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Is that cobra commander?

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I lost count. 8 months or so ago, I could still count em all. If I guesstimated... probably about 25 people I know of now that all had cancer pop up out of nowhere. All healthy before. All took the clot shots.

That doesn’t even come close to the many that have other ailments that came after the clot shot.... most are heart and vascular related.

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We need more of this energy! Welcome back those who took a little longer than us to wake up when they truly do wake up.... but for those at the top who orchestrated it and those with professional licensing who sold their patient’s health out for career stability/advancement... Crimes Against Humanity! Make Nuremberg Trials Great Again!

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What a moment from 🤡 🌎 to remember! Someday the history books will use clips like that as a microcosm of how bad things got.

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Because he’s going to retire to a CCP beachfront mansion on Taiwan once he hands it over to Xi. He doesn’t give a half a shit about the USSA.

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Naw... it’s actually pretty simple. WW2 history is fascinating IMO. The boomer generation were big ww2 buffs... German, jap, Russian, American... all of it (except French lol what a bunch of pussies). Not that long ago, people in this country understood that others could find controversial people or events from history fascinating with out automatically making them a “goostepping, bootlicking, liberty hating” individual. Once upon a time there were whole shows, clubs, groups that got together and had fun talking and learning about it all. Now merely mentioning it ends you up on some watchlist. It’s nuts. People on here get so butthurt on the idea that some nazis life events from the past could be interesting to learn about.

Have you ever considered that learning about such events may help prevent them from happening again?

Fun fact: Nazi Germany was the first nation to put an object into space. It was a V2 rocket. June 20th, 1944.

Does knowing that bit of interesting info make me a “goostepping, bootlicking, liberty hating” individual?

Nope just histoREEEEE

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The left photo is of a 1950’s Porsche salesman in his earlier military career. 😂 reeeeeee 😂 history is offensive 😂 because there can’t be 2 sides to a controversial figure from history 😂 reeeeee

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You should hand them out to libs and act like you are a leftists when you are doing it. They are so dumb about the mugshot that they’ll probably put them up for you... in leftard areas to boot!

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Now that’s a promotion you don’t want to receive.

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Prigozhin ran (or still runs) a very successful operation... no time for dumbbells and cigars.

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Who else to really trust if they give him the JFK treatment? It’s got to be Don Jr.

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it’s a famous meme template from the forest gump movie. It’s for the “and just like that” memes.

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Faucci [on both knees begging]: o mighty Trumpius, please have mercy

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Supposedly he deleted the apology that his publicist had made on his behalf.

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