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If I was a cali resident, I surely would stop paying any state/city income tax. They fail over and over again while cali residents pay retarded high tax rates only to be met with tent cities, crime, and libtard havens.

California is a prime example of what happens when dems/profags run state and city govt. Anyone who votes democrat, regardless of beliefs, is a top notch idiot. You're voting for a horrendous life while they steal your hard earned money.

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I did not know this. Yet, who is surprised? This dude is a blatant criminal smiling and laughing when asked about the classified docs.

They are literally laughing at the sheeple.

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Lol, mutually exclusive. You are right, sir.

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This is the ultimate control mechanism.

You are absolutely right. I will NEVER participate in that system.

Which makes other possibilities interesting. Crypto has an argument here although the internet is controlled by the same goblins, so who knows.

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The political strategy to become top tier is to pull a middle finger to the deep state globalists and tell the truth. Who would've thought?

A blueprint laid out DJT, then DeSantis, and now Gaetz.

Gaetz just elevated himself to seek higher office in the future if he so desires.

People want honesty, integrity, and truth.

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Well, being able to oust him with a single member vote is pretty powerful. Basically taking away his bullshitting power with the threat of getting rid of him.

This could possibly be pretty damn important to getting things done without RINO control, but who knows. I'm skeptical at best.

No one else had the votes. McCarthy, as shitty as it was, was it. To get him reigned in was a good move, but we shall see.

I personally believe that we are witnessing the fall of Rome in real time.

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Well, I laugh at them for being the useful idiots of Soros.

On another note, we are some pussies tho.

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Welcome to the front row of the destruction of the greatest empire in history.

It's happening exactly like the rest of the fallen empires. Hold on for dear life and faith in God. This life is nothing but a wisp of smoke anyways.

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It's over already.

The only way is to dissolve it all and start fresh using the founding documents as the only blueprint.

There is no saving this monstrosity. We've all witnessed the unfettered corruption at every single institution that is supposed to serve the people.

How we get there? I don't know. But I'm beginning to suspect violence is only a question of when.

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I wonder what would happen if another protest happens.

I think their mission worked. Scare people into never doing this again.

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Gotta get Gaetz in higher office.

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We're going down. Same as every empire, it's happening the same way. We haven't even entered into the manufactured economic shitstorm that these idiots helped create.

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We can only hope and pray. But looking at the pattern of falling empires, it's happening exactly the way it always does.

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What a shitshow. This is both hilarious and sad watching the fall of this beautiful empire. A room full of parasites fumbling around trying to make sure they get more from their host.

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Best deal I've found. I've used it, it is legit. Read up on being careful with this level of solution. It's easy as hell, just don't let it spill and get it all over yourself or not clean up a spill. Otherwise, I would assume you're not a retard. Go to a vape calculator site, get some measuring equipment, you can make 100ml in like 2 mins and be good for a long time.

by Tesic
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Born and raised here. Libs running the state, look what happens. Absolute shithole economy, crime, detroit is ghetto as shit. Libs are cancer.

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God is gunna come down on this country like a hammer.

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Dude, you gotta make it yourself. Buy PG, VG, Nicotine, and it is WAY cheaper. Like pennies for a month supply. It is so frikken easy. It'll save you thousands

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I fantasize a Trump/Ron Paul ticket.

Could you imagine if he didn't get cheated out of the Presidency? Our country would not be here, I know that for sure.

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If there is ever a time you bend the knee to anyone or anything, it is Jesus.

Hope you find him in due time. If you knew what bending the knee to Jesus was really about, you would know it is about freedom, not slavery.

You may argue with me if you want, but I used to have the same attitude as you. Then I did research trying to make sure I was right. Came out on the other side recognizing that I was completely wrong and he really is the truth and the savior for us retarded sinners.

God bless. Please do some research with an open mind and really try to figure things out. It was the single best thing I ever did in my life.

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Just like with anyone else, we pick and choose what to listen to from mere mortals. The only dude that I can totally agree with everything he said and did is Jesus. I think Peterson is a great thinker, but he has also gone through some horrendous stuff in his life. Just another human trying to live out this life,

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