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Ah yes Mr. Racist "Build the Wall" Xenophobia himself is the one who gutted immigration.

The lies they spew are egregious. NPC programming must be REALLY strong when there are still drones supporting this corrupt regime.

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lmao LGBT Terrorists don't say shit to Muslims.

The homos think Islam is an ally, and the Muslims want to throw Sodomites off the roof (all are Democrats in USA).

Should've been a church, or a Trump rally...

... (or a Christian school, with the tranny holding a Keltec Sub 2000 amirite?).

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Eh it just looks like a big screen from up close. For the Strip in Vegas that's pretty much par for the course.

Plus there's always some dead pixels or glitches, which take away from the HD effect significantly.

I thought it was pretty cool when I first saw it, but also found it very underwhelming considering all the hype & ridiculous price tag.

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Your post or comment has been removed because it expresses a lack of caring about the pandemic and the harm caused by it.

That sub is a great example of why Reddit is so harmful.

Here's someone who was only able to stay in their delusional state because of that subreddit (and who has seen their marriage fall apart in the process):

No most people are just annoyed and done with it all. Until I found this sub I thought I was a crazy person because that’s what everyone else keeps telling me. “You’re crazy. Get over it.” I have been feeling incredibly alone and as if I’ve made everyone around me suffer because I’m so careful. I have two school aged kids. I homeschool my youngest. I did pre-covid. But my oldest is in highschool and my ex husband threatened to sue for custody if I kept him home. He loves being in school so I just have to allow that vector

At least some are self-aware:

No one is envious of folks who still take COVID precautions. This has the same vibe as a parent telling a kid "the other kids pick on you because they're jealous of how cool you are" when they're getting bullied at school

These people would be sad if they weren't such smug useful idiots.

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Ah I recognize this ban evading, anti-white, anti-Christian boomer-meme-posting handshake.

The most pathetic troll of all time! The world's biggest loser! Welcome back you huge faggot! Wonder how long this account will last before your 100th ban.

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If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

  • Leviticus 20:13

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

  • Deuteronomy 22:5
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The unions are globalists. Especially UAW.

This move is 100% calculated to ultimately force auto manufacturers into more offshore labor.

If you believe this is in the interest of the unionized auto worker, please take a look at UAW's demands here in light of the current economic environment (and then tell me you think the Union's play here is in any way designed to keep manufacturing in the States).

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If those two balding transvestites are not molesting these poor children... Just wait.

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How about the multiple simultaneous horizontal ejections shooting out from floors below where the planes struck?

Curious how you might explain that.

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3rd world immigrants flooding across the border

In Israel

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Ahhh it's The_Donald's #1 ban evading, vote manipulating, anti-White, anti-Christian, division sowing, leftist-minded, boomer meme posting faggot again?

What a sad & pathetic life this guy must lead. Hopefully all his booster shots kick in soon.

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These memes are 🔥🔥🔥 fren!

Did you just make them all, or are these from the archives?

I don't think I've seen them before (and I've seen a LOT of election fraud memes). Very based & redpilled, good sir.

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And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;.

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lol they might be able to move toward "de-dollarization" ... but this hodge podge of loosely affiliated disparate nations will not be "issuing" their own universal "currency" anytime soon.(

First they will have to create some type of central governing body (similar to the EU), and I don't see that anywhere close on the horizon... In fact quite the opposite: these BRICS+ countries can hardly agree on anything!

Their best bet would be (a) trading in each other's currencies, which is already happened (in comparatively small volumes, e.g. China & India buying Russian oil in Yuan & Rupees) and (b) using a currency backed by hard assets (highly unlikely, but a very interesting prospect).

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This guy is definitely one of the most deranged trolls ever on The_Donald, even going back to the Reddit days.

Huge virtue signaling self righteous anti-white anti-Christian faggot.

Assuming he is not just some malfunctioning AI, or a paid foreign asset...

... Can you imagine how much of a fucked up loser he is in real life??? Holy shit.

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Typical blasphemy from this ban evading hypocritical hippie reprobate.

Why don't you post some more of your half naked women to go with it?

Or start calling everyone racist Nazis like usual?

I'm glad you're so mentally deficient that spamming Patriots.win with boomer memes (and manipulating vote counts with your alts) is your number one hobby, because it gives me more insight into the mind of a reprobate.

I can exactly see what Romans 1 was talking about with you.

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Typical blasphemy from this ban evading hypocritical hippie reprobate.

