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Sorry bro if you didn’t defect after Jan 20 and ur in the military I don’t really care.

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Just fucking stop being a cuck dude... trump is earning of criticism just as everyone else.

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Because the “conspiracy theories” have information to back them up while those who discredit them focus on making you feel bad for believing them and not providing facts to disprove you.

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Yeah gotta stop acting like they’re just stupid and can’t run it and change it to they know what they’re doing and it’s the plan.

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Nothing to talk shit about. It’s doing the same thing here

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Don’t care, cops are Democrat pigs

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Been going on for decades. A lot of people just woke up these last 5 years. Also you know how many innocent people had their lives ruined to reach quotas for police? Fuck em. How many people did chauvin terrorize for the two months before. Fuck him

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Yeah this post should say “Stand Down America”

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Well it’s either a vaccine that’s meant to kill those who take it or a protective agent for a disease that kills the unvaccinated. I’m willing to be on my own body though.

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Yeah these people gotta give up thinking anyone will represent the people. Holding out hope is just making this process go on longer

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