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They are not handing out Hcq either.

You get what you get and right now all im getting is Hfa oxygen and steroids.

Basically i just have to heal my self

Thats what it boils down to , you body has to be able to process oxygen and covid pnumonia destoys that ability.

You either recover with time and turn a corner or you sit and filter oxygen not being able to move barely for weeks? After awhile your body is gonna give out and its ventilation or you just drop.

Ventilation can still save you but odds are not good

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I believe in it too but it didn't help me sadly.

I took a full couse over 5 days , once a day with meals. Starting on a Monday. By Friday morning i could not breathe hardly and went to hospital.

That was 9 days ago. Been on high flow oxygen and steroids the whole time

Been stable but can't reduce o2 levels enough to get back to normal 02 levels so it's just a stalemate.

I know it works for some but i didn't really respond

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Been doing some research while resting on remdesivir and found some recent double blinds they have completed since delta wave started and it shows good results as far as shortening time to discharge especially if treatment begins within 10 days of severe covid pneumonia which i did.

Some of the older studies showed similar results on non delta as well.

To be honest im just going with it along with the steroid they're combining with it.

The goal being to remain stable until the pnumonia breaks and then can get off oxygen and clear your lungs of the damage

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Sadly not the case for me. I got covid started full home treatment including ivermectin on 3rd day, completed 5 day treatment.

Did do anything ended up going to hospital next day could barely walk in.

Turns out i have full double covid pneumonia and am looking at most likely a month if i stabilize maybe less if remdesivir helps, or i could stil go down and vent city.

Believe me or not. Downvote away if you want. I am no shil if you want to check my posts.

Just telling my story. No one was more surprised than me.

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Hey, just checking back in with you. Had a question, during your ivermectin course, how quickly did you have any turnaround? was it after the full course or did you feel better instantly?

I am 3 doses in, using the horse kind, while I do think it has been helping, I still have fever coming back and pretty bad fatigue. Also, my o2 numbers started around 97 early on have been dropping slowly down in the last 4 days, I can keep a 94 but starting to see 93's now.

I am full 6 days in now, maybe 7 and getting to the point where phase two kicks in a and this is when people end up in the hospital if their 02 gets below 92 or so.

As fate would have, I won my fight the pharmacist and Walgreen's (yes that Walgreens) actually filled my human Ivermectin pills for me. I have 30 of the 3 mg so I am thinking of starting over tomorrow.

Its written as 27 mg a day every other day for 3 days.

Just been asking around to see what others have been doing, as my first try did not seem to work as good as I had hoped.

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I had not heard this, I took 3 doses of Ivermectin farily close to my quercetin tablets.

Am I fucked? because to be honest, the ivermectin has not seemed to help very much.

I am on day 6 of being symptomatic. Started showing symtoms last Friday night \Saturday, was fairly mild. I did not want to get tested so I wanted to see how it was going to go.

On Monday I started losing smell and taste so I know it was covid. Took my first done of the horse kind, roughly 300 lbs as the protocol calls for more than your weight for active infection. Had taken quercetin about 45 minutes before that. No side effects, well tolerated.

Next day, felt good during the day, O2 levels solid 97, but as the day wore on, fever came back and was tired. Again, took second dose with meal, had taken quercetin not long before that, maybe 30 minutes?. Went to bed early, slept very well.

Got up next day, felt as well as I had in a week, but again, as the day wore on, I had fever come back, tiredness etc. so repeated the same routine. This time I was not able to sleep as well as I had stated to get a wheezing tickle in my lungs. just enough to annoy me, if you tried to take a deep breath it really felt like I wanted to cough over and over.

I did not sleep as well, got up and pretty much passed out asleep on the couch, very tired, and my O2 meters had started slipping, from a 96 steady to a 95, and as it is right now, I can not get over 94, with 93 being as common, seems to be going down.

Is this normal, for even someone using Ivermectin to have lowering O2 numbers after3 doses?

As fate would have it, I got my human Ivermectin pills prescription filled after fighting with the pharmacist for 45 minutes, he finally caved in and said he would make note he begged me not to take it.

So I am going to start again tomorrow and keep the quercetin away from the Ivermectin just to be safe.

Still after heating what it has done for other people, it has not really worked strongly for me yet.

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Great to hear, gives me confidence.

I too have acquired the coof last weekend. Started feeling it Friday night, had the night sweat and chills, but fever not higher than 99.

Saturday and Sunday had assortment of symptoms, typical cold and flu stuff, runny nose, some cough and sore throat, low fever. I didn't think it was bad enough to break out the horse paste yet.

Come Monday, still feeling bad, but the fever came on stronger and I just felt it was time, since i didn't want to be that guy who waited too long to start taking it.

