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Keep shilling for your oppressors in order to virtue signal that you're not racist.

Sorry for your feelings, but pattern recognition isn't racist. Read the Talmud and listen to the Jewish scholarly position on White people, then tell me it's racist to notice them.

Consider this an opportunity to expand your mind and understand that most of history since WWI has been fabricated nonsense propped by media outlets, governments and banking cartels... owned and operated nearly exclusively by the group you're protecting in order to "prove" you're not a racist.

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The "moneyed men" who opposed the Federal Reserve were all on the Titanic.

Coincidences, amirite?

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Heinlein is one of my favorites.

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Sorry for your feelings.

You'll figure it out eventually, but by that time it'll be too late.

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we are winning the culture war

Sure. If you want to continue deluding yourself, that's cool. You do you.

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Let's see, we now have dozens of MAGA state legislators where before there were zero.

And what happens when it counts?

We were voting for fucking Romney a decade ago and now we're actually pushing back on hot topics like abortion - something unthinkable a decade ago.

Yeah, now we're voting for Romneys disguised as ardent patriots. The people who rode Trump's coattails to get in position to win races, but when they were needed they did exactly what was expected of them: acquiesce to the power structure. How many of them can you count on, despite their buzzwords and supposed proclivities?

We're on the verge of controlling both the House and Senate. No bill gets passed that the MAGA base doesn't endorse.

Or it'll be like it has always been when we control both: nothing happens. You still operate from the assumption that their "bread and butter" is doing what's right for Americans, and haven't quite figured out their modus operandi: self-preservation, consolidation of power, illusion of choice. Legislation-for-hire is the only guarantee you'll get from Congress.

Yes, they are. If you're seriously being pissy because things aren't happening as fast as you want, then sorry snowflake, that's not how the world works.

Again, you're resorting to special pleading because you can't address my actual issue. You raise and attack a straw man because you can't contend with my actual argument. That's because you're intellectually dishonest and, deep down, you know I'm right. You're just not ready to admit it, because your pride and ego keep you from accepting the cold, hard facts. That's how the world works.

These things take time and your mental instability during the interim is not the rest of our issues.

That was your coup de grâce? Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

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They don't "throw" any bones. You get the outcomes you want based on who you elect. My local government votes much closer to what I want than my national one. Are they just throwing me more bones? Is it really that hard for you to conceptualize that who you elect matters?

You're still not able to reconcile the process of cause to effect. What exactly does your local government have to do with the nationwide (hell, worldwide) consolidation of power? Are you voting your way out of it, because your school district decided against CRT?

I'm plenty angry. But I don't solve my problems like a violent chimp. Focus on what's real and what's not.

The problem is that you ignore what's real and focus on what makes you feel good, because processing reality is difficult for you.

Compared to 6 years ago, yes, it is. I think you forgot what 2015 looked like. 8 Years of Obummer with zero end in sight. You seem to think that because things aren't perfect that it's hopeless. That's just sad.

If you think it's better now than it was then, you're deluding yourself. You've fallen for the bait, and that helps you to ignore the real and actual issues that aren't solved by voting harder.

The one thing you have going for you is that you can afford to be wrong while the rest of us get shit done and still reap the benefit of that with zero consequence.

Like I said, mark your calendars. It has been getting progressively worse, while hapless blowhards like you insist that it's getting better by the day. Every day, our government further entrenches itself and strengthens its grip on every aspect of our lives. They throw you a bone once in a while (and, conversely, the same applies to regressive neoliberals), but nothing changes on a fundamental level.

You're lucky the rest of the US isn't as pathetic.

Lucky for the Deep State, a lot of people are like you: complacent and willing to accept little morsels of "winning" as generic platitudes. You've been hoodwinked. You're not capable of honest introspection or admitting that you're easily programmed.

Meanwhile, our governments stack the deck against us, codifying what grants them the most power and doing their level best to filter out that which exposes them.

Good luck!

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You are just looking for an excuse to hate people based on ethnicity. Each individual can decide for oneself.

No, I am being honest. Perhaps you should try it.

Jews, followed by Georgians, Ukrainians, Germans, and other ethnic minorities.

The first one.

Most ethnic Russians supported the Whites over the Reds.

Correct, why do you think the Jewry-run Bolsheviks murdered them? Solzhenitsyn should be required reading, especially the Gulag Archipelago.

Many of the top ANTI-communist thinkers have also been Jews.

Now do the Talmud and the Jewish scholarly position.

