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You don't say!! Is water wet too, Captain Obvious?

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There's a Jewish perversion of capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism. It's essentially fascism. Using the government to influence and manipulate the market through "regulations". Statism is anti-capitalism.

It's not "the" definition. It's the "difference".

It's not like the "real communism has never been tried"...free market capitalism HAS been tried. It's what made all the Jews rich rich before they infiltrated the economy and government and used their socialist bullshit to kick the ladder out from behind them after they made it to the top. It's why every German citizen united behind Hitler. Really all Hitler did was hold Jews to account under equal treatment under the law.

Imagine if we tried and imprisoned every commie Jew in America for their RICO crimes and their corruption....their corporations would crumble, their political sugar babies would be tried and convicted and asset forfeiture would eliminate the national debt to the point of surplus. The only issue would be that 880k children a year wouldn't be disappearing off the streets, crime would suffer a huge loss of funding, and the drug empire and sex trafficking empire would take decades to restructure for the corrupt politicians because the CIA's "Mexican Cartel" grift wouldn't have executive distribution network to supply the ghetto minorities. Especially if the border was sealed.

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Better impeach and indict his dad too or he'll be pardoned anyway.

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Duro duro derp derp. No real capitalism WAS tried and it thrived until the advent of "stakeholder capitalism -jewish fascism" where in 1911 when the Jewish bankers threatened the government because Democrats were inflating their gold five to a dollar and secretly devaluing their wealth. Which resulted in the Jews starving out millions of Americans like they were doing in Weimar and Russia and Ukraine, which resulted in the Great Jew Deal in 1933, social security, they snuck in a fucking federal income tax to fund the war so we could get dragged into a war with Germany which was no threat to us at ALL, we got dragged into the shit because the Jewish international bankers were getting cut off from commercial access to Germany after the Germans got fed up with Jews destroying their economy and plundering it like they're doing to us right fucking now, retard. Pick up a fucking history book and get off the internet's approved reading matrix. None of what is happening right now is new. It's identical to what was happening then and what is happening all over the world.

I know you like black cock but you heard it wrong cuck. Black Rock....it's a circular owned corporation merger with Vanguard that own a major share in ever publicly traded Corporation because they pay no taxes and fund bullshit "philanthropic" RICOs that are all funded by politicians insider trading and leftist NGOs. That's not free market capitalism when they Jews are buying politicians and brokering our commerce to the CCP. That's why they're grooming your kids and grandchildren to be sexual degenerates and illiterate retards while politically illiterate cartoon people like you chuckle up retarded false equivalencies that would embarrass anyone with an IQ above 80 to even read. Stakeholder capitalism is Jewish fascism Free market capitalism is what Jewish socialist policies destroyed before you were even born, unless you're 111 years old.

The only reason it effects me is because their sugar babies like Biden, Buttigieg, Yellen, Biden, Pelosi, Romney and Kerry's kids are brokering foreign deals leveraged on our foreign aid, inflating energy and market prices in the trade off. Creating supply chain issues so some creepy pedophile globalists can destroy the economy and manufacture crises so they can trade our prosperity and rights for communism and fund foreign invasions while they blather on about Ukrainian and Israeli sovereignty.

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No I'm just not good with CCP illegally purchasing our land through Jewish brokers. that's a national security threat. Like Biden's son brokering land deals to the CCP for mineral mining when fucking Americans aren't even allowed to mine in their own fucking country. Apparently you missed a fucking step in the progress. Interesting.

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The bottom line is if he's not farming it, he shouldn't be owning it.

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Jews should only eat 100% synthetic meat. How's that, Bill. Lead by example, scumbag.

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Right. I'm a dummy because I won't Pretend to be as dumb as you need me to be.

Just like I'm a "nazi jewhater" because I'm Anti-communist.

Also- if a dude lops off his dick, he's a man without a dick, I'm not going to pretend it's a female.

