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Lemon is a joke, but he is still a public mouthpiece for the billionaires in board rooms.

He's announcing what is coming next.

As such, allow this short story about my great grandmother, who drilled into my head my entire childhood that a home should ALWAYS have a fully-stocked pantry, and some gold and silver hidden away for the worst times.

She made it through the Great Depression as a teen, after her dad's business went belly up and he subsequently died of a heart attack, leaving her, two siblings, and their mom to fend for themselves.

"Be ready for anything.", she would tell me, "Because everything can change overnight."

She ended up being very successful, financially. No worries, right? Her kitchen, though...massive pantry stuffed to the gills with food. Garage also had pantry shelving, fully stocked. And money and jewelry stashed all over the house. (Banks closed overnight during the crash, wiping millions of accounts out overnight.)

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It's Lindell.

He's the infomercial guy.

He's literalky booking presentation venues, to sell his pitch, like America is a bunch of 80 year-old tv shoppers.

He definitely needs at least a small army of high school kids to tell him how the internet works.

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If the site is down, then even the CDC is violating informed consent.

They are not a federal agency. They are a conglomerate of private interests, and can be sued.

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He's an infomercial guy. He knows nothing about the internet.

Have you seen his new website?

So he's determined to make an infomercial presentation.

They cancelled his last one...the venue.

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Judging by his new website format, he needs all the tech help he can get.

His heart appears to bleed red, white, and blue but, yeesh, he has spent far too much time selling to the 75+ infomercial crowd.

I think this might be where he is falling on his face. He has a successful tv product formula, and has zero idea how the internet works.

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This a political coup, mixed with a complimentary, planned genocide, not a pandemic.

Power is the reason behind everything.

Science has no role at all.

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It's not a pandemic.

They took a shot that altered their DNA.

Now their bodies are going to manufacture spike proteins until it kills them. They are going to feel bad forever.

And they are going to test positive forever, because all current tests look for spike protein fragments.

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It's not covid.

It's spike proteins being made by their own bodies.

The fake tests look for spike proteins.

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He thinks the dems will be forced to act with integrity, even if they do not possess it, because the data is so damning.

I think he severely underestimates their level of corruption.

They would rather burn the country down to cinders than cede power, particularly now, in the midst of a global coup.

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The natural sun cycles are why the satanic cabal changed the name from global warming to climate change.

So they can carbon reduce people in the name of saving earth.

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There are no variants.

The vaxxed are sick because the clotshots are working as intended;

They are manufacturing spike proteins, and will do so the rest of their sickly lives.

Big Globohomo is covering this up with a variant cover story.

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Israel is already doing it.

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On Octobet 14th, 2020 a Canadian government employee leaked docs which outlined the pre-planned schedule for the "great reset", which all western nations are supposed to follow

UBI slow rollout begins late Q2 2021 (California already started)

Scheduled Supply Chain Breakdown to begin late Q2 2021 (Already begun)

Q3 2021: With planned food shortages & a scheduled "new outbreak", military will be deployed in every nation, first to metro areas, then expanding outward into rural areas. Roadway checkpoints will be set up with restricted travel.

Once the screws have been turned on the public long enough:

A scheduled announcement of "global economic collapse" will be made. The public will be offered 100% debt relief, under the IMF's "World Debt Reset Program".

All participants must forfeit claims to all private property. (You will own nothing, and like it.)

All participants must submit to the vaxx schedule.

Those who refuse to participate will be deemed a "public safety risk", and will be "relocated to isolation facilities". Said concentration camp individuals will be given a choice to comply, or be held infefinitely, while their assets are forcibly seized by the IMF anyway.

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Biden's brain currentlylooks like a bowl of melted tapioca.

He is running NOTHING.

Nor is Harris.

Which begs the question, who really is steering the US right now?

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Look the Christ.

"Fear not", is the phrase He repeats throughout the NT.

So don't fear.

Decide what you stand for now, and stick with it.

They can only kill you once. God can appoint a second death.

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As someone with kids in another state, believe me when I say they are going to give you some bs when you turn in your exemption form/letter.

Tell them to take their empty threats and dire warnings and stifle it.

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Here's a link to Ohio exemptions and templates. They might try to bully you, but you can legally tell thrm to get bent:


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There is a controlled demolition of the world financial market going on right now.

All of the banking cartels are dead broke, including the Fed, save the IMF.

They will use the IMF to roll out the global cryptocurrency.

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Read Hosea 6.

A day is a thousand years.

When did Israel become a nation again. During the second "day", yes?

He's coming back soon.

When you see a guy stand in Jerusalem and proclaim himself a god over the world, know that that asshat has just 3.5 years before Jesus comes riding in.

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