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Even if this particular story were inaccurate there would still be over a decades-worth of reasons to axe this faggot from his position as a public servant.

He is so fucking greasy you'd need special slip-free gloves just to be able to get a hold of him for long enough to punch him in his worthless, baby-bitch boy face.

Actually, no, not punch. Open hand slap like the little bitch lindsey is.

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Lindsey was relevant around '08 to '11 when his bark-like antics on camera led people to believe he had some serious bite behind him. But every time the leash is taken off, his tail goes through his legs.

If you keep him leashed up and prevent him from doing anything, he would give you the impression that he would curb stomp Hillary on live TV, but in reality he is a bottom-tier bitch. A neutered loser with absolutely zero desire to so much as lift a finger against the evil forces that he could stand against.

No spine, no balls, no value whatsoever to future American politics.

There will come a time when all of his shenanigans abroad are examined too, and critical details of his relationship with the Biden's will surface for the American people to see that this disgusting excuse for a human being was playing the American people the entire time he was pretending to be their advocate.

You will not be forgiven, Lindsey

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"I don't think we need handouts, we can compete on a level playing field and be competitive" - Any human being worth their own weight, be it white, yellow, green, brown, black, oolong, whatever the fuck you want to be.

"HAHAHAHA SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO THE FARM" - Democrats to black people.

Nowadays the modern farm involves white slave-owners dressing their black people up to be white supremacists in an attempt to, uh, let black people know how, uh, bad... white people are... and why they should vote for the ... white slave-owners ...

It makes sense if you really think about it through a trans-non-cis-informative-binary-dualistic-tangential lens that is both straight and queer.

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There's a lot of comments here that are useless at best and insulting at worse.

Very sorry to hear about your daughter, she will be in my prayers and so will your family. Stay strong and collected, don't do anything that is hard to un-do unless you're 100% certain it needs to be done.

In addition to some of the other good posts here, I'll add in turmeric root has potent benefits, same with Vitamin D, Zinc, and maybe aspirin to keep the blood thinner.

Just so we're clear I'm not a doctor and my advice should be double and triple checked by somebody you know and trust who is qualified to make these recommendations. Please talk to them about antioxidant enzyme supplementation too - particularly SOD, CAT, and GSH. Superoxide dismutase, Catalase, and Glutathione respectively.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine is good too. This is a sulfur supplement. Sulfur is key - the above-mentioned antioxidant enzymes require sulfur to function.

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He is owned by China. Undoubtedly.

He won't dare insult Xi.

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You spelled communist wrong.

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I like your attitude - good approach, no-bullshit intro.

10/10 would invite you to hang out at my private island. Just bring some chicks with you.

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Tomorrows headlines: Bill "Bitchell" Mitchell commits suicide after getting into fight with anonymous internet trolls.

On a more serious note: this faggot is so desperate it's unreal. I know he doesn't come around these parts anymore, not since we curb stomped him... but I want to ask him, dude, why the FUCK are you going to THE LITERAL ASSHOLE OF THE INTERNET to pick a fight? How desperate are you, and what the fuck for?

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This is exactly the type of thread I like to be alive and active in. What's up ladies, any of you want to come hang out on my private island? I have a temple there. It's pretty cool. Come stay for a night or two.

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Bill Mitchell is such a faggot it's unreal.

He inherited several generations of loser DNA - he is such a loser that it is outside of his ability to fix. He is fucked. So fucking fucked.

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FIX 2020. THERE IS NO 2024.



STOP WITH THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIX 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I didn't know Schiff raped a kid to death at that hotel. That's fucked up. Not surprising though.

What else you got? Anything about Kate Spade?

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She's not doing yardwork in those heels.

But god damn look at the form on her - right index finger pointing down towards the ground, perfectly positioned against her left arm with the thumb and forefinger wrapping around the shaft perfectly to create a magical grip.

Fuck I wish I was that handle right about now.

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You have to understand something about internal mechanics of the federal government and the way it works. The way the rules are set up, much like the internal mechanics of a car motor, is for the motor to perform as ineffectively and inefficiently as possible in all aspects of its operation.

You think I'm joking, or maybe you don't understand the gravity of that statement, but what I just said is precisely why folks like Durham and anybody else in the DOJ isn't going to do shit. They can't. The mechanics of their position precludes their ability to be effective.

Specifically - Durham isn't allowed to look at evidence that originates from outside the legally approved conduits, all of which are riddled with swamp rats who filter and siphon information out before it finally makes its way to the people in the agencies who can act on the information.

They're left with so little information and all of it is so highly compartmentalized that there is no longer any connective tissue and everything becomes circumstantial evidence that can easily be manipulated, especially to a jury that understands how legal proceedings should work but don't understand the finer mechanics of the federal government and its precisely-engineered inefficiencies.

Durham's hands are tied so tightly - BY DESIGN - that it makes me cringe how people think "it's happening" - Durham literally can't do shit unless he goes way outside his legal authorities, and then somebody is going to invalidate the evidence on the premise that he obtained the material illegally.

The only thing that's happening is people are waking up to the notion that these institutions are such catastrophic failures that there is no salvaging them. They have to be completely dismantled and we need to start from our foundation again - the Constitution of the US.

It's easier to do away with the whole system than it is to try to understand how what I'm saying is true. Because it's so fucking stupid that it shouldn't be true... but it is.

God have mercy.

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Well, no, actually, his name was Jeffrey Epstein.

Seth Rich is a different fella.

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C'mon man! That shit was like 4, 5 days ago! You trying to make me look bad?

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Xi would xit himxelf if he saw this.


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Yes, I have, although it sounds like you know just as much as I do, if not more.

Are you sure the Liddle Schiff wasn't a reference to the way he dresses up? And moreover the creepy shit he's doing with liddle kidz?

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She probably is, and she may not actually be sacrificing children. She may have just done something that makes her worthy of blackmail and her owners force her to wear earrings like that out in public as a sign of dominance.

Remember, victims of trafficking become branded, not the perpetrators.

Cults like this are pyramid - very few at the top, a lot more below. and the ones at the top make sure to never put cameras in their faces.

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