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You keep trying to use the Klaus Shwaub bullshit false relation between stakeholder capitalism - Jewish fascism- the use of government to manipulate a socialist compromised and former free market ( which was compromised in 1913- with the Jewish Fiat currency racket controlled by Jewish banks and "regulated by politicians with Jewish sugar daddy campaign financiers.

Free market capitalism was destroyed in the early 1900s by socialist fucking retards and you want to pretend that our current stakeholder capitalism is free market capitalism.

So you're either playing retard, or it's not an act.

Your idea that overtaxation and expanded government is "capitalist" at all is pure tardthink.

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Yes "right wing socialism" is Socialism. Stakeholder capitalism - Jewish fascism. "Left wing socialism"- Communism- Jewish fascism.

Jewish communist- fascism.

Anticommunism- "nazi" fascism.

Bolshevism was an open ended form of communist extremism that was proven to be the cause of "Holodomers", genocides under the guise of "revolution" so to protect their Jewish stakeholder capitalism ideology they needed a "proxy opposition". It's politics pure and simple. An ideology cannot exist without an antithesis. So the same people who formulated the communist Demagoguery machine engineered an opposing ideology that served the same overlords. Winning them an illegitimate nation (Israel) as their new operational headquarters for their one world government agenda, and who better to spearhead their controlled opposition party than the bastard great grandson of Baron Von Rothschild? A meth addled demagogue that set their whole "fund and control every faction of every war that results in dead "goyim" on both sides. Yes even if that meant that the "allied" attacks on the supply chains feeding their prisoners would starve like their holodomer genocides. In fact it would serve the Jews and the propaganda needed to keep Christians at odds with each other, turn Arab nations against the west and since they control media, banking, entertainment and public education, they could centralize a global "white genocide" agenda and claim Jews aren't white because Judaism is somehow a "race" and not a religion.

Socialism in all of it's forms, from right to left, only survives by using "stakeholder capitalism" ( the antithesis of free market capitalism- meaning government is not allowed to generate revenue or influence/manipulate the FREE market. Which all forms of socialism explicitly DO. From "Regulatory agencies" to CIA/Govt "contractors, to "minority grant funding" and tax amnesty for corporations owned by one religion, dual citizenship politicians and unelected bureaucrats... Etc.

ALL of that is socialism. There is no right and left socialism, it's all an attack on free market capitalism using the government to dictate what wheels get the grease. All socialism leads to totalitarianism.

You can play the 20 year old college kid "REAL socialism hasn't ever been tried!" Bullshit, but it's all been proven a "revolution" - translation: another form of Jewish led genocide resulting in the minting of new Jewish millionaires and billionaires, more Jewish political installations in western government, and the devaluation and destabilization of Christian western nation under the false pretenses of diversity. It's fucking clown-food. If you want to tout your well structured Jewish talking points about how Hitler was a success because the ZIONIST gave him the power to carry out their agenda, that's fine. But don't pretend the rest of us are as stone fucking stupid as the Leftoids NEED them to be, you can keep that title for yourself.

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It's socialism, all of those values you think it promoted, is called "propaganda". Propaganda is the use of Demagoguery- the appeal to the prejudices of easily influenced people, to Garner support. Those philosophical musings are the first to be forsaken when opposition questions or challenges their power.

It's socialism, socialism is secularism.

God government leaves no room for Government gods, when their power is challenged, your rights are taken.

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You're about as correct as anything Joe Biden has ever read off of a teleprompter.

Fascism is the end result of every other construct of socialism.

Fascism is totalitarianism. It's a secular state of government before God.

Fascism is a concept that no human government could could impose because of the nature of humans. It's socialist, a Jewish form or government monopoly that creates debt slavery and forced compliance. Just like any other form of socialism.

Communism and Fascism are both the terminal stages of the cancer that is socialism. It's antithetical to America's Constitutional Republic.

