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They are constantly trying to out-faggot each other to score a night with Big Mike.

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"Hello fellow caterpillars. Want to share some kek whew with us and then storm the capitol?"

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Go for the throat next time. The brotherfucker likely got her clit removed by the Religion of Peace that is so nice to women. Thus Ilhan is a nasty bitter cunt all the time because she cannot experience sexual pleasure.

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How dare you insult Michael Phelps like this

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They are going to call us racist anyway, stop caring what they think.

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According to Wendy Rogers, the hearing next week is still happening. https://gab.com/wendyrogersaz/posts/106950565931329183

They release the audit results as-is and tack on the router/splunk analysis later.

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They legitimately have no clue how massive the can of whoop-ass is that they just opened on themselves.

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the Tainted

I call them Mudbloods.

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What I do is take the enclosed return envelope and stick the Trump middle finger meme in it. Make them pay to get flipped off.

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Fidel's faggot son Twinklesocks has counted the votes and determined that Fidel's faggot son is the winner.

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That would be a surefire way to get the fiery but mostly peaceful protesters to turn on them.

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