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That's literally politics. You will never have a congress or governmental body that 100% agrees with your politics. It's not true anywhere in the world. If this is your gripe then I can see why you'd be constantly angry.

That's not my gripe. You're engaging in special pleading because you can't reconcile my actual point or argue against it. You're perfectly content with the theater because they throw you a bone once in a while... while fucking you in the ass and ensuring that you'll never break free from their stranglehold by codifying fraud and criminalizing dissent.

Further, if you're not angry then you're not paying attention.

And you have absolutely nothing to base that on.

You haven't been paying attention at all, have you?

In fact you have significant counter-evidence in the form of Trump and the MAGA movement, something a "realist" would take into account.

That's going swimmingly, isn't it?

Just admit it, you're just a pessimistic person who's too depressed to think clearly.

Just admit it, you'd rather delude yourself than face the cold hard reality that the song and dance you're so proud of means exactly shit.

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Right, because Trump was just same old, same old.

Tell me, what changed? What part of our government was fundamentally transformed for the better? It was great while he was here, but he didn't do enough or go hard enough, primarily due to his garbage appointments. He listened too intently to Uniparty hacks, and only began to see that the entire show is scripted when it was too late.

You're too blind to see what's happening around you

Except I'm willing to admit the uncomfortable truth that you refuse to acknowledge... primarily because it hurts your feelings.

but fortunately for you people who aren't blind are actually doing what's necessary to fix things.

Yeah, they're doing a great job... aren't they?

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Because they vote for the things I want. Which I can prove because it's all public record.

Hey, that's all well and good, but for every <thing you want> there are at least a dozen <things you don't>.

What are you trying to prove by being irrationally pessimistic?

I've made that abundantly clear, but I'll reiterate for the sake of continuity:

I'm not being pessimistic. I'm being pragmatic. I'm willing to admit that the entire system -- in its current state -- exists solely for self-preservation and further entrenchment. Nothing substantive will change without dramatic and radical revolution. Period.

It's not making you look smart if that's your goal.

Oh cool, ad hominem! When your argument can't hold up to any scrutiny, attack someone's character!

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here.

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I suspect you're probably very young and don't really get how all this works.

That's funny, I was thinking the same thing about you. I've watched the same thing unfold for decades, with exactly the same outcome. People come and go, the pendulum swings back and forth, certain political buzzwords become fashionable... but one thing remains the same:

The consolidation of power. Our government (and its masters) will do literally anything it can to keep and extend that power.

Change doesn't happen instantly.

Two more weeks! Keep voting and going through the motions, it's bound to change... amirite?!

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The ethnicities and religions involved don't matter.


There are only two races: the individuals we can coexist with peacefully under capitalism (Non-Aggression Principle) and the communist scum.

That's cute and all, but it has no bearing on reality. Since we're on the subject of Communism, though... which "ethnicity" made up the bulk of the Bolsheviks?

We need political migration and SECESSION to separate one from the other. And then let the communists starve.

No, we need to name the real and actual enemy. Communism is a tool wielded by a (very small) "ethnic group" in order to achieve their goals of a one-world totalitarian government.

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The problem is that you're taking little morsels doled out via theatrics as a "win". Now tell me, what has any of that done to reduce the stranglehold our government has on power and unchecked authority?

You're easily placated. The government knows that you (and many more like you) are less likely to revolt if they throw you a bone once in a while. Nothing substantive changes, and for each bill they pass, they do six more underhanded things behind closed doors.

As far as my expectations... I expect the theatrics to continue, unabated, until enough people snap the fuck out of it and do something about it.

But sure, vote harder!

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Hint: those aren't the people we're fighting. These lunatics are merely tools of the people we're fighting.

Name your real enemy.

Spez: sorry for your feelings, JIDF. What's the pay-per-downvote rate these days?

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Those same power structures didn't seem to get either bill through. I had confidence both would get quashed, based on evidence - I was right, and doomers were wrong. But the problem is precisely that doomers like you ignore these failed predictions.

You're still missing the point. It's not about one or two bills. It's about the fact that those bills are political theater, and the entire process exists to present the image of a "fair and impartial" system subject to scrutiny and checks and balances. For anyone paying even a modicum of attention, that's demonstrably false. Vote harder, I guess?

Let me guess, you think voting is pointless.

It appears that that's the case, doesn't it? What good is voting if they're going to do what they want anyway? What good is voting if they have backdoors in voting machines, RV bombs to dispose of evidence, drop boxes to facilitate illegal ballot harvesting... and all of them operate with impunity?

