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Do people worship mortal man

And his arbitrary terms?

God created the whole earth

He doesn't want anybody to die but that all should repent

Who tf cares about man he can't save you

Ffs people

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Judaism doesn't exist

Moses was a Levite

Leviticus not JudaiCA dumb fuck

Read the bible

Acts 11 INVENTS the term Christian JESUS NEVER USED IT.

It doesn't mean anything. It is just a word and God wants mercy not sacrifice.

So frustrating to watch people refuse to study

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Jesus was a jew

Who said salvation come from jews

Wtf is with people?

Do they think Jesus spoke only things they imagine?

Anybody read the effing bible anymore?

If you reject the Bible how do you know Jesus even exists?

John the Revelator and Melchizedek teach you?

People are naked not spending time in the bible

And run their mouths knowing no one else reads it either

While pretending to follow Jesus who constantly quoted the bible

Whited sepulchers

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He's dead wrong on his terminology battle

Looks like a self contradictory dumb fuck

Define your terms Torba

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You can either pay the farmer or pay the doctor.

I pay the farmer for fresh, nutrient-dense foods grown without things known to cause harm to humans and animals.

I've always found it worth it.

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(given this constant spraying operation the very IDEA of an "airborne" virus or a "wuhan lab leak" is LAUGHABLE. your breathing has been under attack for DECADES via operations like this that operate hidden in plain sight. Masks and clotshots need to end LAST YEAR.)

So I propose STATE TAXES AND FINES on ALL PLANES who leave a contrail that visibly lasts longer than 45 seconds. $45,000 fine, or planes shot down.

Defend airspace from geo-engineering experimentation, Governor DeSantis! Tax/fine the glowie faggots into oblivion.

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I call bulls hit

I have been trying to catch the magic cold and DIE

can't do either

2 years now?

This article is a lie

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99.99 survivable

Banned cures

Stop worshipping idols

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Genetics professors told us over and over in class

Evidence suggests all viruses are man made.

College me had no idea how bad things were and wasn't ready to open his eyes.

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Two child abusing pedophiles

Selected by a fake "President" who also abuses boys and girls.

I finally see Norm MacDonald and his Michael Jackson bit were a joke on the stupidity of his audience.


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Did they investigate the swat team guy who pressed something to her hand then covered her face from the cameras before she smeared "blood" on her face with her fingers right after?

Or how about the backpack that broke her fall so she didn't suffer any fall damage?

Or Thomas Baranyi, eyewitness, who lied and contradicted himself on camera at least twice about glowie Babbitt falling in to him (she never came close)

Then paraded around with her "blood" on his hands attempting to incite violence and agitprop?

Or what about the "medics" who carried her like a bag of potatoes down the stairs in their bare arms

Or the video on the stretcher of her topless and clearly still alive after declared dead?

Nothing AT ALL adds up.

Did none of you investigate yourselves?

How did Jayden X, CIA asset just happen to capture her in the center of her camera THE ENTIRE TIME?

I've seen people on the freeway respond to an injured person and sprinted to help with them.

None of the actors in the Ashli vid act like normal real people in response to actual blood and injury.

You can only believe this narrative by doing zero critical thought and closing your eyes to all actual evidence.

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If a glowie carries out an operation against another glowie

Real or staged

Do the complaints of a million Americans that day against illegal law changes, tyranny, shutdown, masking, rigged elections, etc


Or will this glowie narrative stick around forever like Sandy Hook?

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Tyrone Woods says Obama Hillary Biden should all be arrested and the CIA prosecuted and abolished.

How many SEALS has team Obongo/Biden/HRC murdered for psyop over the staged bin Laden event? Or other illegal arms and drug trades?

Freedom to conquer or die is what God gave me. I'll take my chances with God and liberty.

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You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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The new commie regime

Is setting up bounties.

Rewards for evil and lying.

Punishments for virtue and honesty.

This is how government is shoe horned as a parent figure into kids lives and our lives. This is communism. This was an insurrection of comimes removing Trump and blocking Ron Paul.

Civil disobedience is your civil right.

Exercise them or we become Russia plunged into bolshevism

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2 child molesters who belong in prison legally abuse and bugger child slaves.

All condoned by the state.

We are in an evil empire. I want out. Now.

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He's a dead man standing without Jesus and serious intervention

Do not take medicine from people who believe in overpopulation and social Darwin ism

Hard lesson. People are dying for it already.

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Search the internet

Takes a few seconds if you have that kind of time

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So was gulf of Tonkin nothing burger

Yet Vietnam killed our best boys and now society is a mess

No it isn't "obvious "

It's mk ultra and advertising tricks are the Devils business

Know it all faggot aren't good leaders in time of crisis

The world is ducking stupid and wearing face gags. We have a problem

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