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Bottom surgery is more important, bigot.

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The VA is exactly what universal healthcare would look like in practice. Wait in line for months to be treated, and if you are lucky enough that the wait didn't kill you, the sub-par medical care will.

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How many of those 100,000 "obsolete and outdated" names voted in November?

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For me it's not so much the consumption that's disgusting, as it is that they torture the poor things to death.

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Hello fellow caterpillars, got any of that kek whew and white supremacy?

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Cuck Schumer wouldn't be calling it unless he thought it was going to pass. So very likely. Nevertheless, ring light their phones up.

Joe Manchin DC Phone Number: 202-224-3954

Kyrsten Sinema DC Phone Number: 202-224-4521

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GEOTUS didn't hire him, fool. Fauci has been head of NIAID since the 1980's. He got to that position during the HIV/AIDS crisis (which he probably also created thanks to GOF research).

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Well clearly all those Chicago blacks were killed because of multiracial white supremacists. Checkmate, bigots!

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How dare you insult vending machines like this.

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The entire nation would be locked down if not for Ron DeSantis.

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You could also contact Stephen Miller's legal group. They may not take your case but would probably be able to help get you in touch with a lawyer too. https://www.aflegal.org/

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Remember when the media tried to make a scandal out of her saying she wanted to help the children and didn't care about the "fucking Christmas decorations"?

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