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Are you trolling me?

Germany didn't have the military capability to defeat the UK or certainly not the United States and probably thought they weren't so far gone yet.

Why the fuck do you criticize the only guy in history to have ever tried to do something about the problem?

And the USSR would have fallen if it wasn't for America's help.

I won't reply anymore, your nonsense is getting boring.

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One group of Jews bombs Muslims, the other group of Jews want open border and white genocide.

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He is so right.

4 years in the White House and we didn't do shit.

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He attacked the USSR to end communism once and for all and save humanity.

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No this is not the libtard "it wasn't real communism".

Marxism promotes destruction of national identity, culture, religion, and family.

Ergo, Putin is not a communist.

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I call bullshit. Military dudes vote by post individually, don't they?

I bet the rank and file loves Trump.

The message however, is true and ominous about the DOJ leadership.

Why didn't Trump do a purge is a mystery.

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Do you even know what communism is?

Hint: it's not just an economic system

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He looks disappointed in you for allowing your daughter to shoot up testosterone and cut her tits off

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What the fuck does that even mean? Is it the new LGBTQ++

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Is it the job of the government to fix poverty? Maybe, if you're a socialist.

But certainly the priority for a country's leader is doing the stuff in the OP.

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Enjoy living in Somalia then, cuck.

Keep your morals while your children are going to be beaten or raped by joggers, won't be hired because they are white, and the government will take them away from you to give them hormones.

At least you'll have your morals intact.

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Oh God. You got that information from CNN, probably, and keep clinging to it in spite of all the evidences to the contrary.

The Nazis even wrote books explaining the scam of the banking system.

I don't give a shit who funded them. What's important is what they did with the money.

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It's a yuge rabbit hole man. It would take quite a while to explain everything.

I'll just say that Germany was infested by communists in the 1920s, and communist terrorists had attempted several armed revolutions all over Europe. Europe was about to fall into the hands of the Marxists.

The NSDAP was created specifically to save Germany from the doom that the Russian people suffered.

Hitler dealt with all the communist terrorists by putting them in camps. He saved Germany.

But the war with the USSR was inevitable because they were subverting every country on the planet, so Hitler tried to end communism once and for all by attacking the USSR.

Unfortunately the US had a communist as president so he sided with Stalin to save communism, and used America's military might to defeat Germany.

And that's why today we have LGBT freaks trying to give hormones to children.

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Here's an article


It says he paid 50k to get out but they arrested him again. Apparently he wasn't charged with murder the first time.

The article in the screenshot seems of today though, so I don't know what to think

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