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Yeah man, fuck those bitches who caused this. But, I've got daughters I'm not willing to sacrifice to own leftist skanks. I will fight back.

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The hive mind here is reaching Reddit levels of dumbassery. I used to show up for the discussions, now I just drive by for the memes.

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It's important to remember that Trump is flawed and failed miserably in draining the swamp or making any meaningful change. MAGA is more than Trump, if/when he goes against what is best for America, I'm done. Until then, Trump is feared by the left and that's enough for me.

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Then fucking bury them. The left already hates CFA, lets shut them down.

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Women love that shit though. If you can boost sales with 50% of your market easily, you do it.

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I encourage leftists to abort and sterilize. Putting abortion clinics in black neighborhoods kept their population down so the left could replace them with Mexicans. Let us do the same with leftists as a whole.

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either way Cube is willing to do business. Trump can work with him to improve the situation in black communities. As much as the stormfags here would love some rahowa bullshit, if you want to fix America you have to have reasonable plan to improve black Americans. It's not going to be an easy fix either, it's going to take time and a multi-faceted approach.

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Cube is a free thinker. I don't agree with him on most things. But when he talks he isn't full of shit. He takes full advantage of having "fuck you money" and has for the past 30 years. Dude speaks his piece. Sometimes it's good, sometimes he sounds like tard.

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America First. When our house is in order we can consider everyone else's yard.

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I get it. We are totally "owning the libs" by pushing our trash political propaganda songs to the top of the chart. All the while making sure some liberal company that hates us gets a cut. Yay.

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Stoney Dudebro is a hilarious stage name, I will give them that. I wonder if he knows Smokey McPotts.

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People here will act like it's not trash because it's pro-MAGA. But anyone honest about music knows most of the MAGA musicians are awful, shills, or both. People here act like Tom McDonald is someone to be acknowledged, ffs. All while calling legitimate conservatives "shills" for not being in lockstep with Trump.

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