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Monkeys!!! 5 dolla here 5 dolla here!

Step right up and see the American monkey!!

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Hmm could have sworn in his book he mentioned that he was as a kid and young teen. Because his family was.

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Hitler was Jewish, George soros is Jewish. You know the guy who went on 60 minutes and explained how when he was a kid he would tell the Germans where the Jews were hiding. There are Jews and then elite Jews. Two different types.

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Oh shut up. Once you realize that there are two different jews then you will wake up. Your normal jew is fine. Look at the elites the big elites… notice anything or are you gonna keep covering your eyes.

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I was straight forward with it. I’ll ask again since you don’t understand. Why did you post this? I’ll ask another question. How does this relate to TheDonald?

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