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I wondered if people would catch that.

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Some of us can't sleep. But we love you all nonetheless.

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Fag Faggity Fag Fag Fag.

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Super Mega Ultra Faggot.

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The HEROES are the people who got forced to stay home, out of work, and were still able to find means to provide for their families still.

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Didnt fucking matter until it was shoved onto them and their families!

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"Make America Great Again. Make Yourself Great Again. Thank You President Trump. I love you."

THIS is the energy we need on here, thank you for sharing this with the community. And thank you for being with us for over a year!


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The sauce for this statement is on President Trumps Telegram. We should all see it migrate to his official statement domain soon. Gab snagged it quick.


In the meantime we will continue to monitor the statement, and if proven inaccurate, remove it immediately.

We got you. We've always got you. Stay tuned.

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You are so very welcome. I missed it live earlier also, and it took me over an hour to find this video. Right now I'm halfway in and holy shit, watch it all. This is by far the greatest "Address to the Nation" President Trump has even given.

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We got you Late Night Crew Fren!

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Hope she owns a lot of guns so she doesnt get "suicided" before she can share the information. Why people dont just do it, instead of give the people who might want them dead for leaking it hours or days to kill them amazes me.

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We are the best, because this community DESERVES the best. (thank you)

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Go fist yourself you fucking retard. If you don't like his post, roam off to another one. You're just jealous he has the fucking balls to do it, and you dont. I did the same thing at a Walmart today. Fuck these people with their feeling like they have some superiority with their minimum wage and cute little vests. @Jaunty_Haul won today and stood up for his rights as an American. Go jerk off to some animated porn and be a keyboard hero on the internet you queer.

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You're a fucking cunt lol, Jesus is king, and you are a fag raped by retardation right up your ass.....

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Take care of yourselves, so you can take care of eachother!

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Happy Easter fren!

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