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Seriously, why tf are we friends with them again?

Because a bunch of white-when-convenient people with funny-shaped noses will call you gasp a HOLOCAUST DENIER and a WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI if you don't want to be friends with them.

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I honestly don't think he is stupid enough to do that, but if he does try to come back here, it will not end well for him.

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The moment his Twatter account got reinstated, that faggot was preparing to go full DeSimp. When Desanctimonious gets destroyed in the primaries, Bitchell will act like he never ditched Trump.

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Good on the rest of the jury for telling that faggot statist to fuck off.

This cannot be emphasized enough. Tell the commie faggots to fuck off, and if they don't listen, force them to do so.

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We're gonna stop this truck and bear witness

a few seconds later

Welp, I almost got run over.

Instead of learning how to meme, the left became the meme.

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Terrible news. Israel needs diversity. Diversity is our strength, and it would be Israel's strength if Israel had diversity. If you don't agree, you are rayciss and anti-semitic.

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Kek. I was expecting the punch-line to be along the lines of "grass-fed beef," but this is pretty darn good too.

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Total scumbag move, nah more like total retard move. But that's par for the course with demon-possessed retards. Jesus objectively isn't trans, and no real Christian believes He is.

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We are, because we're Purebloods.

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Too bad Vlad didn't follow through. Nothing of value would have been lost.

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$200 million from Wall Street/US Chamber of Commerce/GOP establishment, voting for TPP, and a Soros-affiliated registered foreign agent running his media apparatus, say you are correct.

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They wanted community policing. They got community policing.

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If he puts himself against Trump, we’re going to lose both of them.

Nope. GEOTUS will win. Ronald's political career will be over.

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Running against Trump after Trump created him, would be a massive betrayal of the base - not to mention the Floridians who want him for another four years - and an extreme act of disloyalty towards GEOTUS. Not only will the base reject him in 2024, his political career will be finished after his governor's term is up in 2026.

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I went off about Ruby Ridge and other things re: Barr during his confirmation hearings, and earned a temp ban from this place for it. Then the Qtards spent the subsequent years screeching at anyone who dared criticize the fat fuck.

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He wanted to destroy the economy and make everyone lose their jobs in order to stop Drumpf. He can fuck off all the way to hell.

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