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Of course it was. I also believe imho that the blue was involved too. But hey, bAcK tHe bLuE!

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So, a Potatus that yells at me for driving a gas powered vehicle while he’a riding around in an armored motorcade with a heavy duty suburban that on average burns EASILY 5-6 mpg.

Then we’ve celebrities who are not only scolding us for not going green enough while they’re flying arou d in their private jets, they’re proposing WE EAT BUGS while they eat at 3 star michelin restaurants.

Rules for thee but not for me.

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This is just the beginning of the madness….

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But hey let’s bAcK tHe BlUe! 🙃

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So sick of this….

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Just more publicity stunts. Now she can play that ghetto card

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I recently read on the news how “iNtErEsT iN fIrEaRm PuRcHaSeS dOwN!” bit AT THE SAME TIME, there was like hundreds of thousands of delays with the fbi and background checks.

Clown world.

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