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Total BS. Just ask Seth Rich. Wake up.

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Jesus is the only way to heaven.

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I just analyzed this clip very meticulously. With it silent, pausing then playing, watching her facial expressions from moment to moment, where her eyes are looking (when she is looking to her right repeatedly for approval and encouragement) and taking into account the content of what she is saying. It's clear that she is literally acting.

It's eery to really observe from frame to frame and it honestly reminds me of Peter Stzrok's famous clip where he makes the most bizarre facial expressions like he's really, really "pleasing" whoever or whatever he is aiming to "please" - if you know what I'm talking about...

@ 32 seconds Navarro says, "How dare you bring up Christian values!" She then follows this immediately by saying, "How dare you go against communism!" <---There's the slip of the truth!

Then she says... "and use these victims of communism for your political gain." At this point Sunny Hostin immediately comes in with her comment that is basically a long used democrat slogan that is programmed into the brains of democrats.

Sunny's comment is literally stating that people should vote for everything that the government can give them or promise to give them ---> Socialism/communism

They are walking memes ---> The meme that illustrates socialism/communism and then there is a "sunny" rainbow background.

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I had to look it up but I just learned that 60 minutes is equal to 1 hour. 60 minutes is also a measure of time with one minute equaling 60 seconds.

The joke is that all of these are measures of time! The answer to how long 60 minutes is in the name of the show! Haha It was so funny when I finally got the joke! It took me about 60 minutes of research!

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Even if I supported Biden on any level (It was extremely difficult just to type that) I would have laughed at this.

We post the left's (the left can't meme) stuff making fun of Trump and we all laugh at it some time. You see those posts all the time. They often go like this "You know I have to admit this is pretty funny..." or they just show Trump in a diaper crying like a baby and complaining about "mean tweets" - but we had cheap gas and a great economy.

And this is a problem we are seeing all throughout society - people can't laugh at themselves. We now have things called "micro-aggressions". Disagreeing with people is now called "hate speech". "Tolerance" has now been redefined and morphed into accepting evil and they call that "love".

People can't take jokes anymore! It's no wonder they're all miserable!

And don't get me started on the depravity that they actually do laugh at...

[They're also actually the real racists and you know they make fun of all the homosexuals and trannies too and all the people they're supposed to be "allies" with]

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Well... When it is shown that Don Lemon and all the others along with their networks COLLUDED ("muh collusion" is a VERY, VERY big deal) to subvert elections and steal the country then ALL of their assets can be seized. This isn't just about Clintons, Bidens and Obamas.

Look at what they did to President Trump? They all worked together. They aren't stupid. It's obvious. There isn't any "plausible deniability". They've been pushing to have the REAL President locked up and all of his assets seized - therefore they should all fear the real consequences of their actions.

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I was on this site all the time just before the iNsuRrEcTiOn! and during and I remember watching Trump say to be peaceful and I remember watching coverage from mainstream sources. I thought it was funny. Then I saw other sources online where they showed the truth and the people that were actually instigating the problems. They showed the capitol police and antifa.

I never saw anything here even close to planning this psyop. The only thing here were regular, peaceful people who went to the event.

The only evidence of planning of this "insurrection" comes from the left and that it was a preplanned trap. And these psychos still have innocent people locked up.

This "Ben" person is a liar.

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Literally everyone is a piece of crap. You admitting means you're on another level.

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I read through your comment and I've heard similar theories. It makes me think of the "NPC meme" - so your computer analogy could be on point if we're all literally NPC's - but "free will" is similar to us being playable characters where the body is like our game controller and we operate it within the game creation with our soul.

One of your key statements is wrong - "this creator created everything all at once" - that's not what the Bible says. The Bible clearly outlines a process in which God made this creation. This is another debate altogether but I'm leaning more and more to absolute literal interpretation of the Bible.

Sorry for my wall 'o text in advance... Here is my counter to your statement that "free will is an illusion" - To start I would like to point out that this would completely absolve all of the evil characters of their actions...

The only possible way to be absolved of sin is by the blood of Jesus Christ, believing and placing trust in Him, and believing that he conquered death and has risen from the grave.

Free will is in the Bible. It's somewhat nuanced. I'm sure I could find a ton of theological resources about this. Think about the entire concept of true repentance - it involves a realization and an understanding of your sin and a concerted choice and effort to change - that is free will.

Yes, God is outside of this reality - he is outside of space and time. He is omniscient so He can stand back and see the beginning from the end of everything all at the same time. God does not ever change either - He is the same today, tomorrow and at all times. This is different from us humans, His creations. Us humans are going through a process. Believers are being refined as the Bible says. It's a difficult and often painful process. The Bible describes Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our faith. So God, who does not change, obviously has free will and we are also given free will.

Free will is a key element of real, actual love. As opposed to the evil "totalitarian" type of power we have witnessed that is of a satanic nature that FORCES its will and FORCES us to love - If we did not have free will then all of the evil and deceptive tactics to FORCE and coerce people to adhere to its will would not be necessary. The Bible says, "my children perish for lack of knowledge" - This clearly means we have to fill our minds with the Word of the Bible and be highly aware and alert.

The Bible also mentions "liberty". So these are elements that can be attributed to God. The Bible also describes believers as "slaves of Christ". When we think of "slavery" we don't think good things. When we think of "slavery" we don't think of "free will". However, the Bible also says:

"Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

That is Jesus Christ and that is who we WANT to be our master - we want to be His servants. We want to be His slaves. We want to serve Him. He is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through Him. Think of the WAY to paradise, the TRUTH - no deception or lies, and LIFE - no death, no growing old, no loss!

