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No, not currently.

Most electric cars come with an 8 year warranty on their battery, however their ability to hold a charge diminishes rapidly and after five years of normal use, they become almost useless.

Replacement batteries are horrifically expensive. It's usually cheaper to abandon your electric car and buy a new one. This is because our government "green" subsidies.

Expect your new $40 electric car to become useless and worthless within five years of normal, everyday use.

It's time for a return to simplicity. My first car had almost nothing under the hood: no computers, almost no electronics and I could easily remove and repair any part of it. Yes, it's fuel efficiency was horrific and it would become your tomb in any collision but that could easily be improved using today's lighter frames and a few modern safety features.

I hope we can start printing our own cars soon because the over-engineered silliness has to end.

That or we return to riding horses.

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The most blatant example from memory is when Alex Jones took Project Veritas' fantastic investigative journalism hidden camera interview with a Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign staffer who said he personally believes all conservatives need to be sent to reeducation camps.

Alex Jones took that story and presented it with the title "Bernie Sanders plans to send all Trump supporters to FEMA camps".

CNN and every other mainstream news network then debunked Alex Jones' misinformation and completely derailed the story within 24 hours.

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Not all red pills are easy to swallow.

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I just know that Jones has brought a LOT of people in on truths they wouldn't know without him.

Not necessarily.

Note that Alex Jones doesn't research anything. He takes other people's work, alters it and rereleases it. This is important to understand because Alex Jones doesn't release anything that hasn't already become public knowledge. AJ places himself between a curious audience and the citizen journalist source then usually changes the title of the article while injecting all kinds of his own opinions when presenting it. It's textbook controlled opposition. The issue is to then try to understand why AJ has manufactured certain associations and why he changes the title so often (usually it's to make it easy for mainstream news media to debunk easily by debunking one of AJ's false claims).

Alex Jones hasn't "brought a LOT of people in on truths they wouldn't know without him" - he's positioned himself between a curious audience and the source so the "truths" can be shaped and almost always made easier to debunk.

Alex Jones ensures the original citizen journalist research looses focus and all mainstream and social media and internet searches prioritize his manipulated version of the truth. Why are Infowars results always so prominent in Google search results? Now that's a good question!

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To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize

I'm willing to admit that Controlled Opposition is always a mixture of the truth we already know and misinformation.

I'm willing to admit that Alex Jones destroys the good research of many citizen journalists by taking their breaking stories and rereleasing them with blatantly false narrative headlines so our mainstream news media can debunk important research by debunking Alex Jones' silly exaggerated lies.

I'm willing to admit that Alex Jones additionally makes it easy for any important research to be "debunked" when the mainstream news media uses his exaggerated lies while showing cringe-worthy staged footage of Jones having a silly screaming fit at the camera while ripping off his clothing. It's almost as if the New World Order MSM and Infowars are working together. Weird, huh?

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Be careful when quoting statistics because people might realize that black women represent 6% of the population but have 40% of the abortions and 80% of those women are liberals.

Your argument will quickly become "hate facts" when you start noticing too much.

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Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, Israel's most notorious Mossad spy who has stabbed us in the back many times by selling our secrets to Russia and selling our government software that allowed Israel to spy on us.

Why would our CIA and FBI allow Israel to run five of these Mossad child rape extortion "pizza party" honeypots designed to turn our most powerful CEOs, judges and politicians into life-long puppets of Israel?

Draw your own conclusions. #OurGreatestAlly

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Doubtful given how effective the Fox News controlled opposition is.

If they were able to "shut it down" then more people would seek better citizen journalist alternatives and that is exactly what the Elves don't want because truth burns them like splashing a vampire with holy water.

I suspect this article is designed only to convince normies that Fox News is NOT controlled opposition.

Lies within lies.

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80% of the Democrat Party leadership are Israeli.

80% of our White House Cabinet is now Israeli.

President Biden proudly admits to being a Zionist and he goes down and his knees and bows before the Israel President.

We had a communist coup on November 3 2020.

Draw your own conclusions.

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That's totally filthy, dirty, dirty, dirty, Satanic and disgusting.

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Who are these people?

I don't own a TV and I refuse to consume pedowood.

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This is a Lord of the Rings reference, if anybody didn't get it.

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I want to assume what you said is true to maintain my trust.

That said, I haven't had the stomach to watch a single Trump rally or interview since that day.

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It's difficult to talk about this because of the rules of this community, but most of us knew it was a trap but we thought President Trump had a plan because he asked us to be there.

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We all know that President Trump didn't incite an attempted coup.

Trump called us to the Capitol for a "wild time" and many of us answered the call.

Then Trump told us to guarantee a peaceful transition to the Biden communist administration.

Then everyone was confused about why the fuck we came.

Then President Trump drove away.

Then some of us got arrested.

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