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She sounds "mentally challenged".

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It has a 5 o'clock upper lip shadow.

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Hold up...a media personality is advocating for raping dogs...household loyal pets?

Is he Muslim?

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India is currently trying Bill Gates on a death penalty grnocide trial for bringing wuflu shots to their nation.

No one will deport him there, although they should, but it is one less continent he will infect.

We should do the same in the USA.

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NAC is an alternative zinc pump into the cells, as is HCQ, and Ivermectin.

The latter is very effective in getting zinc inside individual cells, but most states are still banning access, and several states have already banned NAC.

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Ha...sorry...i've been taking a lot of flak from lefty pedo apologists on this thread. Just saw one more comment come in and drew both guns after briefly scanning.

I'm not usually touchy.

Protecting kids makes me a bit knee-jerk, though.

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Several of them have been identified...

And, no shocker to anyone, the busiest of them are antifa or blm members, or both.

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You quoted me pointing out that himan traffficking crimes cannot exist without a complicit FBI to infer that I am somehow a glowie?



And Bill Hicks is dead, you moron.

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Stop it.

Just stop feeding the WHO bullcrap machine.

Just weeks ago the same agency was admitting to the msm that VAIDS causes blistering sore outbreaks, and everyone should go get tested for HIV.

Now you are spreading the latest profit/panic scheme for them.

Seriously stfu.

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That red line isn't even open for debate.


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Read through the whole thread. Then tell me it isn't infested with pedo apologists. If you got caught in the crossfire, my apologies.

If you deserve the accusations, my pals and I inTennessee would like to invite you to a private party.

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It is not from Israel.

That's what the UN/WHO is pushing, so you know it is a lie.

It came from Ukraine.

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Don't confuse catholic & non-Catholic lavender mafia harborers with actual Christians.

Any church embracing ANY sin is not of God, and deserves that shiver.

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I don't argue with kiddie diddlers.

God will give you you own personal millstone.

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Wray's dick is calling for you.

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There are some serious glowie gaslighters in this thread. Or at least one, who keeps forgetting to change account names.

Think of who allows this to be an ongoing biz, and you know with whom you are dealing.

Read through ALL the comments, and note the user names.

The douche is forgetting to change user accounts.

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You're playing both sides of the fence without changing accounts, you dumbass.

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Suck molloch's pud.

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I try really hard to pray for the enemies of God, so that they may be saved.

But when it comes to hurting babies, I can't help but hope that God goes Zechariah 14 on their faces, if they are unrepentant.

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Terminal stupid.

If the top tier is making bank on an enterprise, there are thousands of coyotes you never see. Like the FBI & CIA mules, ya glowie.

Let me guess, you've been to Alefantis' (Rothschild's) pig farm. So spiritually appropriate, kid raper. Unclean.

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The entirety of the left is shoving child genital mutilation down the throat of every kid that walks in the front door of a public school. A student can't even do a word math problem without gender issues being brought into it. Underware-free trannies are lap dancing toddlers in public libraries.

And that order for "sexual education" is literally coming from the White House desk.

Have you never read, "Brave New World"?

Are you trolling, or were you dropped on your head?

Do your own research.

I can't fix terminal oblivion.

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I forgot to add a massive piece to the human trafficking directly tied to both the Clintons and the DNC;

Keith Ranier's sex cult...and all the Mexican "schools" he ran for kids under 12 years old.

The FBI is getting ready to spring him, right now, on a technicality.

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Let's review;

Killary's go-to aide was arrested in Haiti post-earthquake trying to smuggle out 33 children to the Dominacan Republic. Bill and Hitlerly PERSONALLY demanded her release, or else no disaster funding;

That same woman was put in charge of the Amber Alert child abduction system, post child-smuggling arrest, by none other than John Podesta;

There is a video of John Podesta beating a screaming little boy in a shower, in a dark bathroom, with a strobe light flashing while he traumatized the child;

Joe Biden's own daughter wrote diary entries about her father taking very inappropriate showers with her over years. The same Joe Biden who was accused of finger raping a woman who worked for him.

Meanwhile, pedo Joe's son was banging both his brother's wife (while his brother was still breathing, according to emails), as well as his very minor niece. Pics and vids of that are available. Oh, and he was also banging the minor Obama daughter. And several underage Chinese girls on video;

Bill Clinton visited Epstein Island nearly 40 times, and those are just the logs of the one pilot who kept logs. Three other pilots kept zero logs.

Kevin Spacey, a Killary political ad favorite, has been accused by at least 4 young men of raping them as minors. Some as young as 13. All of them ended up murdered.

Spacey was photographed with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell, both in the palace, and on Epstein's planes.

Ghislaine Maxwell has already been convicted of trafficking minors. Prince Andrew facing trials for underage rapes. The Queen has stripped him of all titles and assets, to protect the throne. Andrew has been a very large contributor to both the Clintons and the DNC.

Seth Rich downloaded as many DNC emails as he could in one go. He wanted to expose political collusion. Little did he know what else was in there. He was not murdered for exposing dirty politics...that much is a given in DC...but for bringing to light pagan animal sacrifices, Marina Abramovic satanic rituals, and child raping.

I did not make up one single item here. It is all documented. And there is so much more.

Which part don't you believe?

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