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Unless he is running out of gas, why not land at another airport?

Its great that he CAN do it, but the real question is, should he have?

edit: from reading the comments, it seems like this sort of thing is pretty common, done regularly, and actually safe. So perhaps I was wrong. Either way, good flying!

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fair point.

but whenever we have the majority, we (the GOP) gives up.

Look at first two years of Trump, we had the Senate, House and Presidency, and yet, the GOP blocked Trump every chance they get.

On the other hand, look at the Dems, total unity, they pass everything that any of them wants.

Even with a 50/50 Senate, Dems use the VP to get every single leftist wish list passed.

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Worst of all, if the GOP takes back the Sebate in 2022, they won’t reverse it

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to disrupt congress

oh no! a non-violent, unarmed, private citizen disrupted some criminals trying to steal an election

she must be killed!


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A peaceful protester trespassing in a govt building is not the same a criminal burglar coming into a private residence.

Ashli was no threat, and shooting her in the neck, without even a warning or command to step back (something they would NEVER to to a left wing protester) was inexcusable.

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it was a pretty major law

major law? It was trespassing in a govt building.

Liberal protesters do this sort of thing hundreds of times a year, they dont even get a citation.

But an unarmed, non-violent Trump supporter does it, and they are instantly murdererd?

In what crazy 🤡 🌍 world is that OK?

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Sometimes small laws get broken (in Ashli's case, she broke the law against trespassing) in order to fight for the greater good or restoring election integrity to our broken system.

I mean, you wouldn't shoot a jay walker for crossing against the light even though technically they broke a law.

It's the same with Ashli, yes... she technically broke a minor law, but that still doesnt mean that a capitol police officer should have shot her without warning in the neck and killed her.

That people cant see this is amazing to me,

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You think Kary Lake is good? Wait till you see what Kari Lake can do!


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why dont Republicans like Salmon, Neely, and Tulliani-Zen drop out once it becomes obvious that they have no shot at winning?

Is there ANY point in running when its obvious you'll get 2 or 3%?

My guess? they are just there (pretending to be "real Conservatives") at the behest of the establishment to try to drain votes away from the Trump-endorsed candidate.

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The NY Times lied about WMDs in Iraq, and thousands died as a result.

No one sued them for having a theory that turned out not to be true.

But share an opinion about a national shooting that offends the Left, and they will try to destroy you.

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Expressing a theory publicly that someone says hurts their feelings now means you have to pay the offended party $4 million?

OK, I'm offended that CNN and the MSM claimed that Trump supporters are racists. Where do I go to get my $4 million check?

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She was ahead for months, by over 10 points in every poll

now she's performing 20 points less than polled?

something shady is going on.

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good luck

if you're not sure if you should quit, you can wait it out. If you really have a problem things will get really bad, you'll hit bottom, and it will become clear.

in my case, i quit using 12 step groups, but thats not everyone's cup of tea.

there are lots of other ways to stop, too. it can be done. Literally millions have done it. For me, life is MUCH better, so no need to give up hope. When you're ready, if you decide to quit, it can be done.

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6 years old

nowadays, Poland is joining in with the Ukraine nonsense

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Sure, he's at the Westminster Gold Club in New Jersey right now!

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thanks for clarifying,

And, I noticed that if you remove the "a" from "watch" it goes to an "Xmas" video. Some principle, I guess.

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