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He calls those two guys Rinos and supports medical freedom.

You’re a retard

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Then the top commenter posted a bunch of quotes proposing the elimination of standing armies. Are you mentally retarded?

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Yeah that’s not what this post is proposing.

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Do you think Trump would support abolition of the military?

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Only a fool would support the destruction of our military.

This board has absolutely been perverted.

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According to 2000 Mules voting does work, about 40 or 50 times if you use mail in drop boxes.

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I’m telling you there are some Chinese involved here lol. These grammatical errors have Ching Chong commie written all over them

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I’ve seen someone else say this about Lindell. Seems like people are trying to pair Q and Lindell together.

Very odd. What exactly makes you think Lindell is crazy?

He’s done more to actually show election fraud to the masses than most anyone else.

by Gumnut
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What does that have to do with Mike Lindell, he thinks Qanon is gay as shit too.

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You should see how the Amish treat dogs. I believe man has every right to utilize animals in their respective benefits to their fullest potential.

I think with the abundance of superior animals for food, dogs have found their natural place working certain jobs but primarily as companions.

That being said should it become necessary to breed and subjugate dogs for other purposes; I wouldn’t hesitate.

While they’re cute and fun I’d easily jam them into small crates, feeding them fattening foods and slaughtering them in order to feed myself and my family.

Thankfully I don’t have to eat shitty dog meat because America is the fucking greatest country to ever do the shit. And we got lots of big beefy cows. Which I prefer.

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My chickens are not allowed to invest in other coops. They are paid in food and board only. I also have banned any form of education in order to prevent them from learning what they could do with their excess eggs.

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I think now I’m going to refer to them as my slaves. My little egg slaves. Never to know freedom only production. Killing them off as their usefulness weans.

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I own the chickens I raise. I suppose a weird way to say that would be I have enslaved them.

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They’re chickens, I raise chickens. They can be enslaved. They’re chickens.

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Qanon is a FAGGOT.

Little unassuming posts like this to try to rebuild trust then pump tons of lies after rapport is built.


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Shouldn’t we support Truth over Twitter?

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