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DeSantis Thread

1.) DeSantis seems quick to declare a state of emergency over an obvious deepstate cyberattack.


2.) DeSantis signed into law on May 3rd, 2021 Florida SB2006 which allows for forcible vaccination under certain circumstances.

Start at line 1107 of the bill.


3.) Lin Wood is suspicious of DeSantis and has questions for him. In a subsequent message, he declares DeSantis a RINO-20.


4.) DeSantis is a member of a Yale secret society akin to Skull and Bones.

"St. Elmo's is a member of the “ancient eight consortium” which includes the seven other original societies at Yale: Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, Wolf's Head, Book and Snake, Elihu, Berzelius, and Mace and Chain"

"Ron DeSantis (2001), current governor of Florida"


5.) Even the left-wing deepstate MSM is astroturfing DeSantis for some reason. At least in an effort to edge out support for Trump.

'CNN defends DeSantis against his democrat challenger for governor live on air'


'MSNBC’s Scarborough: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Is The Leader Of Republican Party'


6.) Although anecdotal, I found a connection between DeSantis and deepstate candidate Eric Greitens who is running for Senator as a Republican in Missouri.


Both were part of SEAL Team One.

"SEALs are the Navy's main special operations force. SEAL Team 1 is based in Coronado, Calif. SEAL Team 1 is part of Naval Special Warfare Group 1."

"In 2007, DeSantis reported to the Naval Special Warfare Command Group in Coronado, California, where he was assigned to SEAL Team One..."

"The group contends that Greitens served two years of training before joining SEAL Team One and served on a Special Boat Unit after that."

7.) For some reason, DeSantis allows foreign soldiers on US soil to assist with a building collapse in Miami after he requested federal aid and was granted it. (Again, declares a state of emergency.) Additionally, he calls in 9/11 investigators.

'Israel sends IDF team to Florida to assist with tower collapse rescue efforts'


8.) He is bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.

DeSantis #2 donor is US Israel PAC.

(2018 cycle data)


9.) Remember right after Biden got in and there was an emergency declared because of low temperatures and no power. Biden didn't do shit for Texas and wouldn't pick up the phone. 700+ people died as a result (there are some discrepancies in reporting as to the actual number of people who died. Low end is around 225.)

This building collapse happens in Florida, DeSantis declares state of emergency and Biden sends help within 24 hours.


10.) DeSantis has support from many embedded RINOs and sus influencers such as Meghan McCain, Jeb Bush, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Bill Krystal and David French.


Jeb Bush endorses Ron DeSantis for governor..


11.) DeSantis comes out as one of many popular conservative voices urging people to take the vaxxine as part of a coordinated campaign, including Hannity, McConnell and Nunez.


12.) Nancy Pelosi has expanded the Washington DC Capitol Police to have field offices in Florida and California. This is federal overreach and DeSantis has been silent on the issue.


13.) DeSantis is a member of Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon.


Other members include George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Brett Kavanaugh.

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Thats literally a dude sitting in a war room full of internet terminals in Tel Aviv right now.

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Surveillance state me harder daddy

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Ring Ring Ring


*stupid plebs think we give a fuck

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That "America: The Melting Pot" was anything other than a conspiracy to weaken the United States.


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Doesnt ICANN have access and ability to make those changes?

And weren't they a Cyber Polygon participant?

My best guess is this is Cyber Polygon related, to what ends, I do not understand.

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facebook reported back up now.

two moar weeks prevails yet again

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Google is host of the son of perdition, do not trust.

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probably some nephilim down there

thats gonna violate the Logan Act, again

by Taliban
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TLDR, If 30% of the United States threw away their Smartphones tomorrow, we'd put such a dent in their operation in the form of data collection, intelligence gathering, and finance for the companies that keep the grift going, would potentially stop the Great Reset in its tracks for now.

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Word on the street is Saudi Arabians are excellent pilots. Maybe we can get some of those.

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