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Those are rookie numbers. Gotta pump those numbers up!

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What would be the reprecussions of banning Elon Musk from twitter?

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Ok so I gave you information about Augustus and Tiberius being socialist / communist but I guess according to you their politics actions and policies as emperor are completely irrelevant to the government of rome. This is a futile conversation.

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You have Augustus, who was the emperor of rome with socialist policies, that Hitler and Stalin modeled themselves after and you have Tiberius, who was the emperor of rome with socialist policies, who is known by historians to be communist. Augustus was emperor when Jesus was born and Tiberius was emperor when Jesus was crucified. They were both socialist / communist, and rome continued to have communist / socialist emperors which eventually was the reason for its fall.

I've given you plenty of information, and again you knew nothing about this, yet now somehow you are educated on the subject and you reject all information?

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Union pacific is dumping and stopping fertilizer on biden admin's orders.

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Nazis were evil satanic pedos that wanted globalism under the reich. They were anti-christ socialists that went into the middle east and recruited muslims. Nazis were not good, they were not heroes, hitler was a faggot and OP is a retard for posting this.

Btw democrats share the same ideologies, with white democrats in control of everything, but instead of killing gays they persuade them to cut their genitals off and to kill themselves.

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At this point I wouldn't be surprised if they made her a role in a marvel movie as a super hero.

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Hundreds of years? Augustus was ruling when Jesus was born, and through his teenage years.


Not to mention that Tiberius, who was emperor when Jesus died, was a communist.


Kinda weird that you went from saying you don't know anything about socialist rome to supposedly knowing everything and downvoting everything I say right away.

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Writing in the late 1930s, the great ancient historian Ronald Syme saw in the rise to power of the Caesars a “Roman revolution”, a prefiguring of the age of the fascist and communist dictatorships. Mussolini and Hitler would not have disagreed. Both were obsessed by the example of Augustus. Nazi educationalists enshrined Rome’s first emperor as the very model of a Führer.


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Its called a tan. Same color as his arms.

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Looks real to me, but then again so were the pictures of biden groping daughters of senators being sworn in, and that didnt stop him.

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Roman government was historically socialist and you can verify this by educating yourself.

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Jesus was killed by a socialist government, and rose again because God is above government and there's nothing they could do to stop it.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy Easter, pre-Christian

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China loves women with daddy issues in government.

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Hey man you cant say that, thats not free speech!

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