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I would be shocked if he's the only Swamp creature lurking at twitter. But hopefully his removal is one of many and not a bone being thrown at us.

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I'm not convinced that very many normies care about what Elon has uncovered. They don't seem to really grasp the gravity of the confirmation of what we have all known for years. I don't think many libs on Twitter even care, they are so indoctrinated that they either still call it a conspiracy theory, or they simply don't give a fuck cause they're more pissed off we aren't being censored as much. Those retards will never change, no matter how many red-pills they come across.

We shall see. I don't particularly care for Herschel Walker, but Warnock is a snake.

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"devoid of woke agendas and filled with wholesome, real world content."

You're right, but if there is not a ethnic rainbow cast, no gay couples, or woke narrative- they find it offensive by default.

I remember when The Northman came out- saw tons of leftist rage and media hit-pieces. "Toxic masculinity and all white cast". Not sure what the fuck they expected from a movie set mostly in 10th century Iceland. More non-binary and token black representation?

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That quote was a while ago though, 2 days ago there were less than 100,000 ballots left to count.

I don't believe there's that's many left. They are now at 99% reporting. 1% remaining would be more like 25k ballots, wouldn't it?

So she'll need over 80% of the next drop.

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Still waiting? Lol

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Small crowd, less energy required.

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We heard this in 2020, and 2021 all the way up until inauguration,and even for some time afterwards.

I won't believe anyone is going to prison until I see it. I'll remain hopeful, but hope at this point is not a very useful device.

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Sure fucking hope so. I don't even live in AZ but have been rooting for Kari Lake harder than any other candidate.

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Shoulda pooped in a drawer or something to help the smell.

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"Uh listen here folks, its simple, how much chuck wood a chuck would chuck if my hairy legs could would chuck a wood chuck in Iraq"

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Time Machine parts? You sound like a Schizophrenic retard. I've never spoken to you on this forum until last night after seeing your insane obsessive Q jibber jabber. 🤣

Just sounds Blah blah blah blah in a weird format composed by a person that's so deep in a psychotic episode they can't even examine a username before typing another long-form jibber jabber comment.

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My Mother unfortunately did.

Can't confirm she is lobotmized but one time she was picking a booger so deep- that probably did the trick.

Of course Biden was installed. Issue is that we have too many retards that voted for him that will defend their delusion that he won fair and square.

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Happens pretty frequently actually. Normally they text but they call when it gets closer to elections.

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Also fun when Black Voters Matter calls. They often call asking for a "Sherrise". I'll say hold on, put on my best old black lady voice and give em a run around.

"OH no it's pronounced share-i-say... my granmama was spanish"

"OH lawdy, I ain't gots no ID, i can't find the DMV's "

"Internet, lawd Jesus what is that?"

"Will lemme ax one last question, will ya please hold? I gots to find my pen"

Then I put the phone down wait 15-20 minutes.

"Yes what's the address to the voting locashun?"

"Thank ya much, I'll be voting for ( insert maga candidate name) "

The hardest part is not laughing my ass off when they get impatient while I ask them how to spell the address and read it back to them incorrectly for several minutes. It's almost always a young white woman's voice on the line. 😆

Indians are pretty sharp. They eventually figure out they're being trolled.

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