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Good on this woman for having a conscience.

Shocking to me so few in “journalism” actually do.

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Burn books and call your opposition the fascists. -justclownworldthings

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Yep. Communism denies basic human understanding: altruism rarely extends beyond the nuclear family/close friends.

Which is why they have to fudge the numbers and censor opposition.

Those at the helm promoting it know this, but ironically they’re in it for personal gain and power.

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Jokes on them. The longer they look, the more likely things here will start making sense to them.

There was a post on one of the redditwatch subs (gab or parlor), one these downvote clowns became conflicted bc they started to identify with us.

They had to be brought back down to 🤡🌎 very quickly. It’s was hilarious

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NSA Internet sex?! Lemme just give you my cc information now and cut the foreplay.

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The first time I’ve laughed at this faggot in a long time.

It’s perfect.

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Fun watching the slow burn of the media trying to mislead people from holding stock.

It’s like apes on the cusp of inventing fire. Or the monolith moment where one picks up a bone and they all start beating the living shit out of each other.

Could go either way.

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USSR was ahead of the times. Granted they used anabolic steroids to turn women into men, I think they still deserve some credit.

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The horror of Wall Street hedge fund managers that plebes are fucking with their scam: PRICELESS.

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Only when it isn’t a predominantly white country. (Taps forehead)

Spez: sarcasm motherfuckers, do you speak it?

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Ohh naked lady tees! I’ll take a box of those...

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Tie Biden up in court on every EO he wants to make, just like they did to Trump.

That is IF all those McConnell federal appointees aren’t compromised.

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Can you imagine how fucked up Chelsea is? I still blame her for toeing the line, she’s a middle aged woman but damn if she doesn’t have the deck stacked against her with Bill and Hill as parents.

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We need a plan! Also, I have no plan.

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