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The time for declaring a crisis was 2 years ago. It's an invasion.

What other country allows this shit to happen? Oh right, all of EU. Not China. They're laughing

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I remember seeing plywood up when the Floyd riots were going on that were scrawled with BLM slogans to try to avoid damage. They weren't spared.

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She be back on the street before lunch

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Stay off the Internet then, white people invented it

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He loved the gays and blacks

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There's probably a huge amount that think cholesterol in the arteries is the fat that solidifies after you cook ground beef

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Only if it actually forces them to built it. But the administration has been selling off the materials and steel used to close the border and refuses to do its job.

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Missing the part of the Constitution where elections would be carried out on X with the help of the election integrity team.

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I wish this was real, it's hilarious

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It's just a trash Trump fest anyway. The only reason Christie is even on is because he will bad mouth Trump to a bunch of clapping seals and try and book some cable shows

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"Currently a Presidential candidate", otherwise that would just be election interference, and we can't have another Comey situation here.

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Glad I never signed up for that shit. Elon is not your friend any more than the leftist CEO running it.

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They spend a lot of resources trying to get tax money from people that also live in other states. You have to prove where you were each day and if you can't account for half the year somewhere else, they want all of your income taxes. It's quite insane.

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