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I think you left out the part about clapping?

Just kidding. Glad your family member is based.

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I suspect the American celebrities and pro athletes all got saline to avoid high visibility problems.

Meanwhile in Europe, they got the real deal and to heck with the optics as they all drop dead.

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You seem vastly under informed about how technology works.

Anything and everything is logged.

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It is regional vernacular.

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Other comments mention the similarity to the 80s Transformers cartoon character:


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I seem to recall that the tendency to omit the words “to be” from sentences is a regional thing, with an epicenter of mid Ohio.

“These clothes need washed.” Sounds rather weird to my ears.

Anyway, and on topic, yes, the propaganda is strong. Disconnect from all things pop culture and contribute to the parallel economy as much as possible.

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Even the pharma companies admit their products can not prevent infections nor spread.

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Whiskey tango foxtrot variant.

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Very different incidents, the key variable being the disposition of the driver, not so much the presence of the militia.

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I’ve seen claims along the lines of “90% of adverse events came from 5% of product batch numbers”.

This suggests that a small minority of product is causing the bulk of the damage.

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What, the highways aren’t littered with driveways where you live? /s

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Quite possibly, however cellphone use while driving explains it quite succinctly.

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I am not convinced this is the case.

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Hopefully he was wearing a mask under that mask.

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Probably also true.

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… are doing something

Are committing crimes.

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Ah, I see you are not OP, my mistake.

I am not attempting to make decisions on your behalf, or for anyone else.

However I can speak to ideals as they apply to this community, and more broadly to philosophical tenets that help define historical movements, principles, precedents and similar. Example: We hold these truths to be self evident.

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"We" is the collection of people who are not you. It includes me.

You are responsible for yourself. Other people are responsible for themselves.

If other people wish to discuss a certain topic here, they can and will. If you prefer to not participate, that is fine too.

What is not fine, is you pretending that you determine what others may or may not discuss. You hold no such authority here.

Did that explain it?

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Retarded maybe, but delicious with drawn butter.

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We can decide what we want to discuss ourselves, with or without your blessing.

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