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I agree. With government involved in education our tax money is going towards propaganda for the youth. Cut off federal money for education entirely. If people think an education is that important for their children then private schools will thrive.

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I saw a virtually identical picture from Rockefeller Center today. All the flags had been replaced with pride flags. It’s not just Britain unfortunately.

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Funny how they stopped that as soon as Biden took over.

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bUt mUh PaRtY sWiTcH!!!!!¡!!!

I remember when I learned about that in high school history class and just accepted it as fact, then years later discovered it was like one guy that switched parties and was like, how the fuck do they get away with such blatant lying?

It’d be like if Liz Cheney switched parties, and the left 100 years from now used that as evidence that Republicans were responsible for all the Democrats shitty COVID policy and economic collapse.

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At this point they’re just lying to the 25-30% of the population that will never stop supporting the left.

by Tevhbro
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New York Daily News writers punching air rn.

BOSS by _Err_
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If my tie was blowing everywhere in the wind like that I’d look like an idiot, but this guy pulls everything off.

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Has anyone ever seen Liz Cheney and Miss Piggy in the same room? 🐷

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