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Yes. And worse than that. A new vector for disease distribution.

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The tests spread the disease.

Do not be stupid enough to take it into your home then shove up your nose.

They’re the modern day equivalent of poisoned blankets given to the native Americans.

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Cancer. He fought hard. Passed away in my arms last year

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I miss my dog. He was a good boy.

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This all started with idiots at checkout counters requiring ID for cigarettes and beer.

If someone looks young, card em. If they’re 80 years old ffs don’t you feel stupid asking for their ID?

And then they’re like, “Company rule, I have to,” but you don’t dude. Just a small amount of common sense can help you not be such a robot dick.

It’s fucking demeaning for the whole species.

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McCabe was fired as the deputy FBI director for leaking sensitive information about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and then lying about it under oath.

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Wait, so a male athlete wearing makeup can defeat a female athlete with a guy’s haircut?


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Florence. Interesting choice. I’ll start looking for hotels now - the roads from Phoenix will be clogged the day of.

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Back in high school they called her stretchin gretchen. She got passed around like a joint, and she liked it.

True story

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