It's not evil, people are, that's why it results in failure, it imposes a monopolistic authority over the rights of the people to preserve the power of the government. That's what the Jews designed it as, the other end of the socialist spectrum. Fascism is right wing socialism, communism is left wing socialism.

It's the controlled opposition construct the Jewish international bankers needed to create the monopoly on the socialist construct. Communism was an open-ended ideology that focused it's Demagoguery on the plight of the poor as anything other than their own lack of investment. So the logical opposition would need to be engineered to seem indifferent to class, society, values and religion, but it does not, it only enforced these beliefs through the same secular disregard for human rights. And both are only possible after the subversion of a free market and the destruction of political, social, ideological and class opposition.

This "occupy democrats" logic, where you say things that are antithetical to reality and have no real world application, that's secularism.

No government has ever solved a problem because their job is to create the problems and charge you with your rights and prosperity to pretend to fix them.

The solution to our problems will never be the result of laundered tax funding and illegally printed Fiat currency into numbered offshore accounts. Government is the enemy of its own people when it refuses to represent their interests. Expanding government is the refusal to represent the people's interest.

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The merger of corporation and government to abolish the rights of the citizens and enforce a unilateral political and ideological on opposing views by force.

Or if you want to paraphrase.

It's just the end result of socialism.

Jewish communism= fascism

Anti-communism= "NAZI"

The parasitic political circle-jerk of the Jews.

Govt. controlling the means of production- socialism

Govt. owning the means of production- communism.

The government destroying the means of production of political dissidents and killing or persecuting them so that only those who comply are afforded the prosperity of the controlled market.- fascism.

"Real _________ism has ever been tried!" Is because all forms of socialism are only made possible by a parasitic attack on a thriving free market economy.

Socialism needs to attack and feed off of capitalism. The end result is government monopoly on capitalism and debt slavery to taxpayers.

No example otherwise has or will ever exist.

I hope this helps.

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Ivy league study shows: Shut up and quit fighting for your rights. Also the same researchers brought you hits such as:

It's a GIRL penis, homophobe, just shut up and suck it!

Freedom is destroying our democracy!

We're not trying to make your kids gay or racist.

Pedophilia is a sexual identity.

White people are terrorists.

The top 1% of global wealth is owned by white Christian males who are oppressing you.. it's not the Jews.

Women make less for doing the same work.

Election fraud is voter rights.

Election integrity is voter suppression.

Deadly pandemic!

I'm hungry, who wants bugs and fungus, it's just like meat!

Manmade Climate Change.

Debt slavery is social justice.

It's free if the government pays for it.

Trust the science.

Safe and effective.

Studies show... .

Women can be men and men can be women because there's such thing as a genetic mutation called hermaphrodism, the only genital mutation resulting in the inability to have or sire a child.

We know everything, but we're responsible for accomplishing nothing.


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Translation: You're informed beyond my limited intellect and this threatens my world view.

So if I'm wrong, you can explain why a gay Jewish comedian that was installed by the US and globalists, is pandering for drug money and weapons from Israel and the US.


Ok then let me repeat the formula.

Jewish communist- Fascist.

Anti-communist - NAZI.

....ALL forms of socialism. Why are all forms of socialism being used as an economic weapon against the US? WHO specifically is USING these forms of socialism to attack American economic sovereignty? Who are these politicians sugar daddies that are exploiting "case law precedent" (legislating from the bench) and "Executive Orders" to circumvent legislation to impose these unconstitutional edicts?

I can answer all of these questions. That's why what I'm telling has verifiable substance. That's why I don't need corny ad hominem anecdotes and clownspeak. Because I understand what we're talking about.

Nothing of what I say is based on emotional manipulation or propaganda.

Occam's Razor isn't about probability, or possibility. It's about what verifiable facts and evidence lead to proof of conclusion.

Ism-ist-aphobia and the mean words have no effects on the truth. Trying to "shame" the truth out of an argument is what got us to the point we're at right now.

