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Demons are supernatural beings and are happy when people ignore them like they don't exist. I had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ during trauma. He actually spoke to me. One of the reasons this world is a mess is that MOST people lack faith. They are in pure survival beast mode. All they care about is getting through the day until they can get laid or watch the next sporting event..it's pretty lame. Many people don't even give God a second thought. Faithlessness Is why we are in this mess. Faith has changed my life for the better. Until one has an actual relationship with Jesus Christ they will never understand this but its the truth.

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Exactly it. No matter what people say I believe demons were talking to her. I've had my own super natural experiences that fully lead me to believe this.

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What a selfish ass loser. Just keep your fucking legs closed then. As a woman I can say that really is NOT that hard!!

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Of course he was arrested while illegals are treated like royalty.

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Is this recent? Dirty face diapers are fucking disgusting.

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Jesus IS God by the way. I was told that during my life changing experience. If you don't believe that you're just in denial. I was shown a world full of lost and faithless people. You're just another confused person like the ones the LORD revealed to me.

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You're a mindless consumer whose part of the problem and a fucking loser. Probably single or went to see this shit with your butt buddies. Im a woman by the way and you're a faggot. Thank God I'm engaged to an actual man who doesn't have time for childish bullshit. Have fun with your gay movies you limp wristed faggot.

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Keep giving money to groomers and pedophile pieces of shit. This movie looked awful to me and Spiderman is not fucking black sorry. And he had zero personality in the trailer. You went to see this shit and you call ME a need? Go fuck a trans freaks hole.

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What they have done to the Muppets is an abomination.

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Are you fucking kidding me? A fucking perversion is a special class now. I feel we are in the end times. God needs to end this soddom and Gommorah shit already.

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Sad and pathetic. I thank God everyday I am blessed with a real man, and not a modern soy boy either, an actual man. So many women today are pathetic.

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Fuck fags. They're a degenerate minority and don't need to be pandered to.

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Do you not have a daughter or a mother or any woman in your family? You're a childish piece of shit. Go live in a muslim country.

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If you weren't unhappy you wouldn't give a shit. But you clearly do and it's really sad. Seek help. By the way I have my own property and finances. I don't need a man to take care of me. Sad that you picked a loser to mate with. I do wish you all the best because you're clearly hurting a lot.

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What does it matter? I'm in a happy relationship. You are bitter, single and will die alone. I win, you lose. Have a nice day.

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