Despite every single competitive House election going to the Republicans in 2020, including highly MAGA candidates like Chip Roy. Did you know that off the top of your head? You didn't, did you?

You're still operating from the pretense that any of that matters. Every single time we've needed a so-called "MAGA candidate", they've faltered or become corrupted. Power further entrenches itself and codifies fraud, and makes any dissent a Federal crime.

I'm asking you to think inward how a supposed "realist" like you didn't know that.

Sweet, delicious irony.

There is some special irony in a statement like this.

Correct... it's just that the irony is lost on you.

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Except...it has. There are more politicians today that vote America First than there were 6 years ago. This is indisputable.

Except it has made no measurable difference whatsoever. They still stole the 2020 election and all the "America First" types just went along with it. The "Conservative" SCOTUS appointments refused to even entertain cases. The "MAGA" senators/statesmen quickly got in line with the power structure and did exactly what they were told to do. The Deep State has become more emboldened and entrenched. Any insistence otherwise is pure, unadulterated lunacy.

Hey, speaking of facts...

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And when you're wrong you'll come back with your tail between your legs saying something like "Well it sure seemed hopeless at the time!"

Sure. Mark your calendars.

It's a convenient mental position for you. You avoid getting your hopes up knowing you can't handle the mental stress.

No, I'm just a realist. I don't get my hopes up because I learn from history and am able to recognize patterns. Surely, this time will be different!

It's not realism, it's coming from a place of weakness.

Hey, whatever you have to tell yourself to rationalize doing the same thing over and over again, with net negative results.

Were the losers saying that the BBB passing being inevitable stating "objective truth"? Cause there were lots. Same with the vax mandates.

False equivalency. Tell me what any of that has to do with the permanent entrenchment of power structures that routinely demonstrate that their only interest is self-preservation.

Again, pessimists only focus on what they want to see.

Pragmatists*. Again, optimists believe what they want to believe, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Optimists believe the political glass is half full, while the people they trusted to be "MAGA" are poisoning the water.

No, that's governance in Africa looks like. The West invented judicial systems for a reason.

You haven't been paying attention at all, have you?

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None of that undermines that the way forward is to vote MAGA candidates.

Sure, it hasn't worked for three decades... but it will this time. I promise!

Something being hard to do isn't an argument not to do it.

What's hard about doing the exact same thing over and over again while expecting different results? That's not difficult... it's laziness.

Consider this - how many actual America First congressmen are there today vs 2016? A lot more. Even if there are still lots of RINO's.

You're operating from the (incorrect) assumption that politicians are being genuine about their leanings and proclivities.

What you call "optimism" is just realism. Pessimism comes from only focusing on the negative.

You've convinced yourself that doing the same thing over and over, with almost no results (excepting the further consolidation of power, that is) is "realism".

You've convinced yourself that making accurate assertions about the nature of absolute power is "pessimism".

As far as I can tell, hoping and changing for hope and change is optimism, while telling it like it is is pragmatism. But sure, vote harder next time!

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No, I'm a realist.

No, you're an optimist.

Pessimism isn't pragmatism - it's giving up in advance because you've lost hope.

I'm not a pessimist. I'm just willing to tell the truth, whether people want to hear it or not. I haven't given up hope... I've directed my ire where it belongs, and have acknowledged the fact that entrenched power doesn't give up power willingly. There's no voting your way out of it.

Pessimists have been wrong on countless issues (including several of the bills that were quashed these past few months)

Yet, here we are...

It's just weakness masquerading as rationality.

It's objective truth. Weakness is refusing to name your enemy. Weakness is insisting that you can vote your way out of a power structure that makes it impossible to vote your way out of. Weakness is the refusal to acknowledge the reality that corruption is so deeply ingrained that there's only one way out of it. Weakness is resting on your laurels waiting for talk show pundits to relinquish power, because they convinced you that that's their plan. Weakness is trusting the "upper echelons" to do the right thing.

The founding fathers didn't intend for violence to be used as the cure for societies ills, or else that would have been in the Constitution.

If that were the case they'd have kept trying to plead with King George and let the redcoats do whatever they want. "Just vote harder, sooner or later they'll listen to reason!"

A lawless, violent society is not a society.

You're conflating two unrelated things. Violence in pursuit of a free and just society != lawlessness. It's literally the exact opposite of that.

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