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Wray doesn't just have Enron links, he was the head of the DOJ Enron Task Force. He ran that entire operation.

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Cartwright took in three donations totaling $1,500 from Thomas Spulak, who works at King & Spalding and is personally registered to lobby for Saudi Arabia.

King & Spalding employed Christopher Wray for over a decade (in between his leaving the DOJ in the wake of the Enron shitshow and his appointment as FBI Director). King & Spalding currently employs some familiar Spygate names: Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates, and Gina Haspel.

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Very thankful to be vaccinated and boosted

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Been a minute since I saw a good Skyrim meme.

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Cato Institute is owned by Google, and Posen is a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the WEF.

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Enough. Put him in front of a firing squad where each squad member is a male relative of one of the victims, and be done with that vermin.

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Why are you using homophobic slurs? Gay people who see your comment will decide to vote against Trump because of your disgusting homophobia. #ThereIsNoHateInMAGA u/MysticalAnnoyance

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"I'm a big fan of Ukraine but not WW3"

Ironic coming from the guy who is using Starlink to ENABLE WW3.

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Governor Hamster anyone?

You have my bow.

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Ricketts' daddy founded TD Ameritrade. He co-chairs the Republican Governors Association with Douchey. Is he barred from appointing himself as the replacement?

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He is probably using that as leverage to get some say in who replaces him.

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Government is a nicer word for a gang of thieves, dirty thieves, and robber barons.

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Nebraska has major RINO problems. His replacement probably won't be any better.

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