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I think the timing of this admission has everything to do with the CDC being forced to release the clotshot injury data, which shows 8 million US injuries which required medical attention.

To continue to push the poison after that data is out is begging for a class action lawsuit.

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I think they did engineer a virus, but it barely had any symptoms.

Remember when they admitted there was no test for wuflu? They were and still are actually testing for influenza?

That's why influenza numbers dropped...they were being reclassified as covid. Meanwhile, most...not all... people who caught covid where either asymptomatic or simply described it as a common cold.

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Get chickens, quail, and rabbits now, before the stock is compromised.

One article I read is that they will, eventually, he going after poultry, too.

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Look at who his daddy is...a Merck pet.

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If you read 1Enoch and Book of Giants, you find out why God flooded the earth...the fallen had genetically modified most humans and animals.

Every creature on that ark still had God's original coding.

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It does when babies drink their vaxxed mother's milk.

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They are vaccinating all livestock, beginning with cows and pigs, with mRNA clotshots, of all kinds.

This is the guy they put in charge:

Genvax Technologies is developing herd-specific, prescription vaccines for the livestock industry, with an initial focus on swine influenza and African swine fever. In addition to his veterinary industry work as co-founder and CEO of Genvax Technologies, Harris also serves as Executive Director for the Ag Startup Engine, a seed program in Ames, IA. He was Business Development Manager for Vitalize Venture Group, a venture capital investment firm in Chicago. He held COO, CIO, and Vice President roles at Harrisvaccines, an international animal health vaccines company that he and his father Dr. Hank Harris sold to Merck Animal Health in 2015

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Political stunt.

They are cruising the state borders, which means their child-murdering clients still have to get to them, and could keep going right over the border to an actual facility, not a mobile version of a back alley abortion.

This is a protest stunt.

If something were to go medically wrong, and it certainly can, it's prison time.

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They are poisoning the well, so we eat zee bugs.

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As in human females, the toxins can be expected to pass into milk and all subsequent products, such as cheese and yogurt.

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Of course. And who were the Bolsheviks?

The point still remains that they vote in a system designed to utterly destroy them, along with all Christians, time and again.

The definition of insanity, and all that.

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Deutsche Bank just might implode first.

They have been propped up forever.

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As he gets older, show him Darwin's own admission, where he states that fossils for the Pre-Cambrian explosion should be numerous, in order to prove his theory.

Darwin outright concedes that, should there be no fossil record of adaption in this period, his theory must be tossed.

Paleontologists have searched endlessly for this evidence, but have only found the exact opposite...a simultaneous, inexplicable explosion of life variety, without a single example of intermediary species.

This is why they recently met in Europe. Darwin's theory is gasping its last breath. So what have they just proposed at this meeting to replace Darwin in the future textbooks for kids?

Alien seeding.

I kid you not.

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Good to hear.

They will be teaching him the Darwinian religion soon, however, if they haven't already. And there is no room for God at all in their sect.

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Start teaching him apologetics now, so the commies don't melt his brain with half-truths and outright lies in college.

Frank Turik and Michael Heiser are great places to start. Adapt the info for his age bracket.

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