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Then pick up a fucking gun and go shoot Russians. You are next level retarded if you think that as an American I want to send one more of our men to die for your interests. Europe has three times the population of the U.S. you guys could probably use some thinning out if you are such weak bitches.

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Then they should form a coalition and tackle the problem themselves. This is not a U.S. problem. All of Europe with the exception of Russia has underspent ont heir militaries. I have no interest in bailing them out.

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You are the spammiest SOB on this board. Why don’t you give it a break.

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No pearl clutching, just calling out bitches for posting like bitches. Bitch.

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It doesn’t have to be Trump related, specifically, general politics is fine, but holy cow all the random stuff detracts from the purpose.

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You act like 100’s of people haven’t already pointed this out. Fuck Tate.

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It’s an ad for Colorado Beetle pesticide. Colorado Beetles will devastate potato crops. I still think it’s a stretch. They don’t need to be subtle, the Ukrainian government is explicitly anti-Russian and has treated Russians in the Ukraine like garbage for years.

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That’s a stretch.

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Take your boomer tier shit back to Facebook.

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This isn’t Facebook, and your post doesn’t have anything to do with this .win community.

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