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Obviously you don't use it without laser eye pro.

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And that would help said New Zealander out of prison... how?

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Most people see history through the lense of major events. They don't really think about what happens between those events or how much time passed between them.

For example, it took something like 3 months for the British Empire to be aware of the American Revolution by the time it had started.

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If we look at what actually happened with Nuremberg, only the underlings and very public bad guys got tried.

All of the scientists who ran experiments in the camps? All of the engineers who designed the camps and German weapnry and rockets?

They were all grabbed up by the Allies and the Soviets. They died of old age, living in western comfort on federal pensions supported by your taxes.

The leader of NASA for example was a NAZI scientist before Nuremberg.

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There's more armed civilians in Australia now than ever before. The issue isn't access to arms it's the cowardice behind those holding them.

The same issue will be seen in America since most American gun owners are too afraid to rock the boat.

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The cost of staying at these facilities is on the government website about said facilities.

On Sunrise the MP of Queensland let it slip that the camps will be for the unvaccinated as well as the infected. That implies permanent detention of the unvaccinated until they give in.

The camps finish their construction in March of 2022.

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Mud cookies... You can't actually believe this right? mud cookies... MUD COOKIES

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Blaire doesn't want to normalize Transexuals. In fact he is against such normalization and says as such. In his words, it is a mental illness and should be treated with therapy, not glorified.

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Pedos is the line we don't cross. Don't pretend that line doesn't exist just because the line isn't closer than that.

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We only let people in who agree with us.

Blaire White is against pedos.

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Tim has been intending on getting these people on his show for a while now but distance and timetables has been an issue. That's why he made the RV they're in now and drove down to Austin.

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