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Really, I havent gained any real weight, that is just all the microchips from my booster shots....

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School admin should be charged. They had the authority to seach his backpack and locker at any time without parental consent. They were suspious, not the parents. They could have suspended the kid on-the-spot for using his phone during class time.

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quote: This person was excluded due to inability to understand English and financial hardship, though the state fought very hard to have him serve on the jury. Can't imagine why. ~~~~

Yeah. People complain all the time about the money they lose serving on a jury. The state fights that EVERY SINGLE TIME. Inability to understand english... mpls... lol... They ALWAYS claim that! Fishing without a license muh english no good Driving without insurance *muh english no good. Hunting on Posted Land that doesnt belong to you and out of zone *muh english no good.

The State is representing the 'alleged' will of the people. If the somali is qualified to sit on a jury the state has no legal reason to support an exclusion on request (not a juror strike).... in Mpls .... where shouts of 'racism' echo around the hallways. Now the somali community can't declare 'muh systemic raciss jurie ann sheeit'.

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I cannot find anything about the claim itself. Post your source.

Jurors are called from Drivers license/State ID and/or Voter registration. That source of 'POTENTIAL' jurors is not exclusionary. That is the process that is handled at the courthouse itself and does not reveal a worst state evah position.

Nothing in your title shows anything that excludes this person from jury duty. Citizen? not claimed. Parent? not exclusionary. No job? irrelevant. Doesnt understand english? Prove it. Degree? or major in Islamic studies? not exclusionary.

Would I want this person on MY jury? Fuk no. Thats why the defense has a number of unquestionable juror strikes. Are their people in Hennepin county who would think this person would be an excellent Peer on their jury. Yep. Detroit also (among others).

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series complete does not match your claimed number.

-- 197,363,116 from raw data.

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Nope... The article says vaccines GLOBALLY. The statisica link in my comment shows country vax production from march (old info). Warp speed is a USA vax track. Not relevant in EU, China, India, Brazil, etc. Not relevant for Bloomberg article.

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Source for your claim please. I could not find indication of your claim being true with a quick search.

Being called for jury duty in MN. A random process which draws from a pool of potential jurors determined only on residential status via Drivers License, Resident ID, and/or voting registration. Felons still on probation/parole are called for jury duty. Mentally ill people are called for jury duty. Relatives of the accused are called in for Jury duty. That is sorted out at the courthouse.

Depending on the trial, the entire group may be given a questionare where they answer questions regarding past experiences and/or do you know any reason why you cannot be on this jury. For others, a selection of 20 from the larger group told to show up at the courthouse are questioned. The rest of us sit in the courtroom and listen as the lawyers ask a bunch of questions. For me, thats the closest I have come to being seated on a jury. Waiting and listening.

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450 plants manufacturing vax (so I heard). Vax is 5x per vial so 1 million dose fit into 200K bottles.

200K divided by 450 plants means each plant would have to produce 445 vials to make 1 million doses.

quote -- Feb. 7, 2021 :

In a highly technical process, the linear strands of DNA are turned into RNA in 40-liter (10-gallon) vessels full of enzymes and chemicals over the course of three to four days, said Ruesch. “That one 40-liter batch, depending on sampling and things like that, can make up to 10 million doses of vaccine,” she said....

...Currently, the Andover plant runs two batches a week, but it is gearing up to add more in 2021...

...At that point, it will be able to produce enough mRNA for 40 million doses per week....

One USA production (globally, pfizer has several) - at 40 million 25 weeks to make 1billion.


Seems unreachable but again, old data from march:


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Which is why I declared the "AND HARM" to be a qualifier. How do you determine Harm has occured? Exposure does not equal harm.

Tell that to any person ever convicted of DWI. Taking drugs IS a crime of possession.

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there are no other people in my body temple. There may be in yours, as long as you are willing. But you get to say no. Right?

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SCotUS has ruled:

The Supreme Court recognizes that a physician's duty is to provide sound medical treatment to his patient, not to act as an extension of law enforcement. Physicians serve medical—not legal—roles in the treatment of pregnant women. Health care professionals who act on behalf of the state rather than for their patients breach the ethical duties of the patient-physician relationship.


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  1. That depends on what point you define 'person' from fetus. 'Chicken' from embryo.

