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Devil's advocate here.... I'd make the argument that negative consequences could be equal in blue and red states, but red states would have a 19x higher reporting because:

  • Democrats in general are not going to report side effects as often

  • People in blue states will have a more socially negative experience talking about vax side effects

  • Doctors in blue states will suppress vax injuries more often

  • Fake reports (yes of course some exist) would be more likely to come from red states and people who were against the vax in the first place

  • Red states (people) are much more highly informed about WHAT a vax side effect is (neuropathies, myocarditis, clots). I have a cousin with pulmonary embolisms and an aunt with shooting electric pain down her leg (similar to sciatica) - neither of them are going to report these potential vax side effects because they simply don't believe these are from the vax.

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What a racist. She literally believes black people are dumber than white people, tweets it, and calls anyone who doesn't talk down to them a racist. Ugh.

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The only thing I can tell you that makes anything better is that your brother bought the same lie millions of other Americans bought. He is afraid. They scared him.

There is an inverse relationship between common sense and fear: the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. You brother's scared shitless, so he's retarded as fuck.

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Does anybody have a link to what Cruz said? I missed it and can't find video. I did find print that he called J6 "terrorism" but I want to know his full statement and context. I've hated this booger eater since 2016.

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Fren I shed a tear (k maybe a few) for you and your wife and baby boy. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to help absorb some of your sorrow. My prayers are with you and her and him 🙏

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Not even 2 years ago I found it unbelievable anyone could go along with the Nazis. I found it unbelievable the people in China believed the state media.

Now I know.

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Is this it? https://aasgaardco.com/store/books-posters-dvd/books/starting-strength-basic-barbell-training/

My kids are starting their second semester of homeschool tomorrow and I was planning yoga for them as PE class that we would do together (yoga really is incredible for strength and balance)... but it seems like this is more appropriate given that they're boys. But I want to do this with them so I want to make sure it's appropriate for women, too.

Edit - this seems to be only the book.... may e the DVD is no longer available?

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Lolz @ the last one. He'll never even realize what data we had, and how we shared it, and how we all learned to read scientific studies when we discovered we couldn't trust the news or even doctors. Our data was good because we hunted it down and chased the truth. Of course we were right - we just followed the truth. AND FUCKING COMMON SENSE OMG I'M TRYING TO BE NICE BUT FUCK YOURSELF IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY YOU FUCKING TOOK FOR THE COMMON COLD IDIOT! k sorry I'm done.

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From Colorado. Can confirm.

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Fren! Merry Christmas! Fear is a very powerful manipulation tool and your parents are terrified. They've never known a world where they can't trust the news. They've never known a world where the government deliberately lies to them. Imagine your level of understanding of computers vs their level of understanding of computers. It illustrates your knowledge of the pandemic vs their knowledge. I know it feels bad but you just know more.

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Same! I just didn't bother doing the homework so I had an A in chem (teacher didn't count homework, only tests) and an F in English (as all assignments were homework, no tests). I remember saying to the English teacher once, "I just prefer math and science because they're objective-there's a right and wrong answer, while English (lit) is so subjective". Oh damn that pissed her right off.

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You never truly, 100% understand this until you yank your kids from government school and watch them flourish. My two just finished the whole year of instruction in one semester. Next semester they'll do another year (and two college classes for my oldest that apply to HS but easily transfer to any Colorado college).

I feel that I abused them by keeping them in government school these last 10 years.

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Vax causes stupidity. Seriously. Every person I know who's had it has become significantly dumber.

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Three. Fucking. Times. Until your comment.

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