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He called us terrorists, but supports and defends literal NAZIs. How many more final nails need to be hammered into this coffin for people to figure out he's a RINO slimebag?

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One of the biggest faggots to ever walk this earth. We broke his brain last year.

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You can only view TS posts if you're logged in.

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I see.... Or rather no one does. Wow.

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Is there something in your account settings that you need to adjust? Like "display sensitive content" or something? (Not that this is even remotely close to being sensitive content in the first place, just trying to troubleshoot)

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Nothing's wrong with it. Truth Social hired a bunch of Bill Mitchells as the moderation team, is the problem. Our mods are far better, and they work for free, God bless 'em.

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I'll inject anyone that tries with JHP.

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It already IS written so that a 5-year-old can understand it. The problem is that 5-year-olds are smarter than leftists.

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With respect, sensible atheists are former atheists.

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Who better to spy on American citizens and send the government after them for unapproved words than the author of the patriot act? The irony in this case is almost poetic.

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Butt-munching CIA faggot

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Just wait until he finds out we think this about most of the top Republicans too.

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She "auditioned" for him to get that Congressional seat. I'm not exaggerating. Chunk Yogurt's group Justice Democrats owns every member of "The Squad."

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So.... The spike creates clots in your capillaries.... And the totally safe and effective mRNA injections force your body to produce the spike which creates clots in your capillaries.... What could possibly go wrong?!

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Speak the truth though the world is against you.

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I've made this point several times over the years. Donald Trump created his NYC real estate empire in the midst of the Mafia era, and the millions that the Weissmann/Mueller witch hunt spent to take him down didn't even turn up an unpaid parking ticket. That's how clean this man is.

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The one silver lining, if you can call it that, within all of the COVID lockdown bullshit, is that parents were forced to finally start paying attention to what their children are really being taught in the classroom.

Yes, the parents are to blame for this mess, because they enabled it all.

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