  2. The laws being discussed by SCotUS have created a class of criminal by violating a persons right to chose to undergo a medical procedure.

  3. I am not arguing for killing anyone.

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Thomas asked what constitutionally based right allows for abortion. Freedom of religion === freedom from religion. The idea that life begins at conception has no basis in science. It is a personally held belief.

The chicken must hatch from the egg before it is considered a chicken.

I am not arguing that you or anyone else should not hold a religious idea on this topic. Of course you do. And you should be allowed to have your own opinion on what is best for YOU. But don't pretend that religion isn't a substantial factor in the general idea of why the right to choose is any business of a bureaucracy. I am not a sheep owing the state an offspring and that is the states ONLY interest. I am sure you are not arguing that the state is owed flesh and blood, but that is the only argument the state has for interfering in whether or not a woman undergoes a medical procedure.

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Those are the same people who you want to remove the freedom of choice from others who have NO IMPACT on your ability to thrive or not.

Nice Fauci move there - medicine sez I am science... Nope. That is people saying to do this... and courts are slowly catching up. As it is now, it is no crime to refuse to inject the vax, unlike the criminal statute being contemplated by SCotUS.

Keep reaffirming my position of My Body, My Temple, My Choice.

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Justice Thomas asked what constitutional right applies. So now, while not realizing it, you have made my point. Freedom of Religion. Islam clearly defines righteous murder, among others, so your buzzt wrong retort was not based on fact - rather it is based on your belief. You are free to believe I am a satan worshiper (another point you are wrong about), your only argument is religious belief orientated.

Your argument against Roe v Wade is based on religious belief. And I have the right to be free from your religion being practiced on my body.

Medicine offers a choice and proclaims neither right or wrong. Vaccines fail. Contraceptives fail. Crimes happen to involuntary participants. And this is not based on a religion/religious belief. The freedom from religion allows for freedom in general that is tied to that individual freedom - Roe v Wade.

The same right to end a pregnancy is the same right to refuse to be vaccinated with mRNA and the same right to change religion(s). My body, My Temple, My Choice.

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Lots of religions make exceptions for 'righteous' murder. This is why freedom to change your religion, or freedom to not practice religion like my neighbor, or to decide science is my religion regardless of what the government says is so important and why I said

  1. Freedom of(from) religion

Is the constitutional right regarding abortion.

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Involuntary means without choice. Medicine can provide a choice - you and I may not agree with that choice, but none-the-less without that choice, you are involuntarily forced to provide for another at an utmost and wholly encompassing level.

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Quote -- PlushBeds, a California-based mattress company, conducted a poll among 1,003 people of a variety of age groups to find out what prevents people from getting an adequate amount of sleep. --

Translation... We polled civilians in a mental hospital (california) about whether doorknobs frightened them. 55% of respondents said yes!

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  1. Freedom of religion. Which also grants an indivual the right to be free from any or all religion(s).

  2. 13 ammendment - involuntary servitude.

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Is your company mandating you inject any of those components under your skin or lose your job? If not, then its not the issue.


OMG!!! TUMS IS FETAL CELLS! (i did not know) Well now that I know, its also something I would refuse to take because it would also be against my religion.

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He quoted Stewart because he agreed with the sentiment ignoring the basic idea of Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right. People do not place quotes they disagree with, without at least MOCKING the poster/quote in some way.

I am not buying into the leftyApologetics for their scumbag miscreants.

Muslim is a religion vs white is a race. The idea of a caste system, renamed for political reasons but none-the-less an attitude of -- some people are not as free to do what they want, unlike the people who think like the twitter idea of acceptable free speech/political/religious affiliation. And he believes HE is the one who should determine what scope the 1st Amendment should allow - Twitter and freedom to disagree with the press (the narrative, fact checkers, misinfo flags). 1st Amendment and freedom of/from religion (muslim vs white). 1st Amendment freedom of speech I don't agree with. He believes he should have the power - the caste system of unclean thoughts... It is his culture and I for one do not celebrate its structure...

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It is just another example of people coming here to live and then not wanting to live by the rules here, rather they want to import their shithole ideas. India's caste system is well engrained and you can see it with twitter. Wrong kind of people do not get to express themselves with the same emphisis as the 'right kind of people'.

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