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Yes, because she is the one that controls what other congressmen do. It's totally her fault she has no support in DC and we should keep blaming her for not singlehandedly passing the bills she sponsors against the swamp.

What is with this website shooting the messengers? It's like a bunch of liberals in here just to trash on the 1% of our representatives that are actually MAGA.

Everything she does will be DOA because she has no power. She can either fail to do something or sit back and do nothing. Pick one, that's all the power she has.

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Crypto is uncontrolled. They are not going to replace the dollar with what we currently know as crypto. CBDC will be just as controlled as Fiat is, and uncontrolled crypto will be dismantled by making it illegal and prosecuting anyone they can catch.

CBDC purports to be the same backend idea, but it's ultimately not much different than our current digital banking system, but will have way more control measures baked in. (Like limiting on WHAT and WHERE you can spend it.)

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Anything that is not explicitly Christian, is implicitly anti-Christian.

You can substitute right wing if you wish, but the heart of the matter is the above.

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Half the people on this site are still mad at the 60s-80s Christians for saying that music was going to destroy society.

Where are we now, exactly?

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You sound retarded and satanic, getting your theology from a blunt. Or was it a fortune cookie?

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(except dont get drunk on wine)

It speaks about wine (positively) and it speaks about intoxication (negatively). To say the lessons of the bible about intoxication only apply to alcohol is a hardcore cope. Everything in moderation. Failure to moderate is bad and straight up harmful.

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Congress has been running cover for the Biden crime family and refuses to answer to the people.

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Not a very good clue. The kind of mother that does exists. I've known women who didn't know some the most basic things because mom always did it for them.

Exactly the kind of woman that would force feed pills to a child for their own Munchausen would not let them pour their own cereal for fear that they wouldn't need her anymore.

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I've been going through a lot of artwork and seeing "signs of AI" because a lot of impressionist influenced post-modern crap did stuff like that on purpose. Since it's in the dataset, I sometimes think the AI is really just doing too good of a job. Copying the parts of human art that we have been trained to ignore as the artists preference.

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Something that seems to be completely lost among the idea of a representative republic (or even a democracy) is the idea of supporting ALL of your constituents, not just the most popular positions.

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and the churches rolling over for it

The far greater sin, for which I have not seen repentance of.

Makes me far more pissed off than anything else that has happened since.

They turned their back on God, as far as I am concerned. I apologize if He somehow sees it differently. But to me it was the worst possible thing that men could have done.

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It didn't take much to find out immigrating to Canada was a lot harder than simply walking across the southern US border.

At least if you are an American.

They will give you housing, healthcare, and a monthly stipend based on the number of kids you pop out if you are NOT American, but for Americans, it's still a bitch to cross that border. And no liberal has the time and work ethic for that.

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It's very simple:

What good are slaves without slave Masters to control them?

Who controls Africans? No one really, it's still mud huts and gangs. What would you do with them, make bricks? Indeed, many African and Indonesian slaves are used for more simple things like growing our coffee and chocolate, but they are no good for making our iPhones.

China has all the capabilities of the western world, able to make everything from child's toys to complex electronics. So that's where the value offer of slavery lies. We can "buy" our coffee and bananas from mud towns, but we have to get our advanced goods from somewhere that has a digital boot on their educated citizens.

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Western powers MADE china what it is today. It would have fallen like the Soviet Union if we hadn't propped them up by outsourcing nearly all of our labor to them.

Just after the Soviet Union was starved of outside resources (allowing their communist ideology to fail without capitalism to leach off of) we made China the number one supplier of slave labor the world over.

Still leaves me wondering just who is controlling who? Is china controlling the puppet in the whitehouse? Or is china the middleman for the men who made china what it is and could end it tomorrow if they willed it?

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They don't care if you don't like it. You are learning to fast forward through the scenes you don't like and keep watching. That's a level of acceptance that only grows. If not for you, than your kids.

Eventually you will weigh the scenes by whether or not they are bad enough to bother with fast forwarding. My parents eventually gave up on fast forwarding through the kissing scenes, and when I was older I never bothered skipping the 30 second sex scenes either. And I didn't mind the token gay as long as he was funny.

This is a long con since the 60s and it's it's still working exactly as intended.

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They had to convince as many people as possible of this so that when they said "Healthy" people were dying of the couf, people would fall for the scam.

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Canada, more than any other country, has to face the logistical hole that is it's size and population spread. Canada has the second largest landmass, and one of the world's smallest militaries. (Riding entirely on the back of it's southern neighbor, as no one would risk invading Canada for invoking the US.) But ultimately, it's population is spread so far that no totalitarian government could contain it if it wanted to.

Unless: it convinces it's citizens to do the teetotaling for them.

"I'm sorry" the cucknadian says as he forces you out of the grocery store for not accepting the government's salvation juice. Canada is lost, not simply because it's government was stolen, but because it's people stopped even pretending to be free a long time ago.

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We may not trust anyone to have that power

if there was a dictator who believed in the same things we did, they'd immediately step down

Congrats! You have successfully failed to rebut my point!

You would 100% support yourself or an amalgam to be a dictator with absolute power. Even if under the condition you, or they, absolve themselves of the power immediately. You wouldn't want anyone else to have that power.

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This has never not been true. Everyone loves a dictator who agrees with them.

Yes, everyone. Including you, and me. We may not trust anyone to have that power, but we would love someone who did without "abusing" it. IE: someone who actually continued to agree with us even after they were in power.

Doesn't take much to realize that as long as there are people who disagree with you, there are people who would cheer as the boot crushes down on your throat.

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That was my wife's favorite chapter. It's how I knew she was the actually the woman described in that chapter.

The other 30 chapters are about the women you shouldn't marry.

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Several reasons. Some people are into niche things, and eventually what's free online in that area runs dry. Some people also have specific types that they want to see.

If we are going to be honest here, it's because what's "freely available" online is a bunch of degenerate shit no one wants, like incest porn, and not "beautiful woman" porn. So men are willing to pay for semi-attractive half-naked women just to avoid the degenerate "she's not really my sister but will pretend she is" porn they can get for free.

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If you are going to have a comeback it needs to at least make sense, and preferably, be spelled correctly. But ideally, you would provide the sources for why they are not all communists.

Too hard, I know. I'm so very demanding of people to ask for sources.

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Point 2 should be illustrated to any commie and dare them to argue against it.

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