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I haven’t believed in god in a long time. Not sure where to start finding that sense of conviction/belief again

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Even knowing this is fake still frightens me

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If that were the case Arizona, Nevada and Utah would be permanently lost to the influx of moron voters. Maybe Texas too

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Wearing masks alone on the beach after vaccines and a booster. Pathetic

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Tom girls are life.

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Because my father was a manipulative sociopath similar to Jordan Belfort. Very easy to like at first, almost everyone would get sucked in. My mom also raised me exclusively and never relied on child support or financial help for college.

I guess my mom is the exception.

I’m curious, have you ever misjudged someone in your life or had sex with someone you regret? Or are you the 3% of the human population who only ever had sex with their spouse? Don’t be so quick to judge.

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Serious question, why do you say that? As someone who was raised by a single mom (and I like to think I’ve turned out to be a productive member of society with good political values) I’ve never thought about the downsides. I blame my worthless father for never caring enough to be involved in my life.

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I was raised by a single mom and I love her to death.

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Common sense wins!!!

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I’ll sleep better tonight if it’s a full aquital

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You’d think if the line kept moving people would stop chasing it. Unfortunately this will probably embolden thousands of Karen’s to call for even more restrictions against the unvaccinated.

Can’t wait for the point when people with the 4th booster shot turn on people with only 3, and people with only two will be considered as bad as the unvaccinated.

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