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Thats some lame bullshit like old twitter for banning trump for violence.

Kayne's posts said "love" in them. Kayne posted the Raëlian UFO cult logo.

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So, leftists lie, cheat, steal and murder.

ffs. Why pretend these oath breakers are good people to run out government? Gop should be non stop impeaching and lawsuits.

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5% socialist, thats correct.

Also, Trump2024, they put him in like 9th spot for me, lol. Nikki fuck that noise.

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See, you and me cant donate too much, but soros and the other elites can buy news and radio and just push their party.

Totally fair. 🙄

But watch the fucking left keep bitching about citizens united, but loves it when its used by their side. Its (D)ifferent.

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Just because BRCC Donates to Tulsi and Dan Crenshaw doesn't mean they aren't conservative..... /s

BRCC doesn't like MAGA Conservatives and said they are racist, the worst people on earth, and would pay them to not be his customer, to say that openly on a NY Times interview, shows they are just 2A grifters.

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hooters dont have kids dancing on strippers and putting dollar bills in the dancers clothes.

Library story hour are are kids learning, the other is actual food.

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Dude runs a socialist christian website, no idea what that even means, totally nutter.


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In the article

How to Start a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) by the American Civil Liberties Union

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Whoa, can musk do that? Just let his kid run around and play with toys? this is hard hitting news!

OMG, RIP democracy!


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Just accept Gay Marriage to Suck the Trans Dick Bigot to your child.

Just accept Abortion, to post birth baby killing.

on and on, democrats are pure evil, enemy of the republic, oath breakers.

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They should have worn them and proved they stand for gay rights, took a knee. 🍿

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