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No, I was watching a livestream of a council meeting in St. Louis last night. People were fighting back against a new mask mandate there. A couple folks said they got the shot so things could go back to normal and that they didn't trust the government anymore because they were being told to wear the mask regardless. Mind you, St. Louis is a DEEP blue shithole.

The sheep are waking up the hard way, but they are waking up.

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False. We have always been allies with Eastasia. This topic is new, it can sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources.

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The "delta variant" used to be called the "India variant." They changed their name for it from India to delta after India cured it by dosing everybody in the nation up with Ivermectin and vitamin D.

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Mark Zaid also tweeted about successfully getting security clearances for people who were clearly and blatantly compromised.

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If you believe that going outside and getting fresh air and sunshine is deadly, you are a mentally ill retard and need to get help.

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I'm worried about my children's lives. If you're anti-mask, you're anti-science!

The CDC's own numbers that children almost never get seriously ill, much less die from this thing. Masks don't belong on them.


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It's funny because the Xiden Regime did or is pushing for all of these things.

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The sex act is obvious and the guy getting pegged is clearly naked.

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And the Regime is expected to announce mandatory fagcines for all federal workers on Thursday. Combine this with the DOJ claiming today that vaccine mandates are legal, it is going to be upped to a nationwide public mandate very soon. Prepare, folks.

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And the 1971 bombing of the Capitol building that was orchestrated by Obama's mentor Bill Ayers.

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The supremely based all-around MAGA Senator Rand Paul said that the people at the Capitol were a violent un-American mob, so you are clearly a racist evil Nazi terrorist bigot for thinking otherwise.

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On January 6, he called the Capitol protest a violent riot and mob rule. He said it was wrong and un-American. Now he is claiming that the members of the un-American violent mob were just non-violent trespassers.

Rand Paul is a fraud and a massive grifting faggot.

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