Why don't you post some more of your half naked women to go with it?

Or start calling everyone racist Nazis like usual?

I'm glad you're so mentally deficient that spamming Patriots.win with boomer memes (and manipulating vote counts with your alts) is your number one hobby, because it gives me more insight into the mind of a reprobate.

I can exactly see what Romans 1 was talking about with you.

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Not only mandatory, but enforced by people who don't follow the principles themselves.

Socialism for thee, ownership of all assets for me!

I always say, if these WEF billionaires want to build their communist utopia, they can just use one of their private islands & start it out there with all their buddies.

According to them it'll be so great, we'll all want to move there, right?

The fact they never do this, but only use collectivist ideals to seize more power & control proves that communism's biggest advocates know the system is bullshit, and only promote it as a means of controlling the masses.

The "true believers" are always just a bunch of duped useful idiots... Never the financiers & PR machine behind the movement (who are the ones that hypocritically promote it purely for their own gain).

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That article is factually incorrect when you look at the actual data.

[The Actual Data]

I know that the OP here is a lying, manipulative reprobate, so he doesn't care... But I'm sharing for everyone else who, like me, found the numbers a little hard to believe.

Debunk #1: Majority of Trump's Voters Were Minorities [False]

Figure 6 combines them explicitly to show the racial (and educational) makeup of Biden and Trump’s coalitions. Despite modest drops in support levels among some voters of color, it is clear that Biden has a multiracial coalition, with 39% of his votes coming from Black, Latino, Asian, or Other races. Biden’s white voters were evenly distributed between those with or without a college degree, with nearly half of his white vote coming from each group.

Trump’s coalition, on the other hand, was predominantly white, with 85% of his votes coming from white voters. About two-thirds of those white voters are people without a college degree (58% of his total).

Ok, so while Trump gained proportional support among racial minority voters from 2016 to 2020...

... Still they represented only 15% of his base, compared to 39% of Biden's.

What about the women voters?

Debunk #2: A Majority of Trump's Voters Were Women

Women remain a core part of the Democratic coalition. We see this in two ways, in Figures 13 and 14. First, women are a larger share of the voting electorate than men, comprising 54% of the voting electorate in 2020. Their relative size advantage over men has stayed consistent, in the 53-55% range, over every election in our database (2008-2020).

While women vote more regularly than men overall, this is especially true for Black women (59% of Black voters overall) and Hispanic women (56% of Hispanic voters overall).

We also estimate a gender gap of about 10 points – 57% Biden support among women overall, 47% support among men. Part of this has to do with racial composition, as described above, but the gender gap also holds within each racial group – ranging from about 7 to 13 points depending on the group.

So essentially, Trump's base is, as you probably suspected:

• Mostly White (85% vs 61% for Biden)

• With a 10 Point difference between Women & Men (57% of women vote Dem, only 47% of men do)

While OP uses his network of alt accounts to promote his false message of MuH DiVeRsItY and finds cherry picked (statistically illiterate) articles to back his message...

... The facts do not agree with these delusions.

Sure, I welcome all races, colors, and creeds to the MAGA movement.

But let's not let our hopes get in the way of actually looking at the facts of reality!

I'm sure Trump's support among Blacks is on the rise, but do not underestimate the hold of the Democrat Plantation (not to mention their cheating & vote harvesting machines, which are over-represented in minority communities).

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Ah I see your previous identical post from 1 hour ago got deleted...

Was it not going how you hoped?

Sure, go ahead and repost it yet again!

As I said:

How huge of a hypocrite do you have to be to repost your own Facebook-tier boomer memes multiple times per day complaining about utilizing sock puppet accounts for vote manipulation...

... While you are literally:

• using alt accounts to evade bans on your previous accounts (we all know it's you baba_ganoush etc),

• upvoting your own reposts to artificially amplify your ideas,

• and even frequently getting caught replying from alts because you're too retarded to remember which sock puppet account you have logged in???

Then you act like you're the righteous good guy!

Your levels of hypocrisy are difficult to grasp.

It's so pathetic, I can barely imagine what type of loser you are in real life. Hopefully you're deeply mentally ill, and just lack the cognitive function to recognize your derangement.

I would pity you if not for your reprobate mindset... As it stands I just laugh & mock at your calamity, knowing where your eternal destiny lies.

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Fags are to child molesters...

... As puppies are to dogs.

If he ain't one yet, just wait.

Leviticus 20:13 was right! Even Jesus supported the death penalty (Luke 17:2).

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