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The answer to your question is the same reason why you don't talk to police officers. They aren't looking for anything that exonerates you. They are looking for anything they can use to incriminate you.

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Title says ATF shows up and gets the cops called on them with hilarity. Video shows police officers show up in response to an ATF agent getting the police called on them and ATF agent gets turned into a little bitch crying.

Could you explain what you aren't seeing from the title or are you secretly the little bitch ATF agent crying about not wanting to get tazed?

I'm hoping you are the little bitch ATF agent because that would make this video even more hilarious!

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If their degrees were worth a shit and they weren't lazy, they'd have jobs and careers that would reasonably be able to pay off loans.

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Car companies have spent huge amounts of time and effort on designing their products with planned obsolescence in mind. There's a reason why you see cars on the road that were made 20 years ago but you don't see as many cars on the road that were made 10 years ago. The cars just aren't built the same.

Additionally, they've really hit a road block in terms of being able to add new things to cars that people actually want. Without adding new things to cars, it's harder to sell them the latest and greatest.

This is where EV's come into play. They have built in planned obsolescence across the board. For starter's, it's brand new technology so there's always going to be advancements happening to make the new stuff better.

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"But but but... just because they don't do it doesn't mean that we can't!!!" - pink haired angry chick

It's correct that we can still take actions even if China tells everyone to fuck off, but when the changes we're making DIRECTLY BENEFIT China, it really come across as stupid from our side.

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we stopped using the chemicals that were damaging the ozone layer

We did. China didn't.

What's interesting though is that we never saw any "results" until 2016 which made it even more confusing why no one really talked about it after about 2000.

Also, the ozone is not a consistent size which makes it very easy to "scare" people with.

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They did happen but because they weren't as politically useful, they didn't get the attention that they are right now.

Think about recent shootings and what happens as soon as the narrative falls apart (illegal alien, illegal gun, minority shooter, etc.). They drop it as fast as a hooker when they can't use it to push legislation.

During Trump's tenure, they knew they couldn't get any meaningful gun legislation through so they didn't even really try.

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Shut the fuck up. No, really, take your stupid, uneducated bullshit and just shut your fucking mouth.

Delta came from a LOW VACCINATION RATE country. Omicron came from the LOWEST vaccination rate country in the world. All of these things happened because that's what happens with viruses. They mutate.

But you don't know that. You don't know ANYTHING.

If the dominant strain of COVID came out of countries with high vaccination rates, then you'd have a point, but the actual data is the exact OPPOSITE of that.

Seriously, sick and fucking tired of people who are duped into narrative just like the ignorant leftists that we make fun of here.

Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up about things you clearly don't have any clue about.

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I work in a nursing home and saw 27 people die suddenly in less than a week after they were jabbed.

Who do you think is actually going to believe you when you say stuff like this? Do you honestly think that ANYONE with a brain is going to read what you said and magically change their mind? No, they are going to call you exactly what you are, a fucking pathetic liar desperate to push your made up narrative.

You are doing exactly what pathetic, ignorant and cult-like leftists do. You make up stories. You tell lies that for some reason you believe.

I've done more research than you. I've educated myself more than you have. I've actively been involved in this topic from an educated point from the start. I don't need to rely on "a friend of a friends family member died".

Do better.

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Oh, I'm sorry, did I upset your narrative? What's the problem, can't handle it? Not smart enough to realize that you're just as duped as the left wing nutjobs?

You have nothing kid. You have narrative and narrative, just like for leftists, is fucking worthless.

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But he wasn't wrong on the vaccine. Literally the entirety of the data shows that the vaccine was effective for the most vulnerable populations and the reduction in cases/deaths correlates directly with the initial vaccine roll outs. Literally, the vaccine DID IT'S JOB.

What the stupid fucking morons around here are screaming about is what happened AFTER THAT. What happened AFTER the original strain was gone. What happened AFTER Biden took office. When DELTA became the dominant strain and Biden was still pushing the same vaccine that DIDN'T WORK for it, that's when the stupidity around the vaccine started. Then it got worse when more and more data showed that it wasn't effective against delta. Then omicron became the dominant strain and the vaccine was even LESS effective but that wasn't stopping the stupid people from continuing to push more and more boosters.

At this point, I see anyone who vomits out actual anti-vax bullshit as just as bad as the liberals wanting mandates. It's not about facts, it's about narrative and that narrative is born out of actual stupidity.

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You got jabbed

So did hundreds of millions of people who also didn't have adverse reactions.

Don't try to lie and pretend this is normal for people in their teens and twenties to drop dead out of nowhere after taking it.

Don't try to lie and pretend that every death in that age range is because of the vaccine.

Seriously, the amount of people who have gone over the edge stupid blaming the vaccine for everything here is fucking bonkers. It's a constant reminder that stupid people are still stupid.

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The US has these at schools. They have been there far before COVID.

The basis of much of these being installed in the US as schools wasn't for the kids. It was typically around sports complexes. The target being people attending sporting events or other performances who weren't exactly young or students.

