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Cold weather protection from latex gloves that are immediately disposed off after dropping a handful of ballots is super logical.

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Way to persevere and keep working towards a worthwhile goal! Congratulations.

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Some of us still find pedes in the wild and spread the word of PDW. Just on Friday I spread the word to someone who never made the hop from reddit. But yeah, I agree that we should discount newbie comments especially.

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Agree but i guess I’m saying he could not be a fed and still be paid operative like a ballot harvester. It’s all bad and we need answers.

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Any chance he was “just” a political operative? I mean if the Russia hoax was funded through political means why wouldn’t dems or rinos pay Ray similarly? Does anyone know if this was ruled out? All the questions were if he was fed.

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I fucking hated how he played in Boston but his skill set is mesmerizing. Now, I’m a huge fan.

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So you took the meme farmer’s work to this farmer’s market. Made it available to the masses. You’re still doing God’s work.

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Top kek. Beautiful work!

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Those are a available from thelibertydaily(dot)com. I have the traitor joe’s one from there.

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Traitor Joe

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Maybe after October… State Militia Governor’s Authority to Raise a Connecticut State Guard A new law authorizes the governor, at any time, to raise, organize, maintain, and govern the Connecticut State Guard. The prior law required the governor to take such action only when the Connecticut National Guard was called into the federal service or believed that such a call was imminent (PA 21-2, JSS, § 282, effective October 1, 2021). Organizational Structure of the State’s Militia Units A new law eliminates the requirement that each organization of the state’s armed forces adopt bylaws. It instead requires the governor, as commander-in-chief of the state’s militia, to configure and administer the state’s militia units similar to National Guard or federal military units of similar composition, size, and purpose. It also allows the adjutant general to issue bylaws, regulations, orders, and circulars to administer the militia units. The act also eliminates provisions related to the bylaws, including those on the (1) collection of fines and dues, (2) leadership of associations created in the bylaws, and (3) election and bond requirements of the organization’s treasurer (PA 21-158, effective October 1, 2021).


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