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I bet they leave the house in normal attire and then put on the assless chaps once they get into the office.

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Giving Dontarious his weekly allowance to keep their wives satisfied.

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Holy shit this made me laugh hard. Thanks for that lol, I just have a mental picture of some disturbing trophy with a sandwich on the top of it.

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Yea I think he's confused. Not everyone knows the difference between different 'coins'... To some people, its all bitcoin.

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Just want to clarify, this isn't an open blockchain... it will 100% be monitored by the powers that be. They will have the complete transaction history of every dollar produced and spent.

And they will have complete oversight of issuing and destroying coins.

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This is retarded, North Korea is the size of Kentucky. It 'says' 800,000 people, more realistically it's 8000 malnourished people doing things rocket man says so their family doesn't get thrown into a labor camp.

They do 2 things. Counterfeit our money, and larp.

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Even this on a big enough scale, if people decided to not use debit/credit cards at all on tuesday... it would shock the system because the money would quit moving.

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They've been working on Fedcoin for years, on top of that they ran it through testing last year... This is something thats happening bank run or not. Only thing we can do is disrupt their plan and make them scramble to expose themselves.

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And look what happened, they were forced to steal an election because they lost 90% of their real voters in the process.

Force them to make another foolish move in haste, they won't win any election ever again.

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The reason these evil mother fuckers have done everything they have done so far is for money and control.

Stop funding your enemy.

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  1. It's not illegal, no matter what the glowsticks in here say.
  2. If you have your withdraw slip, police cannot take it away from you if they stop you.
  3. Money in your home is covered by your home insurance policy.
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SO the money you keep in your account at the bank??? Do they give you an extra 7% every year?

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Pull your money out of the banks. Zero Risk.

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The sad part.... I don't know if this is a joke or not.

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A friend of mine told me to check out power slap... I watched as a joke, holy shit I didn't expect to get into it. Its insane.

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Reason 45 they pushed the vax mandates. Get anyone out of the military that has morals and questions the narrative.

They are all brown shirts now.

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Dontarious? Is that you?

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Took someone 15 months to find the balls to stand up for themselves?

Good Times Soft Men.

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Willing to bet its a voice to text error

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Yea no shit, we all saw the content from the laptop and icloud dump. It's amazing how fast the glowsticks can erase things from the internet these days.

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