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Yeah it was one of very very many. Now this fucking clown pushing it is running the national security council.

He’s already on the hot seat because of Afghanistan let’s get some fucking heads fired.

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That inner city gang bangers would readily get super violent is about the most predicable thing ever.

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~530 of them.

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Unless you are a pleb scientist (10 years of university and doing the above) you have a salary. And then you have to get grants.

Only the low class of scientists don't have salaries. They still need to bring in the money though to make things happen on the research side.

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Cerno did call a lot of this unfortunately. No one held accountable, pence was RINO scum etc.

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Yeah idk the details but I don't remember much about counties' powers in the constitution relative to the states.

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Right, why would they shit their pants? Time limits are going by every day on their criminal behavior.

WTF five years to get to this point?

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All these people had to be blessed by the senate SSCI including guys like Cotton and Rubio. He didn't get to pick anyone.

When are people going to get that.

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