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Employment participation rates at age 16-19 has dropped by 50% in the last 20 years. If you are wondering why people are demanding $15 an hour for McDonald's, it's because the people who used to be working these jobs were 16-19 years old and now they are 21-25.

Working a consistent job, even part time, is just as important as schooling and these people don't have a clue how to actually work coming out of college.

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I got banned by a mod throwing a tantrum a few months back for saying calling something grooming. They claimed the grooming was specifically raping children. After a couple of messages going back and forth pointing out the definitions and whatnot, I gave them this example...

"A father is grooming his son to take over the family business."

After he realized just how fucking stupid his "grooming means rape" bullshit, he muted me.

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This is what I don't understand. Gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness. Why is it people are determining that they are trans or gender fluid or whatever and never talking to a single doctor or psychologist about it?

I had a cousin in her 30's "come out" saying she was trans and we should start calling her by a new name and refer to her as a man. I asked her what her psychologist said about this and her response "Why would I need to see a psychologist?"

Yes, people are that fucking dumb.

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You are grossly misunderstanding the supreme court ruling.

The situation ruled on by the supreme court was based on people demanding the police act as personal security for an individual because of a known threat against them. Police are not personal security and have no obligation to be personal security for you. That's what the supreme court ruling basically came down to which is why the "serve and protect" mantra was shown to be false at the INDIVIDUAL level. To serve and protect in terms of police is a broad definition such as towards the community, towards the city, towards the town, etc.

The Uvalde situation is no where even near to the supreme court case. The police officers had a duty to control and resolve an active situation. They failed in more ways than one to do their duty.

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My company is starting a diversity group. I am trying to get on the group so that I can highlight how we disproportionately hire women and minorities and instead need to hire more white males so that I can feel represented at work. We have 3 white males on our staff of over 100. 80% of the staff are female.

What's hilarious about this is that all of this hiring was done without any shred of focus on diversity. The roles themselves gravitate more towards roles that women are more likely to take.

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There's a lot of stupidity in his comment aside from it being Bill Mitchell stupid.

Countries with low vaccination rates had fewer covid deaths because the average life expectancy in these countries is below the average age of death from COVID. Covid kills old people. When you don't make it past 65 years old on average in your country, COVID is the least of your worries.

Secondly, like the flu shot, the vaccine was designed for a specific strain, the original Wuhan strain in this case. That strain was effectively WIPED OUT COMPLETELY. You can actually see the decline in cases and deaths starting from December 2020 when the vaccine was first rolled out. What was fucking dumb though was when they KEPT PUSHING the same vaccine against new strains of the virus. There's a reason why the flu vaccine isn't the same every year and it's because it's catered to the strains of the flu that are going to be most prevalent. In other words, pushing a vaccine for the Wuhan strain when the current strain is Delta is going to have very little effect (if any at all). Then you get 15 major strains further down the road with Omicron and that original vaccine that was being pushed can't do shit even in a perfect scenario.

Each new strain came with it a reduced chance of adverse effects and continued to make the potential side effects of the vaccine become more of a prominent problem.

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Yes, it does matter and it's really disgusting that people like you pretend that trading a life for a life is a good exchange. How morally bankrupt do you have to be to not understand what's happening here?

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If you want to disarm anyone who pushes a climate change agenda, it's extremely easy. If climate change is happening and it's such a big deal as they are saying, then why haven't we been building nuclear power plants for the last 30 years to combat it? Nuclear is the safest and cleanest power source available and more importantly, it's a proven technology that covers ALL of our power generation needs.

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The reported cases aren't even legitimate.

Since when did we start arguing like liberals? No seriously, reported cases aren't legitimate? Why? Because you don't want them to be?

Fuck off with that shit.

There's over 100,000 cases of ectopic pregnancies every. Every single one of these cases has a high chance of death if the pregnancy is allowed to continue. As of right now, there's less than 10 cases where these types of pregnancies succeed.

The fetus should be treated as a human being that's just being humane. It would be like killing one conjoined twin to save the other, something that is never done in medicine.

Conjoined twins can both live while being conjoined.

For risks to the mother, it's a choice between who lives. A life for a life is not a good trade.

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It's not an abortion but the value of this distinction is that it doesn't need to be proven as unviable in order to proceed with the miscarriage in the case of ectopic pregnancies.

This was an issue that came up with the discussions about banning abortions. It's about problems related to unviable pregnancies and when they can be miscarried. Abortion bans CAN prolong the ability to D&C an unviable fetus risking sepsis and other infections.

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A coalition of environmental groups, including the Sierra Club...

The Sierra Club has caused more damage to the environment than any other single club in the US. They were directly responsible for ending the investments into nuclear power back in the 80's and the reason why the US isn't 90%+ nuclear power.

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There is no such thing as the "Don't Say Gay" bill. That was a completely made up name in an effort to create divisive responses to a bill that is otherwise completely rational.

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