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Fuck Joe Biden and the entire Biden crime syndicate family. Each and every one of them. Fuck anyone who supports them.

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Stay strapped or get clapped

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When the mandates began rolling in for the coofid jab, my job said I must take it. I fought it hard and when they came with a threat and ultimatum if I didn’t take it by a certain date, I would lose my job. Everyone got the jab, including my boss who tried as hard as he could to get me to take it so he wouldn’t lose me. He told me “Don’t die on this hill”. I hit back HARD with a constitutional lawyer and they folded like paper. I ended up being the only pure blood there until I quit a half year later for a better opportunity, I WILL NOT and NEVER WILL get this shit. Ever. Nobody will ever put it in me or my family. FULL STOP.

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Sam Elliot is a piece of shit shill for the left who dod anti-Trump ads for LC.

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Fuck Joe Biden, Fuck his entire piece of shit crime ridden family, fuck anyone and everyone who supports RIONOS, Democrats, the domestic terror groups alphabet mafia, Burn Loot Murder and anything else that is woke.

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Stop calling them an Admin. This Is a regime

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Why are we now posting a fake headline?

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I’m so out the loop here, what’s this all about?

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I am from the former People’s Republic of Bulgaria (now Bulgaria). I grew up during Socialism before my family and I escaped to the USA. In all my years I spent under Socialism have I not seen anything as insane as this. This is sociopathic levels of tyranny. The USA my family and I defected to is beginning to no longer exist. I’ve never seen such insanity as I have now.

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