Inflation,energy dependence, every form of verifiable fraud and criminality being virtually legalized, clownworld is seeded in fraud and socialist nomenclature attacking our legal system to legalize fraud is the agenda.

You want to argue socialist values in a Constitutional Republic when those values are attacking our capitalist economy. You're doing their work for them.

I don't live in the UK or the EU or Canada or Australia so socialism, communism, fascism/National Socialism are the ENEMY of my Constitutional Republic and the people who are supposed to understand that this is what we're preserving.

If you're a cheerleader for Zelensky, you're cheering on a guy arming Nazis, a guy who just outlawed all political opposition, a guy who banned all opposing political media and opinion. A guy who ordered a national medical protocol that any man they deem, "a Russian ally", to be castrated.

These are facts, this is what your taxes are funding, this is who CIA contractors are being paid laundered funds through the red cross to support. These are the people killing Ukrainians.

Russians are actually evacuating Ukrainians in humanitarian operations, because Ukrainians are being attacked by ethnic Russian Ukrainians, and AZOV, Right Sector and the other National Socialist battalions that Zelenskyy is funding with Western, US and Israeli funding.

This is a war between NATO globalists funded specifically through an installed gay globalist Jew with a husband.

Apply everything you were told about NAZIs and ask yourself how this man would be commanding NAZI battalions.

I'm the one who's confused? I'm the one who needs to seek help?

Ignorance is no excuse for compliance.

"Just following orders" and "trust the science" is creating a global genocide and you want to nod and smile and be cured to impulse by manufactured buzzwords to appease the same retards that want you dead and out of their way.

I'm not calling for the death of anyone. I'm calling for the truth and restored order. I'm calling for equal treatment under the law. I'm calling for due process and the outlawing of privilege politics and all forms of fraud.

If that's what you call "support of NAZIsm", then you're a finely manipulated and we'll groomed useful idiot, by socialist definition, not mine.

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"openly supports NAZIsm"... That's how well you know how to comprehend what you read, huh?

Again for the retards in the back.

Socialism in every form- fascism/communism national socialism...all Jewish constructs.

Any and all forms of socialism are garbage. Nazi= national socialist= garbage. Communism=garbage. Stakeholder capitalism-. AKA fascism=garbage.

Again, I can explain this simple shit TO you, but I can't understand it FOR you. Somewhere along the line, either you have to do the work and invest the energy, or stay ignorant and fearful of everything you fail to understand.

You'll never make sergeant in the affirmative action sector with that kind of lack of effort.

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They're only happy when everyone else suffers what the left asks for.

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And God bless India if they succeed, they singlehandedly redpilleed the world about Ivermectin when their numbers were being decimated by "the Delta" variant.

I hope one day the Indian people establish energy independence and implement their own gold-backed currency and emerge prosperous in a fruitful economic nation like they deserve.

I'm sick of seeing people oppressed and subjugated by poverty and debt slavery. Exploited into their graves. Take every opportunity given to you India! With the blessing of the free come the blessings of freedom. Nobody deserves to be starved out for lack of resources....something the socialist scumbags will never understand.

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I still remember the feigned outrage from the party of legalizing "sex workers" about the modeling pictures of her with a nipple showing. 😂🤣😂

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You still haven't explained to me how a gay Jewish presidential install has a Nazi Military Forces defending him.

I don't hear you coming shooting with answers, I see you ignoring them and unable to substantiate anything you were led to believe.

How come everything I'm telling makes sense, and you haven't even offered anything more than "nuu uh" and anyone who says anything I don't know is a "Nazi". Nazis are socialists. Fascists are socialists, communists are socialists. If they all died tomorrow, I'd celebrate. And I'd still be alive to celebrate the liberation of the planet with everyone else. Where would you be?

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Exactly, but as soon as you are killed before your story is told, the story is told to condemn you.

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