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The Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine is authorized for use through a EUA.

Comirnaty is the Pfizer vaccine that was approved by the FDA.

They are the same exact vaccine in practice but the liability between the two is completely different. It still matters which one you get.

The CDC extended the EUA on the Pfizer COVID 19 vaccine because there's zero availability of the Comrnaty vaccine in the US. So, if you go to get vaccinated right now thinking you are getting the FDA approved vaccine, you aren't. You are getting the EUA vaccine.

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64.42% complied with the request for vaccination status. The 1/3rd number in the headline is just talking about the people who didn't comply with responding about their vaccination status.

Of the people who responded, 16% reported that they were not vaccinated.

This puts the total percent that the city would have to take action on in the police department to 44.42% That's nearly half of the police force.

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Over and over we are told that we can't do this for the people whose pensions are crippling our states funding and leading to increases in taxes. If they are now somehow able to cancel these things, then all of that was horseshit and we've been getting fucked over for years.

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The number of cases per 100k in the UK are TWICE as high among vaccinated people in the 40-49 bracket. At the 30-39 bracket, it transitions to vaccinated people being on par with unvaccinated and then it stays with vaccinated people for every demographic after that.

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There was an attempted robbery in Wicker Park which is filled with trendy hipsters, "artists" and not a single person who could tell you what AR stands for. This ended up with one of them getting shot twice and they are now in the hospital.

Robber/shooter is long gone. Even if he was caught, Kim Foxx wouldn't prosecute.

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They have a huge police force who keep arresting the same people over and over because the piece of shit AG keeps letting them off.

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It is a real disease, it's just completely misrepresented in it's threat to a vast majority of the population.

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Love it. I picked this to trigger the liberals because I knew they would get offended by it. I see that it's working well.

Here's some reading for you from the kids section on States Rights. If the 6-8th grade version of it is too difficult for you to understand, you can click the Kids version which is for up to 5th graders. Hopefully that's dumbed down enough for your level of education.

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Oh, so what you are saying is that the federal government was taking authority over rights that were held by the state? Gee, I wonder what that's called.

Open a fucking history book kid because you are fucking ignorant.

Delete your account, you don't belong here.

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My electric bill went up 30% in the past two months. I was trying to figure out why it was happening. I thought maybe my A/C was running too much or something but it wasn't an overly hot month and we weren't even home for a bunch of it. I asked a few neighbors and friends and they all said the same thing, their energy bill went up substantially.

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Because Bill Mitchell believes that he's part of the majority based on his completely skewed and ridiculous perception. Anytime someone upsets his belief that he's part of the majority, he can't comprehend it.

It should have been a sign when he posted here and then got kicked in the teeth but despite that, still didn't learn anything.

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So... hol'up a second... There's fuckery at foot here....

This wasn't a "spanish" song. This was an AMERICAN song being sung in spanish. How da fuck is that representing spanish or hispanic culture?

That's like taking a bad pan flute to a song and then throwing a tantrum because people don't like it.

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So, just to be clear, you don't have any clue how our government works or anything about the separation of power between the state and federal government?

I mean, for fuck's sake dude, we fought a fucking CIVIL WAR over this separation of power. You'd think your bitch ass would actually know that. Time to eat shit kid.

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Trump didn't "let" the state governors decide. The state governors were the only ones who could decide. The federal government has very little power at the state level. It's why Trump could restrict international travel but couldn't do anything within any states. Even when he tried to restrict interstate travel, it got met with lawsuits because to enforce it would mean imposing federal controls within a state.

From the start, I have been reminding all the fucking moron liberals screaming that Trump wasn't doing anything and I would take a hammer to their heads saying "You dumb mother fucker, learn how our government works. If you are complaining about anything being done or not done, then that's on YOUR GOVERNOR."

Currently, Biden is pulling a really fucking shitty card from the federal playbook with the vaccine mandates. It's forcing companies to have the vaccine mandate if they want federal contracts. This is legal and doesn't impose on states rights. It's like a kid on the playground saying "I'm taking my ball and I'm going home".

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They'll leave their trucks running and use that to charge the batteries for their equipment.

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It's not just small online communities. It's online bullying that is translating into real world bullying. Bullies are being trained online in the same exact manner as cults are trained. It's people entering echo chambers and then being gaslit until they are part of that echo chamber. They then can't fathom any other understanding outside of their beliefs which they take with them into the "real" world.

Do you think the people bullying others into getting vaccinated happened by chance or was it crafted and created through manipulation of echo chambers. It's why we aren't fighting COVID right now but are instead fighting people over vaccination. People have completely forgot about COVID.

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As for the vaxx part the only explanation that absolves Trump of complicity is that his ego wont let him admit that the vaxxes are a failure because they started under him.

The problem is that the vaccine didn't fail. It worked. It did exactly what it was supposed to do which is why deaths dropped sharply in the US when the high risk populations got vaccinated. High risk demographics were 80%+ vaccinated and the reduction in deaths showed that.

That's what Trump accomplished.

Then Biden stepped in and that's where it all went downhill. It went from high risk people getting vaccinated to "Get vaxxed or you're scum" and forcing people in low risk populations to get vaccinated. This is where the side effects started getting highlighted and the problems around risk factors got shown.

Then it got worse when the vaccine itself didn't have the level of protection against the variants and instead of recognizing this and adapting the approach, Fucking Joe Biden said the answer to the vaccine not being effective was MORE vaccines. That's where we're at now where we're seeing the vaccine not be effective and COVID being politicized even more.

It's looking more and more likely that the vaccine is leaky and while it's meaningful in high risk populations, it's making it worse for low risk people.

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No, kids like him don't even go to school in the first place in Chicago. They just steal cars.

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Assange hasn't been convicted of anything. That's part of the problem with pardoning someone that they aren't convicted.

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Let's just put this in perspective, one of the governors that went to prison was convicted because of phone calls trying to sell Obama's seat. One of the people on the other end of the phone calls that was interested is our current Governor.

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Do you know what the best part of the India reality is... the kits they sent out cost about $2 for a months worth of treatment.

Given what we've paid for the vaccine, we could have given out a these treatments for the next 10 years every month and still had money left over.

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It's around 60% effectiveness at preventing death if you get COVID and reducing symptoms in the BEST CASE SCENARIO.

Now, here's where some pretty important and simple math comes into play. If you have a 0.003% chance of dying from COVID because you are in a low risk demographic, what happens when you reduce that by 60%? Since you are already at such a low risk, the 60% reduction doesn't even show up in any studies because it's within the margin of error.

If you are in a high risk category, a 60% reduction is actually going to be meaningful and statistically relevant.

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The hospital then claims $3,050 in damages for lost revenue. They use this to avoid paying taxes and other costs.

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