deportation & No path to citizenship

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I just can’t believe they weren’t doing this shit from day 1?

The were so focused on the problem, they couldn't see the easy solution;

Criminal Charge = Fingerprints
Criminal Record = Deportation & No path to citizenship

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Might seem small - but criminal record = deport & no path to citizenship ...

... and fingerprints.

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Andy Scott is the only surviving Sweet member

The singer died right before I found some of their original LPs in an attic.
I remember when drummer Mick Tucker died. Didn't know the bass player died.

and he really looks like those guys now! : )

I think I must have seen some of this era footage or photos, because I was surprised I couldn't find a shot with that long platinum blonde hair.

If you're a fan of Motley Crue , Kiss (the boots haha), etc looking at old Sweet album covers and press photos/posters will let you see who really influenced their look.

Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls" Album Cover

Sweet https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/16255248638115790/

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This issue focuses too much on the unwanted pregnancy after conception. What can be done to reduce these occurrences. Fix the root cause.


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I was sickened by her whorish deception - she is a psychopath - it could be heard in her voice so clearly in this speech better than any other.

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Why'd you name yourself after Mike Pence after January 6th, huh? And why are you constantly around here trying to undermine shit?

I though investigative journalists were a thing of the past.
Thank-you for exposing tmikepence123
Their history proves you right.

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Note to OP

A "mongoloid" is an Oriental Asiatic person. eg. Chines, Japanes, First Nations. Mongoloid is one of the 3 main races with distinct DNA markers, along with Caucasoid and Negroid.

Please replace "mongoloids" with "retards".

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I’ve been saying why does any woman need abortion with the morning after pill?

They get more attention and feel more like part of a "movement" when getting an abortion than they do from taking Plan B in private? Maybe?

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He had advise from a Fed economist. The problem is ...

Economics is the study of the disastrous results of bad decisions made by lawyers elected to public office after they are coached by bankers who want to led their riding money at interest.

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Funny enough, women also don't get HPV (which vaccine manufactures claim causes cervical cancer) unless they have sex without a condom with a male with HPV who got it from someone with HPV by having sex with them. LOL

I can't believe I spelled "woman" as "women" - happened when I changed a line from plural to singular.

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If local precincts counted by hand, and reported up, we'd have results by midnight

True. Deliver ballot boxes for counting every hour. No problem.

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LOL!!! Those guys really did look like ^ that ^

Crazy. eh? The long wig looks like Sweet's singer's hair. LOL Except Sweet didn't wear dresses. lol The hair is bang-on though. LOL

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Krazy Glue on finger pads = no viable prints.

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Swamp Prison for Swamp Creatures.

Great idea. Don't even need fences or outdoor guards. The Gators or the Skeeters will kill them or turn them back.Canada has a prison like that in deep woods. All who have walked away have returned and begged to be allowed back in.

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The problem is, there are more Liberals than Conservatives

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Hand count only...

Triple count.
With Scrutinizers (representatives for each candidate to witness count, check ballots)
Yup, might take 72 hours or even a week. I'm ok with that.

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Fingerprint verification!

Looks good on paper.
In practice, not a great idea to give the government your fingerprint.

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and somehow the left thinks this has something to do with race.

No, they're just deflecting with a B.S. justification.

they're a group of fucking dumbasses

No, they are devious whores.

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...aaaaaannnnnnd ...(drum roll) .... Voter ID

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