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Wellllll, not so fast. It was a great income until Xiden came along to force landlords to not evict people. Now it's questionable.

by wuhan
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Set up a GiveSendGo account, pede.

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A lie's only purpose is to stir up hate and discontent. It has no virtues. You can't find truth in a pile of shit.

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While you can actually fight fire with fire, I have yet to see a disease ever cure a disease, so I'm pretty skeptical about those claims.

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An answer to my question would be, "No, I do not care which Congressmen have refused to take the vax while forcing me to take the vax."

You did not say that. Are you saying that now?

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We've been asking that question ourselves for the last year, how many members of Congress opted out of the vaxx....

You don't want to know who is forcing you to get the vax while they themselves remain unvaxxed?

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A party that does not believe it can win politically often tries to criminalize its adversaries

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This is making the rounds again, but it's over a year old.

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Tell me you aren't falling for fake news when you fall for fake news....

You guys are still drinking the koolaid....

Trump did not name the politicians who he said were not disclosing their vaccination status.


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There's your first problem. You're illiterate. Figure out how to spell first before you tackle harder problems like understanding the meaning of "for life."

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He didn't say it lasted for a year. What he did say was that they know it lasts at least that long. They didn't know how much further it went beyond that because nobody had done the studies, since the vaxes haven't been out long enough to show just how long, aka, there are no subjects to study yet.

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If it affects you for the rest of your life, dat duddn't mean it affects you for the rest of your life....signed Moron.

harhar, does anybody ever take you serious about anything ever? Good gawd, you're an idiot.

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Focus, the subject is where do the spike proteins go...you're saying they dwindle, and I said there's no proof for that.

The question isn't whether the jab causes myocarditis. That's already well-known.

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