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Hahahah, the best comment is someone recommended using rubbing alcahol but a bunch of replies stated all it did was take the paint off the pump. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Liberals are the masters of optics. When Trump was pushing for the coofid jab, they were literally screaming “nOt OvEr My DeAd BoDy!1!1!1” but now, since it all fits their agenda and it’s someone other than Trump syndicating the jab, they love it.

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Why would I be triggered? I’m the one with the beautiful wife.😘

Definitely beats living in the parent’s basement, jerking off to anime like you do. 😂

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Calm down, Simp. I don’t know why my post was deleted. It’s funny that you think your opinion means anything too. 😂

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She hates them. Too comfortable to not wear fren.

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I don’t know what your deal is, but we’re all friends here so slow your roll, simp.

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A cuck eh? Where were you when I was serving my two tours in Iraq to call me a cuck?

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Oh well, it is what it is. Nothing of importance lost.

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“Fuck covid19. Have fun.”

Probably the best bit of advice anyone should take in today’s world.

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It was G L O R I O U S watching him openly admit guild. The lawyers on Kyle’s team are worth their weight in salt. I don’t think Armless even realized how much he actually fucked up.

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This “Administration” is gonna put Baylon Bee out of business

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This is FUCKING CRAZY. The FBI is nothing more than a gestapo for the Biden Regime.

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