This is why you need to seek the Lord with all of you heart, with all of your mind and will all of your soul!

The Bible also talks about other things, things of this world, being people's "masters". It says that you cannot serve mammon and God at the same time because you will love one and hate the other. This same concept applies to a number of different things that replace God in people's lives.

The Bible also says that God's ways are above our ways infinitely and incomprehensibly. This is why it is crucial to keep our foundation for everything in our lives' in His word. We don't know so much - we don't know how God did it or how He made it.

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I saw a great pastor the other day say how absolutely horrible the end times are going to be. He also said that people will turn to Jesus Christ and be saved right up until the end. So that is encouraging. That's how awesome and gracious God is. That is His character.

Here it is from Dr. John Barnett:

"DIGITALIZED MONEY, GOD'S PLAN & THE END--Bible Prophecies Fulfilled--Global Money & Global Tracking"


EDIT: This is the one I was referring to:



People think what we have witnessed in recent years is bad. The truth is that it all lines up with what the Bible says about man, sin and evil.

I just watched this other pastor yesterday. The guy is very, very smart and often hilarious. He seems awesome. He talks about President Trump in 2024 and what we should watch out for. He mentions Trump's flaws as well as Trump's major mistake pushing the vaccine. He makes historical comparisons - he commented on the idiots that make comments about God using Trump... God can use anyone, both good and bad leaders - And entire nations and all of these things are literally like NOTHING to God. He talks about how things could turn around or get much worse. He goes deep into Bible interpretation. It is well worth watching - he makes hilarious jokes about Biden too...

"Trump 2024 | Dr. Gene Kim"


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I did the psychedelics too. It cured my depression and helped me but then they can also go very, very bad. We just have to be careful. I did it and I wondered why it's supposedly "okay" to take whatever a "doctor" gives you but it's not "okay" to use these other things? It's the same thing as with energy and other areas where they block improvements or actual cures in order to maintain profits. That is evil. And many of the psychedelics that grow right out of nature are part of God's creation - unlike many of these insane pharmaceuticals that are made by imperfect people and often purely for the purpose of copyrighting them for exclusivity and profit. Then there is also the element of keeping a sober mind so we need to be careful with these things from nature as well, including with alcohol.

You should be careful with these "complementary" religions. Biblically we're all, every single human being, corrupted by sin. Therefore we all deserve to go to hell. It's really that simple. We are sinful in ways that do not even register quite often. This is what we all need to acknowledge. Then we work out our salvation with a fear trembling as the Bible says. We repent and turn from our own ways. Seek the Lord with all of your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul... So it's a matter of placing God above and staying focused on Him in everything we do - something I've often failed in. It's a hard and difficult process - sanctification. We die to ourselves and become more and more Christlike - do not conform to this world but to the image of Christ.

I struggled greatly with what you are describing in your worry of others going to hell. The Bible says that it is God's will that none should perish and that all should come to know the truth, to know Jesus Christ and to be saved. The Bible also says that we should not fear or worry - only have a fear of the Lord. Fear of Lord is a reverence for Him in that we love and value Him so much that we want to always please Him and praise Him in everything we do. So if the Bible says we should not be afraid and we should not worry - that's it! Do not be afraid. Do not worry. If the Bible says it's God's will that none should perish then we should trust God. If God says it you can count on it because God is always faithful. We, however, need to work on our TRUST! Trust God to take care of these things.

When we build up our faith and place more and more trust in God - even in things we do not understand and things that greatly trouble us - then we build up in courage, strength, patience, kindness, and on and on... When we worry about someone's salvation we need to pray and trust in God! With God all things are possible! God will come through! You are blessed in your struggle - that's part of God's plan. God is refining you. Put on the whole armor of God. Fully trust in Him.

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If it's God's will then we will be blessed and get out of this situation and see some justice. That is entirely possible and I believe we need to have faith and pray - AND take action. But we need to refrain from becoming anything like our enemies.

I don't think it's possible for us to become entirely like Venezuela. Many in our political class are already living like Venezuela's leaders - that's the problem and in that sense we are already there. We have some areas of our country that are worse that some in Venezuela. Just look at the videos people are posting of parts of San Fransisco and other places. What are people like Pelosi or Newsom doing to help them? They're making things worse! We have to get on top to help those people. I think we have too many fighters and intelligent people to become like Venezuela.

It will get much, much worse in the end... But God will have the last word. Jesus Christ is coming back.

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This is all a bunch of military industrial complex bullshit.

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That's awesome!

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Carnies had dignity in that they knew and accepted that they were freaks.They weren't trying to influence children to become freaks. These people have excessive pride. They're elevating themselves above others based upon their derangement, not by hard work or sacrifice or something worthy of admiration.

They're like poisonous frogs that give warning by being bright and colorful. Except leftists have brain damage so they do not get the warning signals in the brain the way conservatives do. Leftists just see the bright colors. That's why you see the leftists take their kids to see these weirdos. One event even had a sign saying, "It's not gonna lick itself".

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Notice how they escalated to the blatantly explicit satanic guy? They all are but that psycho has it plastered all over. They are clearly doing this very deliberately. This is a form of a normalization process that they have been doing in all areas of society. It is a desensitization process also.

If I saw that guy as a young Christian boy it would literally hurt my soul to see. It troubles me very much right now as a grown man. It reminds of the trannies reading books to children with horns. What is with the horns? All of this clearly goes straight into the demonic realm.

What we are looking at with these people in this picture is the most prominent feature of their identities/character. You could find countless "normal" people who could instantly fill their job roles and do a much better job - and only the most informed and attentive of us would know who they were.

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Thanks. I'm gonna watch this today or tomorrow.

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