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Cruz, how is that in any way, shape, fashion, or form conservative?

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Isn’t theft a form of violence? Someone breaks into your home, you are completely justified in killing them.

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People don’t even realize how big of a deal this is. More important than Roe.

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Also who cares if he did or not? He’s practically a rock star so some peen will be seen. He’s a private citizen not running for president. Like why is he held to that kind of standard?

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Do they think he’s running for public office or something? He’s a private citizen who’s very wealthy. He can do whatever he wants. Why do they think we think he has to be Jesus or something? WHO CARES????

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It’s your body if you want to use it sell sex then you should be able to. More freedom.

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Prostitution should be legal though. Sex slavery and human trafficking shouldn’t though.

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