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I went to one of the events in DC back then to take some photos and check it out. I noticed these weird people having their little pow-wow circles and I was listening to the type of Commie shit they were saying. I left pretty fast and never went back.

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Glad to see Trump finally going after these douche bags.

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Give him and yourself a break. We have so much ahead…

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That is exactly the plan. A very slow gradual enslavement and stripping of rights. Trump just made them have to accelerate more and now it’s noticeable.

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He already purchased Heineken a while back. Haven’t had a drop since. I used to like that beer..

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Absolutely. I hate it, but Owen probably feeling like he made the right call after yesterday’s news.

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In the old days, they would’ve shot them on the spot.

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This shit is so serious your average Joe can be the alien bird that sings….

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You guys are missing the fucking point. There are tons of videos going around of black folks from all walks of life. Gangsters to stand up guys to crazy hilarious weirdos.

Trump may have just secured a very wide spectrum of the black vote. It’s historic.

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Dammit I knew I should’ve taken the under! Vegas odds have 75% over 270. Trump fooled some of the smartest betters in the world!

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The black pill is strong. People forget to idolize and serve God, not other people.

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I heard another song where his lyrics were “people Eaton’ bugs cuz they won’t eat bacon.” Based confirmed.

EDIT: Autocorrect loves Eaton’ not eatin’ for some damn reason. Funnier that way

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It won’t go so well for them this time around.

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That’s gay AF why do you even need a damn straw? Just drink the drink like a human.

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Well, that will surely be a good time to have a septic tank…

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