With my age and weight, and having some things like high blood pressure, I felt I might be at risk, so I took first dose of horsey paste after dinner, Slept like a rock, woke up feeling pretty good and energetic.

as the day when on, started feeling tired again and fever came back towards end of the day. so took second dose, slept well again feeling good this morning again even better than yesterday.

Just curious, how many days did you take it in total and what time of day? I been taking it after dinner, but I wonder if it would be better to take it earlier in the day?

Glad to see you back though.

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While everyone is dancing around with torches for Milley, California is going to be stolen again and you will wake up tomorrow with Newsome as governor still and Milley will say its not true and the media will suck General White Rage's dick and play him as a hero who was just protecting America,

But by all means, light up another torch.

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I posted update higher in thread, thanks for the support.

I was really unsure on whether to take it, as I have not been feeling all that bad, had flu that felt much worse TBH. I been just doing normal things, not laying around like with flu a couple of years ago. Its wierd, I kind of feel feverish at times, but I have tried many different thermometers we had laying about, and I never cracked 99 on any of them.

The only thing that bothered me was the other stories I have read over the last year where people said they had the cold and flu symptoms going for a week or two but could not shake it, then went down rapidly and had to be rushed to hospital and you know what happens there.

I am usually very stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor like most men, so I wanted to just make sure I took it soon enough to matter, if I needed it rather than let that decision have to be made for me.

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I have been on the other regimen for the last two months now ( vit C & D, zinc, querecetin, I have a steroid inhaler I take already anyway, and albuterol if needed, also taking lisinopril which is supposed to help. take melatonin at night, also take zyrtec all the time anyway during this allergy season.

As an update, I woke up this morning roughly 12 hours post first ivermectin dose and felt good, had high energy feeling like others have described, chest is clear, slept well, no side effects that I can tell.

I can still tell I have a touch of something though, total loss of taste and smell made me a sad panda when I poured my first coffee, got nothing there.

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I know a guy, biggest Trump supporter you could ever meet, has guns and is very conservative and religious.

Goes on facebook and tells everyone how serious this is and so and so's grandma died and you should get the vaccine. He got it and he thinks everyone should "do the right thing" and get it.

Makes no sense, but there he is. (and no, he is a real person, not a shill or anything. His other posts read like they are straight from here, and he calls out every other thing minus the vaxx crap.

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Assuming that employers are the ones doing the vaccine status check correct?

Just tell OSHA that the company asked and everyone said they were vaxxed and report 100% vax status.

I mean, its not a real law, its unconstitutional, so it does not have to be obeyed.

Tell OSHA that the company has complied and go on about your business.

Alternatively, just grant exemptions to everyone, for whatever reasons they can be exempt.

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I started feeling ill on Friday night, has chills and feverish feeling, but temp was not reading that high, maybe 99 ish ( i usually read at 97.4.

Felt crappy on Saturday, just an unwell feeling and again more chills around dinnertime, not much coughing, just some ears ringing and aches.

Sunday really started feeling the flu like stuff, congestion, aches etc, but again, not that bad, but certainly uncomfortable. Had trouble sleeping, not from breathing or coughing, my O2 readings are soild, but from sick feeling.

Started losing taste and smell today, so I cracked open some horsey paste after dinner. I really don't feel that bad, but everything I have read said that if you go past 5 says of the cold and flu symptom stage, that is when the more serious symptom can check in and its gets riskier.

I took my age, and other medical conditions I have (HBP for one) in account and figured I would rather not be one of those people who waited too long to take it, as there have been many stories out there like that.

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I am trying with Pushhealth.com

Sign up was easy, still waiting on review. You have to give them payment info up front, but they don't bill until after you speak to someone who can prescribe for you.

We shall see.

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You say you tested positive, was that because you had to get tested for being exposed to someone, or you tested because you are having symptoms or you feel sick?

I would not worry if you are currently sick, you don't really need to worry anyway unless you are in one of the groups that has a higher chance of complications from covid, like diabetes or morbid obesity or heart disease.

Having said that I can understand wanting to have some Ivermectin on hand just in case, but most healthy people get through covid with just rest and staying hydrated. Taking your vitamin supplements certainly doesn't hurt either, along with some zinc.

You can start here and it should get you where you need to go.


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Gonna check this out, thanks.

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Dear God, how can he look better now than he did 6 years ago?

The man is a machine.

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"your just going to die if you don't get vaccinated" with a laugh at the end.

She thinks people dying is funny.

They can't wait to get you in there and kill you if you are un-vaxxed.

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Those butthurt down votes are hilarious.

Some one got their fee fee's hurt and is throwing a down vote tantum.

How pathetic is that.

They think this is reddit.

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